Silver millennium.

Colab between pony 25 and Misstresssasori. (Sorry if spelling wrong.)

In a time of great joy and beauty, there was upon the moon a great kingdom. The ruler was a woman who was both kind and just in decision.

With eyes as blue as the deepest ocean, and skin as pale the sand under foot (1). Her hair was so blond as to be almost white. Her stance would remind you of a stealthy predator on the hunt and her lips were as red as her lover, Sasori Akasuna's hair. The gown she wore was almost a transparent film. Silver and slim as to cup her body like a second skin. Her name was queen serenity. The queen was strolling out into the garden when a thunderous explosion sounded from inside.

Serenity ran towards the place. Her daughter and lover were in there. Rounding the last corner she gazed in horror at the royal suit. A young man stood there. He wore a cloak similar to her lover in that it was black with white rimmed, red clouds. He had long blond hair that covered his left eye and a high pony tail on top of his head.

The bomber turned to her and grinned. "Art is a bang, yeah!" Serenity was going to answer when Sasori walked up behind her and said, "Still a brat, huh Deidara." The bomber smirked at Sasori. "Sorry about this, Danna but a job is a job and Pein said to do it." Sasori sighed. "This is why I quit the Akatsuki."

Serenity looked back and forth between the two ninjas dumb founded. "Will some one explain why I haven't transformed and beat this guy up yet?" Sasori blushed softly. "This is Deidara. Do you remember how I told you I'm bisexual?" Serenity nodded. "I was dating him before I came here." Deidara smiled at her. "I wish we could have met when I wasn't creating a diversion so Orochimaru could steal your daughter, UN."

The queen grew deathly still. Sasori was anxious because he knew she would do any thing for the princess. "You BASTARD!" serenity screamed. "you come to My kingdom and blow up My home just so a perverted old snake could take My daughter?" "pretty much, yeah." Sasori was edging away from her. "love? Let's not be hasty…" "fuck this! Cosmic moon power!" in a blaze of silver hot light serenity transformed and shot a beam of power at Deidara. It hit him square in the chest. hurling him away into the empty space. "I'm blasting off again!"(2)

Mean while… Half way across the galaxy.

"Ssstop struggling." The creepy old guy who was kidnapping hissed. "Dude, put me down or I'll go sailor moon on your ass." The Michel Jackson reject glared at me before shoving me onto a huge purple snake. "Hush princessss, I am doing a teleportation jutsu right now." A teleportation jutsu? Why didn't he just use planet power to teleport to where he wanted to go? Unless… unless he was one of those ninja's mom had talked to me about.

With a gut retching feeling and a flash of light we were suddenly on a planet I guessed to be earth. A young man walked up to us. "I'll take her moon highness from here… Believe it!" the hyperactive blond pulled me towards a creepy cave. Quickly he whispered in my ear. "We're here to get you to safety, princess Serenity. My team mates will get you out of here and away from the snake ninja, Believe it!" I was getting cold in my thin white dress. It was hot on the moon in summer and I had needed to wear the thin dress but it was winter here on earth and I couldn't wait to be inside and out of the snow.

The boy, who told me his name was Naruto, led me into the laundry room and pushed me down the laundry chute. After tumbling down I feel into the waiting arms of a silver haired man wearing a mask. He ran out to a waiting truck where they loaded me up and drove away. The vibration of the truck had a soothing effect and lulled me into a restful sleep. A sharp jolting sensation startled me into wakefulness. "wha..? What's going on?"

A girl with pink hair so bright it seared my eyes smiled at me. "We are just arriving at the village hidden in the leaves."

(1) The moon is white and soft.

(2) A chappie dedicated to the person who can correctly tell me who sys it and why.

Collaboration between pony 25 and Misstresssasori.