Witches, Vampires and Invisible Men Part 7

By: Tazzy (jellicalcat1 )

Rated NC-17

Author's notes: This is where the boys start playing together so if the idea of slash bothers you, you have been warned.

Willow watched as Angel gently, but firmly, held Spike still while David ran the electro-magnet over the bleached blond hair, making sure to cover the entire area where the chip was thought to be. Her face was an emotionless mask, betraying none of the emotional turmoil that was churning inside her heart.

She hadn't meant to walk in on what had obviously been a private moment for the vampires, but she wanted to let them know that David's friend has showed up with the electro-magnet. Finding them holding each other and purring had been a surprise, causing her to stop by the door, half hidden by the shadows. From reading the Diaries that Giles had tried to keep from them, Willow knew that Angelus and Spike had been lovers before the curse. Her eyes widen at the soft kiss Angel placed on Spike's lips, confirming that they had bridged the gap that had appeared in their relationship due to a gypsy curse and a hundred years of separation.

'He's got Angel and doesn't need you anymore,' whispered a voice in the back of her mind. It had the same cool, clinical detached tone that her mother used to manipulate her into doing what she wanted. 'Besides, what would he see in a meek mouse like you?'

"Hey." A gentle hand on her shoulder snapped Willow out of her depressing thoughts, and she looked up into Cordelia's curious gaze. "What's wrong? I'd think you'd be happy with this."

"I am happy," confessed Willow with a small smile. "Especially since Spike has Angel back."

That earned her a confused look. "What are you talking about?" demanded Cordelia, folding her arms across her chest as she stood in front of Willow, blocking the other girl's view of what was going on.

Willow bit her lip, trying to decide if she should tell Cordelia what she had seen in the kitchen when Cordelia's eyebrow went up in a manner that Willow was familiar with from high school. It basically meant 'Talk to me and I won't be forced to hurt you for gossip'. With a small sigh, the redhead told her everything that she had seen in the kitchen as well as what she had read in the Watcher's Diaries. "So, now that Angel's soul is secured, he and Spike can be together and happy again," she concluded, her voice soft to keep from the rest of the room hearing.

A soft, low whistle was her reply. "I know they were close, but that is definitely unexpected," remarked Cordelia, cocking her head as she seemed to study Willow. Suddenly her eyes widened in surprise and realization. "You love Spike, don't you?"

"I think so," Willow replied, looking down at her feet in an effort to avoid the clinical and analyzing stare of her friend. She shook her head once. "No, I know I'm in love with him."

"So what are you going to do?" inquired the brunette, casually.

Willow shrugged. "As long as he's happy, I'll live."

"Wrong answer," announced Cordelia. Willow's head snapped up to look at her, puzzled, and Cordelia threw an arm around her shoulders in a comforting manner. "Maybe in high school you would have been content to let everyone do what they wanted if it meant they were happy. Even if it left you with a broken heart. Now, happiness is staring you in the face again and you're gonna let it slip, once more, through your fingers. You either confront Spike with your feelings and get him to wake up and smell the coffee or I'll hit him over the head with Angel's broadsword until it sinks in." She nodded once, as if satisfied with her plan. "And if you don't tell him, well, there are plenty of rooms with working locks in this place."

A bright blush spread over Willow's cheeks at the thought of her and Spike locked up in a room together and a giggle escaped her lips. But could she truly confess her feelings for Spike? 'Angel told you that Spike cared for you,' reminded a new voice in her mind. 'And who are you going to believe more? Your own insecurities or someone who actually knows Spike better than you do?'

"That should do it," announced David, his voice cutting through the quiet lobby and drawing Willow's attention back to the vampires. She noticed Spike was carefully moving as if testing himself to prove that the deactivation of the chip had not hurt him in any way, and calmly approached him, making her decision in those few steps to follow the advice Buffy gave her back when they met and seize the day.

"All you have to do is test it to make sure all the commands have been wiped clean from it," added Willow, standing next to the vampires. Spike stared at her with unreadable eyes and she took a breath before tilting her head to bare her neck to the peroxide blond.

Before she could move, Spike grabbed her upper arms in a painful grip and pulled her against his body. "If ya flash that lovely neck at me, Red, I'm gonna have ta put my mark on it, claiming ya fer everyone ta know," he whispered in her ear.

She winced at his grip and smiled when he didn't show any reaction. "Well it looks like the chip has been deactivated," she remarked with a smile before leaning closer, her lips a breath away from his. "And who says that I'm opposed to being yours?"

Those blue eyes widened in surprise before he pulled her the remaining distance and claimed her lips in a deep kiss. She moaned at the assault and opened her lips at the demands of his tongue before he swept in and claimed every inch of her mouth as his. She was surprised to discover that he didn't taste like blood as she had thought he would but rather of whiskey and dark chocolate, a strange and pleasant combination. Threading her fingers through his hair, she pulled him closer as she tried to return the kiss with every ounce of passion in her body, yet it still paled in comparison to Spike's assault on her mouth.

It was the sound of someone clearing their throat that snapped Willow out of the pleasant haze that had enveloped her, and she pulled back as she drew large breaths of air into her starved lungs. 'Gonna have to watch that,' she mused as she stared up into Spike's amused blue eyes. 'Not use to kissing someone who doesn't have to breath, but what a way to go.'

"So glad that you came up for some air," remarked Cordelia with a grin. "So, is the Big Bad back?" Despite the teasing humor in her voice, there was a note of underlying worry and fear.

"Th' chip's worthless but I'm not gonna be bitin' anyone here," announced Spike, a grin touching his lips. "Unless they want me to, that is." Willow smiled as she gazed up at Spike, leaning up for another kiss when a throat was cleared again. Growling, Spike glared over at Angel who had a completely unapologetic look on his face. "Ya mind ya wanker? I'm tryin' ta kiss my witch."

"Which is something you can do after we finalize our plans for Wolfram and Hart," countered Angel, gesturing for everyone to sit down. Spike let out a smaller growl and pulled Willow into his lap as he claimed one of the lounges, his glare daring anyone to say a word.

Willow glanced over at Cordelia to find a smug smile on the brunette's face and blushed as she settled into Spike's arms. She had nearly forgotten what it felt like to be held by someone who cared for her, but now that she had found it again in Spike, she was going to fight to keep it.

When Oz had locked himself in that cage with that female werewolf and then later ran off after he killed her, Willow had wondered if her broken heart would ever be whole again. Now she had found someone who not only had repaired her heart when she wasn't looking, but had caused her to fall in love with him. Unlike that little fiasco with Oz, Willow was a bit surer of herself and her powers and Goddess help the person who came between her and Spike now that she had him.


Dark serious eyes gazed around the room as Angel sprawled in a chair, studying each of the occupants and trying to decide which ones would agree to his proposition and who would protest the most. With a mental sigh, Angel rested his hands on the arms of the chair and decided that he didn't know the new arrivals well enough to decide.

"So what's the plan?" demanded Hobbes, his voice filled with irritation and impatience. Before anyone could say anything, a strangely familiar heartbeat reached his ears, and Angel realized that it belonged to the man who had confronted them last night.

"Willow, cast those glamours now and the rest of you get out of sight," ordered Angel as he practically jumped to his feet. Willow started chanting as Wesley, Cordelia, Claire and Hobbes scrambled out of the room. Angel caught Darien's wrist and drew him close, wrapping his arms around the suddenly tense form.

"Relax. I won't hurt you, I swear, but I need to mark you for this to be believable." He started purring softly as the scent of cold metal and fear swirled around him and gently stroked Darien's back to calm him down.

The tension slowly drained out of Darien and he sighed in frustration. "I'm trying," he whispered, resting his head on Angel's shoulder.

The heartbeat now blended with footsteps and Angel pulled Darien even closer as he kept purring. Gently, he cupped the back of Darien's head and pulled it to one side, exposing that pale expanse of skin, the vein pulsing under the thin covering. His face shifted and he eased his fangs into that pulse, moaning when the first taste of Darien's blood caressed his tongue. It still had a trace of innocence in it yet was flavored with some exotic spice that Angel had never tasted before but wanted more of. A guttural groan slipped out of Darien's mouth as he desperately tried to get closer to Angel, thrusting his hips against Angel's and brushing against the painfully hard cock straining against the tight pants. Growling, Angel clutched Darien tighter as his fangs went a bit deeper in his skin, releasing more of that spicy blood.

The sound of a throat being cleared pulled Angel away from the addictive taste of Darien's blood and he carefully withdrew his fangs, swiping at the twin wounds with his tongue until they stopped bleeding. A soft moan of disappointment was sighed past his ear and Angel took those few seconds to lick the blood from his fangs before shifting back to his human guise.

A quick glance over at the couch revealed Spike and Willow making out in demonic faces and Angel felt himself twitch in his uncomfortably tight pants. Willow as a human was lovely, but Willow with the ridges of a vampire was absolutely gorgeous. Just then, Darien swayed against him, reminding him of the human in his arms and he tightened his hold slightly to keep Darien from collapsing to the floor from the feelings coursing through him. The bite of a vampire was often highly erotic and stirred the passion in both the vampire and his victim to a heightened arousal until the human was drained or they both fell onto the nearest horizontal surface to settle those passions.

The throat was politely cleared again and Angel turned to face the well-dressed man from the night before, a bored expression on his face. "You have less than a minute to explain why you decided to interrupt me, human, and if it's convincing enough, you might just get out of here with nothing worse than a maiming." The casual almost bored tone caused all color to drain from the man's face and a slight tremor to course through him.

A high-pitched giggle echoed through the lobby and Angel turned to find Willow gazing at the human with golden eyes as she licked her fangs. "Looks tasty, Daddy," she purred, leaning back against Spike and reaching up to wrap her arms around his neck. "Can we eat him? Please?"

Angel grinned at her before lazily returning his attention to the man. "If he doesn't answer, Kitten."

The man opened the briefcase he held in his hand and dug out a thick crème colored envelope and held it out to Angel. "I'm here on behalf of the law firm of Wolfram and Hart," he began, his voice calm despite the nervousness that poured off of him. "We wish to invite Angelus and his childe, William the Bloody, to the annual holiday party, hosted by the senior partners of Wolfram and Hart..."

"I have a new pet to train and a fledgling childe to teach," drawled Angel interrupting the man with a careless wave towards Willow and Spike who were regarding the man as if he was the first course of a meal. "Unless they are allowed to come as well, it will be impossible for me to attend." He raised an eyebrow in a challenge. "After all, you can't possibly expect me to leave them here alone without any minions trained to guard them."

Instead of replying, the man placed his briefcase on the floor and dug out a cell phone, dialing it with one hand. After a few seconds, he began speaking into the phone but mostly "Yes, sir" and "No, sir", and then he hung up, extending the invitation again. "The Senior Partners were unaware that you had another childe and a pet, but that mistake has been rectified and their presence has been added to the guest list."

Angel glanced over at Spike to find the peroxide blonde vampire slipping out from behind Willow, and watched as the younger vampire took the invitation and tossed it on a side table as if it was nothing more than a discarded magazine. The man turned to leave but paused and glanced at Angel as if to judge his reaction to his next words. "Darla and Drusilla have accepted invitations to the party as well. They are excited to see you again, Angelus."

"And I should be pleased to see that two-bit whore and my faithless childe again?" purred Angel, amber flaring in his eyes briefly before he shoved Darien towards the couch where Spike pulled the slightly dazed man down next to him. Angel stalked towards the man who was shaking with fear, and circled him like a shark circles a thrashing man in the water. Finally, he stopped and stared at the man and suddenly laughed. "Tell the ladies that I look forward to seeing them at the party and not a minute sooner." He winked at the terrified human. "I have to get my house in order first."

With that, the man practically bolted out of the hotel and Spike collapsed in gales of laughter, holding his sides as he slid from the couch to the floor, and he continued laughing as the rest of the humans emerged from their hiding spots to re-join them in the lobby.

"Bloody hell, Peaches, th' last time I saw a human scurry that fast ta get out of your sight was when that human suddenly realized just who he had insulted for their taste in clothing," he gasped, managing to get control over his laughter as he slowly sat up, tears streaming down his face.

The memory surfaced and Angel smiled as he sat down next to Darien who still had a slightly dazed look on his face. The man had been a recent addition to a younger Master's stables and had heard of the Scourge of Europe but hadn't known who they were beyond names. Apparently, he had thought that Angelus' suite had too many ruffles on it and had stated in a rather loud voice his opinion of "fluffy sissies". Young William had simply asked Angelus in a bored drawling voice if he was simply going to drain the human for that insult or let him get off with a maiming. The man's face had drained of blood so fast that he had resembled a ghost in seconds before he had fallen all over himself apologizing as he made his way out the door.

"So are you going to explain your plan to us now or do we have to guess?" inquired Hobbes as he folded his arms across his chest and glared at the two vampires sitting on the couch. "And just what is wrong with my partner?"

Angel calmly relaxed on the sofa and spread his arms out across the back as he regarded the stocky human with a curious gaze. "The plan is pretty much in motion," explained Angel in a calm voice as his eyes never left the suspicious gaze of Hobbes'. "Wolfram and Hart believe that Darien is my pet and Willow is my new childe, both which can't be left alone at this point. Thus, getting the invitation extended to include them as well."

He cocked his head slightly and a faint smirk passed over his lips. "As for what's wrong with Darien, his hormones are a bit overloaded right now," he drawled. At the stunned looks on the humans' faces, Angel chuckled and allowed the smirk to grow. "There is a reason why the bite of a vampire is usually written about in erotic overtones. For vampires, the bite is just another form of foreplay."

"And that's just TMI," Cordelia stated, folding her arms across her chest as she shifted her weight onto one hip. "So what's the next step of this plan of yours?"

"All of you will stay here until this is finished," Angel began as he stood to face all of them. "I will not let you become a target any more than necessary or even pawns to be used against us. We'll stop by your hotel and pick up your luggage. Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn, stay in the hotel and take rooms on the inside of the building. We don't know what kind of surveillance that they might set up so error on the side of caution."

Angel glanced down at the trio still sitting on the couch and shared a private grin with Spike as Angel deliberately ran his gaze over Willow and Darien, taking in their clothes. "And as for us, we have some shopping to do. Can't expect the newest childe of Angelus to run around in baggy sweaters and jeans while his pet is clothed in equally baggy attire, now can you?"