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Chapter 112: Spider-Man No More!

Two Weeks Later- TV

"Good Evening New York City, I'm Michelle Burns bringing you up to the minute news. We are now in the second week of what is now known as HAMMER DOWN. Where all the secret files of S.H.I.E.L.D, a government sanctioned task force, has been revealed to the public. S.H.I.E.L.D has since done it's best to reclaim the leaked files but with no such luck. S.H.I.E.L.D Public Liaison Victoria Hand has ensured the public that everything S.H.I.E.L.D has done has been in the best interest of the American people however the leaked files tell a different story. In light of this reveal the President of the United States has issued this statement.

President: I in no way shape or form authorized any of these secret missions of S.H.I.E.L.D, and I can tell the American people as well as the world that there will be a full investigation along with new management.

Michelle:"The person responsible for dropping the hammer down on S.H.I.E.L.D is former CEO of Oscrop, Norman Osborn and his son Harold Osborn. There are many who are calling both Norman and his son heroes however just as many are calling them villains. Norman Osborn and Harold Osborn were both last seen around the Queensboro Bridge as well as Midtown, dressed head to toe in Green Goblin armor and battling New York's own Amazing Spider-Man. Witnesses on the bridge say both Osborns' were terrorizing the people below. There were several casualties to Osborn's assault but none more prominent than seventeen year old Gwendolyn Stacy, the daughter of Captain George Stacy of the NYPD. Captain Stacy was also a victim of The Green Goblin as he was grievously injured with a stab wound to the stomach. Sources say he will survive his grievous injuries sustained at the hands of Norman Osborn. Osborn's reign of terror in the city would have been worse if not for the Amazing Spider-Man, as you can see on your screen. This was the amateur video recording of the brutal battle which ended with the Death of Norman Osborn and his son Harold Osborn. Spider-Man is wanted by authorities for questioning in connection to their deaths however since the incident no one has seen or heard from him but more on that later.

Hell's Kitchen- 10:30pm

Daredevil tuned out the news report from the apartment four blocks down the road and he ran jumped off of his perch. He fired off one end of his Billy club and swung in an arc towards the next apartment.

The Man without fear bounded and dash across the roof-tops using his keen senses to guide him. The city was alive tonight as evident by the cuts and bruises that adorned his face and body. The anarchy was still going strong as everyone in the underbelly of the underworld vied for power.

He had just finished dealing with several trained gunman that belonged to the Owl, a criminal that he had long ago fought and forgotten because he had been run out of town by the Kingpin ages ago, but it seems that he's returned with a vengeance.

Daredevil hopped off a water tower and slid along a clothes line before flipping off and landing quietly on the skylight that belonged to his modest loft in the heart of the neighborhood he protected.

He took a moment, stretching out his senses and that's when he noticed that there was someone in his apartment. He sniffed the air and smelled the familiar scent however it was mixed with body odor, sweat, tears as well as alcohol. Daredevil steeled himself against the potent stench before opening the skylight and dropping inside.


Daredevil pulled his mask off revealing the face of Matt Murdock. He made his way over to the kitchen where he stopped and slowly turned to the dining table where he 'saw' Peter Parker sitting in one of the chairs drinking a beer from his refrigerator.

"I hope you don't mind I took a few of your beers." Peter slurred.

"A few?" Matt questioned, he gently tapped his foot on the ground and he 'saw' an outline of five empty beer bottles, "Where have you been? After I had heard what had happened I went to your house..."

"I don't have a house anymore." Peter responded immediately "I don't have a house. An Aunt, or anything but pain….also haven't you been watching the news or listening or whatever it is that you do. I've been laying low. I'm a wanted man."

"Did you kill Osborn?"


"Nothing is over, spider-punk. We're only just beginning."

"Goodbye Osborn."




Peter lifted the beer to his lips and he chugged the rest of it before placing it down on the table with a loud clang.

"You got anything stronger than beer?" Peter asked, effectively dodging the question.

"Why are you here Peter?" Matt asked.

"I seem to recall you saying that if I ever saw the woman I loved murdered before my eyes to come and talk to you. Well, here I am. The Green Goblin killed her, my Aunt, and my best friend. You got any words of wisdom for me now o great man without fear."

Matt walked away from him and Peter snorted in response.

"So you're just gonna turn your back on me!"

Matt walked towards one of his cabinets and he opened it. He grabbed two shot glasses and a full bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey before walking back over to table. He poured himself a glass and he poured another one for Peter and slid it over to him. Matt held up the glass and Peter followed suit. The Devil and the Spider looked each other in the eyes and wordlessly they gulped down the whiskey.

Peter had never tasted whiskey before but truth be told he could care less about the taste; he only cared how numb it made him feel, how it thankfully diluted his tortured emotions.

He held out his glass and Matt filled it again as well as his own.

"Did you kill him?" He asked after a long minute.

Peter considered the question for a moment.

"If I said yes, would you think any less of me?"

"I guess that answers that question. And I see who you've chosen to follow."

"I'm not following anyone else but me Matt. He deserved to die for what he did."

"I don't blame you for thinking that but killing changes you and…"

Peter slammed a hand down on Matt's table causing it rattle and nearly break in two because of his strength. Matt grimaced at the sound.

"Instead of worrying about whether or not I killed f****** Osbor….the Green Goblin, how about you ask me the name of the woman, excuse me the women he killed! Ask me how he killed my best friend!" Peter exclaimed, "That son of a bitch snapped my Aunt's neck like a goddamn twig and then he put his fist through the heart of the woman I loved Matt! And to top it all off he stabbed my best friend in the f****** heart. I don't care if killing changes me because seeing people you love die changes you too!"

"I know that." Matt replied solemnly before taking a sip of his whisky, "No one knows that better than me."

Peter took the glass and then a long sip himself.


"What was her name?" Matt asked.

"Their names." Peter corrected.

"What were their names?"

"May Parker, my Aunt and the only mother I ever knew. I can't even remember my own mother but I can remember her and my Uncle Ben. God, when he died or was killed I was devastated. My first real taste of death and loss but she was there to pick up the pieces. It was through our shared sorrow over his death that we were able to help each other move forward, but she's gone and what hurts the most is that she'll never know why she died." Peter said letting a sob escaped his throat which were followed by tears rolling down his eyes.

Matt could smell the salt of tears in the air, and it hurt him that his friend and brother in arms was in such pain, which was a feeling that he himself could attest to. He knew the depths of pain his friend and protégé was feeling.

"Your best friend."

Peter cut the tears shorts and angrily wiped his eyes.

"Harry Osborn. I told you about him and how I was trying to save him. I had just found his best chance at being saved and on the day of my discovery he's stabbed to death by his father. Hmph, go figure and good luck trying to figure it out because I'm at a loss. It feels like God is laughing at me."

"He's not. God is…"

"Spare me the Catholicism Matt. I don't need it right now." Peter replied curtly.

"It helps, trust me I know."

Peter tilted his whiskey glass in Matt's direction.

"So does this." He said before gulping down the rest.

Matt heaved a sigh while refilling the empty glass.

"The other, the love of your life?"

"Gwen Stacy. I told you about her before too. She was one that got wrapped up in the Gang War with Fortunato. I've tried to keep my life as Spider-Man a secret from her, and for a while it worked but she ended up finding out about me anyway and instead of pushing her away again. Instead of keeping her safe I told her the truth and it ended up getting her killed."

Matt took another sip of his whiskey as did Peter.

"Will the pain and despair ever go away?"

"No." Matt answered truthfully "There will never be a day you won't think about her or them. It's been close five years since Karen Page was murdered and I still think about her now, as if it was yesterday. It doesn't help anytime I see Bullseye either."

"How am I supposed to keep going on after something like this? The past two weeks have been literal hell. It feels like I can't breathe sometimes because of this debilitating and gnawing pain in my heart, in my soul. I close my eyes and I see the last look on my Aunt's face. I see Harry's and I see Gwen's face and I can feel the life leaving her body. I haven't even been able to go back to what's left of my house or even see Gwen's father. It feels like when they died, I died." Peter said before suddenly standing up and throwing his glass across the room.

"OSBORN!" he roared.

The glass shattered to a thousand pieces. Matt heard where every piece of glass fell. The broken glass reminded him of his own heart and how it resembled how he felt when Karen was taken away from him. The same thing that Peter was feeling. He took a sip of his whiskey again.

"A part of you did die Peter. For each loved one a part of your soul has been ripped out and the rest of you is trying its best to make sense of that loss, to cope with it but it's gonna take time. You can stay here if you want. I'll do my best to help you through it."

"No." Peter replied turning to him "I can't be anywhere near you or…this life anymore. You tried to warn me three years ago but like an idiot I didn't heed it and here we are. My life is in shambles and it's all Spider-Man's fault. I'm done Matt. You asked why I was here and I came to tell you first that I'm Spider-Man, no more."

Peter snatched the bottle of whiskey off the table and he stumbled towards the front door.

"So you're quitting?" came Matt's voice from behind him.

"Yes." Peter answered.

Matt put his glass down.

"Pete, I know you're hurting, nobody knows how much better than me. What has happened to you has connected us in a way that I can't even begin to explain. Truth be told I think of you something as a younger brother that I always wanted. If there is anything I can do to ease that gnawing pain in your soul I will do it but listen to me. You can not quit. We started something, you and I and now it's snowballing into something else. I know it's selfish of me to ask this of you but I need you here with me. I need Spider-Man."

"Sorry Matt, Spider-Man died with Harry Osborn, May Parker and Gwen Stacy, so find someone else for your crusade against the Kingpin. I quit."

Peter swayed towards the door but right before he left he heard Matt's voice one last time.

"Did you kill him? Did you kill Osborn?"

Peter hesitated at the door for a moment. He took a long gulp of the bottle in his hand.

"You remember our conversation on the roof when were beating on those biker's, the Devil's Helpers."

"Yes. We were talking about being the better man." Matt replied.

Peter turned to his mentor and brother of sorts and said his final two words to him.

"I'm not."

Peter then left the apartment closing the door behind him.

Elsewhere- Fisk Tower

Vanessa Fisk looked through the recently repaired window of her penthouse/office within Fisk Tower. She looked at the city, specifically the lights that were once so enticing and inviting but with everything that's happening in the underworld the lights were better off being tiny fires that were spreading throughout everything. Her empire was burning to ashes and she blamed Daredevil and Spider-Man however much of the blame was on her shoulders.

The arrogance that she showed when she usurped power from her husband, the disrespect she showed to the families when she introduced herself as the new Kingpin. In retrospect there were a few things she could have done differently to ensure her empire would have reined for decades instead of just two years. Vanessa lifted the wine glass to her lips and took a sip. The powerful woman caught a glance of her reflection in the glass and her face scrunched into that of anger.

"Screw this pity sh**." She strongly said to herself before downing the rest of her wine, 'So what, things are on the low side right now but I'm still on top. In every empire there are a few rebellions that need to be squashed but in the end the King…the Queen always wins. So burn and keeping burning, once everything is ash I'll rebuild bigger and better. The Fisk Empire will rise again.'

Vanessa heard the door behind her open and she knew it to be only one person because only one person was allowed to disturb her. She began to turn around.

"Bullseye! It's about time you showed up, I sent you out to check on things a day ago and you….."

Vanessa turned and immediately ceased her tirade because standing at the door was not Bullseye but her husband, the true Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk. The shock of seeing him made her drop her wine glass.

CRASHHHH! Went the sound of her wine glass shattering on the ground.


"Hello Vanessa." He replied smoothly, while slowly walking towards the front of the desk and sitting down in the single seat, "You're looking beautiful than ever."

"H-How? I thought that you were…"

"Forgotten and thrown away. You should know me better than that." He said darkly, "I've been keeping tabs on you and once you began to self-destruct as I knew you would I felt it was time for me to make my return to the center of things."

"Keeping tabs?" Vanessa question but it only took her a moment to come to the conclusion as to who was keeping tabs on her for him, "Bullseye." She said with venom in her voice.

Wilson only smile in response. Vanessa let out a yell and wiped her hands across the desk throwing all the items off and to the floor. She stared at him with hate in her eyes.


"It's nobody's empire at this point. Anarchy remember, which means that anyone can make a claim for the title of Kingpin."

Vanessa's snarl grew and she reached towards one of the draws in the desk and she started search for the gun that she knew should be there but it was gone.

"Bullseye moved it." Wilson stated.

Vanessa slammed the door shut and she let out a scream.

"So what are you gonna do Wilson? You're gonna ship me back off to England like I'm some damn child! F*** that! I'LL FIGHT YOU TO THE BITTER END!"

Wilson shook his head as he stood from the seat and walked around the desk. Vanessa stepped to him and punched him in the face, slapped him however he grabbed both of her hands. He stood in front of his wife who showed no fear. The fearlessness and defiant eyes that she stared at him with was one of the things that he fell in love with but after twenty years of marriage and the ups and the downs he had grown to hate the very thing that he loved about her.

He took her by the shoulders and then as gently as a man his size could, he took her into his arms and placed a tender and loving kiss upon her lips. Vanessa struggled once more but she could not break the strong grip her very large husband had upon her. She once loved the feel of his massive arms around her, how it made her feel safe; most woman were put off by large men but she never minded it. However after their long and sordid marriage of resentment and condescension she found herself hating what she once loved about him.

Wilson broke the kiss and Vanessa turned her head and spit.

"No Vanessa, I'm not shipping you off to England again, that decision came back to bite me in the ass. You've manipulated me, you've stolen from me, you've torn my very well put together empire asunder and you made the most grievous error of all. You underestimated me. I'm afraid I'll have to do something a bit more drastic this time."

Wilson took her delicate throat in his hand and he easily lifted her off the ground. Vanessa clawed at his hands and it was the first time she noticed he was wearing black leather gloves. Wilson had a stoic expression on his face as he choked her, but another idea crossed his mind.

He turned towards the large window and he looked at the city, his city.

"Vanessa, before you die I just want you to know you're the only woman that I'll ever truly love but you forced me to choose between you and New York. I choose New York."

Wilson hefted her over his head and threw her through the window.

CRASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Came the loud sound. Vanessa hung in the cold air for a moment, her eyes catching Wilson's one last time before gravity overtook her and she plummeted to her death.

Wilson watched her fall.


The real and true Kingpin of Crime turned his head as he heard the door behind him open and close. Bullseye strolled up behind him and he looked through the destroyed window and down below.

"Damn. I'm gonna miss her." He said, "She was damn good in the sac."

"Report!" Wilson said icily.

Bullseye knew the tone and he instantly switched to business mode.

"I got a crew we can trust, they're waiting for orders downstairs."

"Good, let's go. I have a kingdom to reclaim." He said turning away from the window and storming towards the door.

"All hail the return of the king." Bullseye replied as he followed behind him.

Greenwich Village

A scream echoed in the night. The young, beautiful, and high flying vigilante known as Jewel looked off from her perch and spotted a restaurant down below. She saw about three people running out of the door screaming at the top of their lungs, which meant only one thing. Trouble.

"This looks like a job for Jewel." She said with a smile before jumping off and flying down below.

Jewel ventured into the restaurant and she had to gasp because two middle aged men were fighting each other to the death. They were both bloody and bruised and one had a butter knife sticking out of his eye and the other had fork stuck in the right side of his chest however in spite of their injuries they kept on fighting. The other people in the restaurant stood still in their spots watching the scene with smiles on their faces. She thought it was odd but as the men savagely lunged at each other she pushed it aside and decided to take action.

"Alright, alright, cool it you two!" she shouted as she used her strength to effortlessly pull them apart.

"Aw, you ruined my show." Came a sly, English voice.

Jewel looked straight ahead to see a purple colored man in an expensive dark velvet purple suit, eating a medium rare steak. He stopped his eating and put a half smirk upon his face.

"Is it not customary in this country to have a show with your dinner? I was rather enjoying the two of them fighting to the death."

"So you're the one making them fight. You're controlling them."

"Merely making a few suggestions." The Purple man said before turning his half smirk into a smile "Drop them." He commanded.

Jewel heard the command and in spite of the fact that she didn't want to release her hold upon the two men she instantly let them go. The two middle aged men jumped at each other and began to roll around on the floor biting and scratching each other mercilessly.

"Good, now come here." The Purple man said.

Jewel with great reluctance walked over to the table the mysterious purple man was sitting at.

"Sit in the chair."

She sat down in the chair across from him. The Purple man picked up his wine and he took a sip all the while leering at Jewel.

'Move damn it! Move!' She thought to herself but to no avail. She sat rooted in the seat.

After he finished his leering he looked her in the eyes.

"Tell me your name."


"No, not your stupid and ridiculous costumed name, I want you to tell me your real name."

"J-Jessica Jones."

"You're very lovely Jessica, one of the prettiest girls I've seen."

Jewel didn't reply, she kept trying to make herself move but she couldn't she was trapped under his control. The Purple Man noticed that she didn't respond and a frown appeared on his face.

"That was a compliment Jessica. You're supposed to say thank you when someone gives you a compliment, so SAY THANK YOU!" he shouted.

"…..thank you."

The Purple Man put a smile on his face again.

"AHHHHHH!" came a shout of agony.

The Purple Man looked to see one of his two combatants grabbing his face and rolling on the floor in pain. He looked to the man with the fork in his chest and he spotted between his bloody teeth a nose.

"Ooh, that's a bit on the nose." He said before breaking into a fit of laughter.

Jewel did not laugh. The Purple Man noticed and he frowned at her again.

"That was a joke. Laugh."

Jewel resisted as much as she could but she felt compelled to laugh and so the corner of her lips turned upwards into a smile and she began to laugh lightly. The Purple Man looked away in disgust at the obvious forced laughter.

"Oh for the love of God just stop."

She stopped.

'I-I can't break his hold. Oh God. I need help. Maybe Daredevil…no he's all the way in Hell's Kitchen and Danny and Luke are in Harlem. Misty is on the Upper West side, the only one close is Spider-Man. Please God let him come swinging in.'

The Purple Man leaned back in his seat.

"I'm bored." He said before looking at Jewel and the rest of the people inside the restaurant, "Jessica, tell me about your powers."

"I can fly and I'm very strong."

"How strong?"

"Strong enough to punch a hole through your face."

The Purple Man smiled. He stood up from his seat and he walked towards Jewel and he tightly cupped her face in his hand and made her look at him.

"Quite the attitude you have there. I like that." He said before crushing his lips to hers.

The Purple Man broke the kiss and he licked his lips.

"Stand up."

Jewel stood up.

"Everyone look to your left." He commanded.

Everyone in the restaurant looked to the person to their left.

"Kill that person..."

Jewel couldn't outwardly react but the sounds of people killing each other filled the restaurant.

'Someone HELP!' she shouted in her mind.

The Purple Man affectionately trailed a hand down her face, then her neck.

"My own personal superhero, oooh this is going to be very, very interesting. Jessica tell me you love me."

"….I love you."

"Louder." He said.

"I love you." She said louder.



The Purple Man smiled before pulling her in close and planting another kiss on her lips while the sounds of death surrounded them.

Across Town- Baxter Building

Johnny Storm looked up from his spot in the corner of his room when he heard the light sound of feet touching the carpet. He saw the dirty, unkempt and disheveled looking Peter Parker sway and then fall down to the carpet. He let out a groan before staring ahead at him.

There were no words spoken between the two but the anger was palpable. Johnny snarled and he stood and stormed over to Peter who was beginning to get to his feet. Johnny grabbed him and shoved him into the wall as hard as he could.

He cocked his fist back and punched him in the face as hard as he could. He punched him in the stomach followed by the face again. All the while he punched him Peter did nothing to protect himself. He allowed himself to be pummeled in spite of his spider sense.

"Come on fight!" Johnny yelled punching him again, "FIGHT DAMN YOU!"

Peter didn't respond.

"FIGHT ME!" Johnny yelled again, shoving him into the wall once more.

Johnny shook him and shook him but Peter did nothing.

"Why won't you fight me you sonuva bitch! Why won't you fight!?"

"Because I got no fight left in me Johnny." Peter replied sullenly, "I got nothing left."

Johnny looked at him and after a long second he slowly released his hold on him and Peter slid down to the floor. The blonde haired teen back away and he fell down to the floor as well, right in front of him so the two were facing each other. Johnny watched Peter as he removed a have drunk bottle of Jameson whisky from the overcoat he wore and tilt it to his lips.

"When did you start drinking?" Johnny asked.

"You want some?" Peter asked.

Johnny reached for the bottle and Peter handed it to him. He took a swig before handing it back.

"You smell like sh**" Johnny said.

Peter shrugged his shoulders.

"Makes sense, I've been sleeping on the streets for the past two weeks."

"Why are you here?" Johnny asked.

"I feel it's only right that you know why and how she died."

"Tell me everything."

Elsewhere- Avenger's Mansion

Maria gingerly picked herself up off the couch and she reached for her crutches. After the incident with Osborn and Spider-Man, she had suffered a broken leg, bruised kidneys, two cracked ribs along with several cuts, a few of which were to leave scars but she didn't care about that.

She had heard the familiar rumbling of the quinjet which could only mean that the Avengers had returned from their meeting in Washington D.C. She took a moment to curse the name Norman Osborn because he had caused a storm of epic proportion and it was Shield and the Avnegers taking all of the heat.

Maria hobbled to the elevator that would take her down below but just as she reached it she stopped and looked to the left and into the kitchen where she spotted one of Hank Pym's Ultron units.

The robot stopped his chopping of onions and carrots and turned to look at her. The robot unsettled her greatly, in spite of the fact that Hank assured her that Ultron was under complete control she couldn't shake the feeling that it was watching her, not only her but the avengers as well and not in a good way.

"May I help you Ms. Hill." Came Ultron's monotone robotic voice.

"No." she replied quickly "Just stay away from me."

The elevator arrived with a ding and she quickly hobbled inside and rode it down below.

Down Below- War Room

Maria entered the war room and her mood instantly changed.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" She spat.

The Avengers turned towards her as did their guest. A man in his early forties with short red hair, thick horn rimmed glass, blue eyes and a smarmy smile plastered on his lips. He was wearing the standard shield uniform however there was a patch on the left side of his chest that read: Director.

He was a man that Maria Hill detested and that man was Henry Gyrich. A shady politician more than a Shield Agent, at least that's how Maria saw him.

"I believe that's what the hell are you doing here…Sir." Henry corrected, "I'm the new Director of Shield Ms Hill."

"WHAT!" Maria shrieked in shock.

"That's right." Henry replied, "After Osborn and the leak to the public the Council felt that someone else needed to step into the leadership role."

Maria cursed under her breath because she had been expecting something like this to happen. The leak of sensitive information caused the Council and the President to turn on Fury who had foreseen the betrayal and had disappeared into the wind. After she had received medical attention for her injuries she received a coded message from him saying that he would be in touch soon but that was over two weeks ago. She knew someone was going to be the new director of Shield however she didn't expect the Council to put Gyrich in charge.

"I can't believe they put you in charge either." Warbird chimed in, she too had her own reservations about the infamous Henry Gyrich, but she was not as vocal like Maria.

"But I am in charge and the two of you will show me respect."

"Only if you show it in return Director Gyrich." Said Captain America, "We got along with Fury in the past and…."

"And look where that has gotten us. I am not my predecessor Captain. I will show as much respect as needed but also I will taking a more hands on approach to the Avengers as well as Shield. It's about time there was more accountability for the things you so called superheroes do across the world. Now, who's going to show me around this dump?"

Maria watched Henry moved past her and towards the elevator where there were two Ultron units waiting. She narrowed her eyes and turned back to Warbrid.

"Hell has truly frozen over."

Baxter Building- Johnny's Room

"Osborn." Johnny said with venom in his voice.

"Yeah." Peter replied as he finished off the bottle of whisky, he set it down on the carpet and he stood up, "Now you know everything."

"Why didn't you call me?" Johnny demanded "I could've helped."

"We weren't exactly on speaking terms and I didn't know things would spiral out of control like this."

"Aren't you supposed to be some sort of genius like Reed, huh? Aren't you supposed to be able to think ahead, you should've known that something like this could happen. If what you told me is true things were spiraling out of control way before Osborn came knocking."

"Whatever Johnny." Peter replied in a defeated tone as he slowly walked towards the window he came through.

"I don't blame you as much anymore but it's still your fault she's dead Parker. If you would've just stayed away or lied to her again she would still be alive."

"I know Johnny. I know. If I would've done a lot of things differently then a lot of people wouldn't be dead, dying or seriously injured. It's like everything I do no matter how hard I try, I bring nothing but chaos around me or death and destruction."

"I wouldn't go that far. You did save my ass and everyone else during the Galactus thing and you did help to bring my nephew into this world."

"But for every good deed, there's an equally bad consequence around the corner."

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Came the sound of sirens wailing in the distance.

Johnny waited for Peter to move but he didn't.

"Aren't you going after that?"

"No. I'm not Spider-Man anymore and I don't plan on being Spider-Man anymore. Hell, I'm not even sure I'm Peter Parker. Goodbye Johnny and for what it's worth, I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry."

Johnny turned away from him for a brief moment and when he looked up again Peter was gone. The teen went towards his bed and he sat down on the edge. He glanced to his right and on his night stand he spotted a picture frame of himself and Gwen smiling at Coney Island. He grabbed the frame and brought it to his chest. A single tear fell from his face on onto the frame.

"Gwen." he whispered, sadness evident in his voice.

Secret Medical Facility- Location Unknown

Harry Osborn grimaced as the nurse in front of him jammed the needle into his arm and began to draw his blood. It hurt but it was a small price to pay for the freedom he felt at the current moment. It had been a long time since he could actually think straight, where the words of his father weren't circling around his mind, or Harold taunting him or the Hobgoblin just generally making his life a living hell. It was just him and his own thoughts and for that he was thankful to the God above.

He was also thankful that he was still alive. The last thing he remembered was his father stabbing the Hobgoblin in the stomach and the unstable entity of his mind dying and then pain. It only took him a moment to realize that even though his father stabbed the Goblin he still stabbed him because they were in fact the same person.

Everything around him faded and the next thing he knew he was waking up in a strange place strapped to a bed wearing a white gown. He didn't know how long he had been trapped but he knew as long as he didn't see any Goblins he would be fine.

The nurse yanked the needle out of his arm and wordlessly gathered her supplies and made her way out of the room leaving Harry alone with his thoughts.

The teen let a solemn look appear on his face because as he laid there thinking he couldn't help but remember the horrified look upon Mary Jane's face. And it pained him that he had caused her so much pain but what hurt the most was that he would never be able to apologize.

"I'm sorry Mary Jane."

"Who the hell is Mary Jane?" came a voice, "And I thought she'd never leave."

Harry tried to move but the strap across his throat kept his head at bay.

"Who's there?" he asked without an ounce of fear.

The owner of the voice walked into view and Harry scrunched his face in confusion.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Vanisher."

"What do you want?"

"I owe a debt and I'm here to make good on it." Vanisher replied with a roll of his eyes. He gently placed his hand on Harry's shoulder and in an instant they vanished from sight.

Across the World- Italy- 12:15 am

Vanisher and Harry appeared on a street in the great city of Italy. Harry looked around and the smell of fresh food filled his nostrils. The sound of happy voices, music, and splashing water filled his ears.

"Where am I?"

"Venice Italy, I think. It's the first place I could think of, look I got business I got to do okay and I've already wasted enough time searching for you. I was supposed to get your father out of dodge but seeing as how he's dead you'll have to do. You were dressed in one of those Goblin suits, so my debt is paid. Enjoy your freedom, however long it lasts."

Vanisher nodded his head to Harry and in a blink of an eye he vanished from sight leaving Harry all alone on the street that was next to a canal.

'My father is dead.' He thought to himself.

He thought the statement over in his mind again and a small smile found its way to his lips.

"He's dead. I truly am free." He whispered.

Harry wanted to run through the street shouting for joy but he knew that he couldn't, he would be a wanted man soon and so he knew he had to disappear. Mary Jane crossed his mind again, followed by Gwen and finally Peter.

Three years ago- Coffee Bean

Harry, Mary Jane, Peter and Gwen sat in a booth within the Coffee Bean.

"Well it looks like I've found some friends for life." Said Gwen with a smile upon her face.

"To friendship." said Harry holding up his coffee

The four teens held their drinks up and tapped them together.



"I'm so sorry, for everything." He said while pulling his white gown closer to his body and walking down the lonely street and into parts unknown, unaware of the tiny orange and black spider following behind him.

'This isn't over Harry, not by a long shot.' The spider thought to itself deviously.

New York- Graveyard

"Ashes to Ashes and dust to dust and f****** good riddance." Jason Macendale spat as he looked at the headstone that belonged to the infamous Norman Osborn.

After the Green Goblin's battle with Spider-Man and his subsequent death, Jason made sure to get his body recovered from Shield. It wasn't as hard as he thought it would be considering that Shield was in disarray when it happened and so he counted his lucky stars. The first thing he had done was get his applied science division to harvest what they could from him but there wasn't a lot of him left after the explosion but there was enough to get the ball rolling.

Once his scientists were finished he made a public display of his burial; dozens of people had showed to the procession, most of them were idiots claiming Norman to be a hero while the others were calling him a villain. Jason had no doubt that Norman was the villain.

The young CEO thought about how his newly acquired company Oscorp was in a bit of disarray with more than enough people suing the company for Norman's misdeeds as the Green Goblin. All the investors were beginning to back away because Oscorp had no choice but pay out the millions and millions of dollars in lawsuit claims however this was all part of Jason's plan. He wanted to scuttle Oscorp that way he could rebuild it into his own image bigger and better. It wouldn't be easy but he was up to the challenge. He was prepared to do anything to be on top.

Jason threw a black rose on top of Norman's grave and he turned and walked away.


Terri let out a yawn and turned off the tv that was mounted on the wall. She rubbed her eyes and looked towards the unconscious George Stacy however she jumped in shocked because standing near the window next to the bed was a teen that could not have been older than seventeen.

"Who the hell are? And how did you get in here?"

"It's me, Lieutenant."

Terri recognized the voice.

"Spider-Man?" she questioned

"No, not anymore." Peter replied in a whisper, "How's he doing?"

Terri looked away from him and to George.

"He's in an out. The Green Goblin messed him up pretty good. I can't believe that some people see that bastard as a hero."

Peter didn't say anything; he just continued to stare at Captain Stacy. He thought back to the promise he made him and how he failed. He hung his head and slowly turned back to the window he came through.

"When he wakes up, tell him I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise. I let him down."

"You took care of Osborn, you didn't let anyone…."

"Gwen is dead." Peter replied forcefully "She was the only thing that mattered to him, to both of us and she's dead because of me. Tell him he was right about me all along and tell him that I'm done."

"Done?" she questioned.

Terri stepped towards him but he was already out of the window.

"Wait." She said but her attention was quickly brought to Captain Stacy's voice.

"N-No. No." George whispered.

Terri turned to him to see his eyes were slowly opening.

"George." She whispered but all she received in response was a sob as tears began to fall from his eyes.

Hospital- A few Floors down

Felicia Hardy shifted in her bed when she heard someone enter her room. She cast a glance towards the door before quickly looking towards the window where she spotted Peter standing there looking at her.

He moved away from the window and into the light that was over her bed. Felicia looked him over and grimaced in disgust.

"You look like crap." She said.

Peter saw her injuries; she had a cast over her right leg, a cast on her right arm, stitches going across her forehead, multiple cuts along her face with her left eye having a blood splotch in it and finally around her neck was a foam brace.

Felicia painfully shifted in her bed.

"I know what you're thinking. I may look bad now but the Doctor's say I'm healing more and more each day, faster than they've anticipated, it's because of my special genes but they don't know that. I'll be out of here no time."

"It's my fault you're in here." He said in a barely audible whisper.

Felicia scrunched her eyes in confusion.

"No. It's that bastard Osborn's fault. He got the drop on me and threw me out of a f****** window where I was blindsided by a freaking car. I'm dying for a rematch but from what the news says it's impossible, because you killed him."

"I'm sorry Felicia. I never wanted any of this to happen, all I wanted to do was save my best friend but it was all for nothing all this death and destruction, for nothing!"

"It wasn't for nothing." Felicia replied, "You were fighting for something you believed, and maybe you didn't save him but at least you tried, not many people would do that for their best friend…hell their own mothers. You should take some comfort in that."

Peter gritted his teeth and he turned around and walked towards the window.

"Hey, where are you going?"

Peter didn't answer.

"This isn't your fault."

Peter jumped out of the window, leaving Felicia alone in the room.

Later- Shield Helicarrier- Colonel Fury's Quarters

Henry Gyrich looked around the room before heading towards Fury's desk where he sat down and released a long sigh.

"So Fury is in the wind." Came a feminine voice.

"Yes, but it's only a matter of time before I find him." Henry replied turning his eyes towards the watch on his wrist. He twisted the dial and image of an attractive green haired woman appeared before him.

"You better find Gyrich. I want the pleasure of killing him slowly. The words for the sheer amount of pain I'm going to inflict on him and soon the Avengers haven't been invented yet. I've gone through great lengths to put you in your position. If you don't' deliver, you can easily be replaced, never forget that." She said firmly.

"I won't Mistress Viper, trust me. I have complete control of Shield and the Avengers. Fury will be found, however in the meantime I will be reconstructing Shield into the world task force it should be and no one will stand in my…our way."

Viper smiled.

"I'll be in touch soon with you first assignment. Hail Hydra."

The image disappeared leaving Henry all along in the room. He leaned back in the seat and put his feet on the desk.

"Hail Hydra."

New York- Queens -Forest Hill

Peter stood down the street looking in the direction of the remains that was once his home. When he closed his eyes he could still feel the flames licking against his skin, still heard the sound the Goblin's laughter and the snapping of his Aunt's neck.

"Peter." Came the sound of her voice carrying on the wind.

Peter felt the tears begin to fall and he dropped to his knees. He sat there crying not even caring that it began to rain and the heavy droplets soaked him to the bone.

"I'm sorry Aunt May. I never meant for this to happen."

Mary Jane opened the front door of her house and she stepped out into the rain. She had on her night clothes and one of her arms was in a sling thanks to her injuries received by the Hobgoblin but none of that stopped her from rushing out into the rain and to Peter. She had seen him through her window. She had been watching his house and the street for any sign of him for the past two weeks. When she had awoken in the hospital she had instantly asked her Aunt Anna about him but no one had seen him for days and days turned into two weeks.

She diligently looked out the window for him and finally her diligence paid off and she wouldn't loose the chance.

"Peter!" she called out.

Peter turned to her just as she reached him and pulled him into a tight embrace. He stunk but she didn't care, she was happy that he was still alive.

Peter gripped her tightly and he cried into her shoulder.

"I did this."

"No. It wasn't your fault. Norman Osborn did this. He did this and I'm glad he's gone." She said strongly.

The rain began to pour harder but neither cared as they held each other tightly in the rain.

A little bit Later- Watson Home

Mary Jane stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around her head and into her room.

"You can go in now Pe…" she started but stopped when she saw that her room was empty once again.

After coming in from the rain, the two of them held each other a bit longer before she went to use the restroom and dry her hair. She half expected him to be sleep in her bed because he looked like he hadn't had any sleep in a long time.

Mary Jane sat down on the edge of her bed and let a sigh escape her lips. She then looked around her room and that's when she spotted the empty corner next to her open window. The trunk that Peter kept all of his Spider-Man gear was gone.

She stared at the spot before scooting back in the bed and leaning against the headboard listening to the soft taps of the rain.

"I hope you come back Peter, please don't go disappearing again."

Queensboro Bridge

Peter placed another heavy rock on top of his Spider-Man trunk and he taped it down with thick gray duct tape. Once he was satisfied he tossed the empty roll of tape to the ground and he peered over the edge of the bridge and into the murky black water below.

The teen looked over his shoulder and at the spot on the bridge where he last saw Gwen laying dead in the street. He steeled himself and looked away from the spot and angrily grabbed the trunk that contained everything dealing with Spider-Man including his spare costumes, web shooters, computer, spider-tracers and trackers, everything he had accumulated over his three year career.

Peter easily lifted the trunk over his head.

"It's not my fault, it's all Spider-Man's fault, so no more death, no more broken promises and no more destruction because there is no more Spider-Man." He said to himself before throwing the trunk over the edge.

SPPPPPPPLAASH! Went the sound of the trunk hitting the cold water below. It bobbed in the water for a second before sinking into the depths of the murky East River.

Peter pulled his dingy jacket closer to his body as he turned from the sinking trunk and walked away from bridge and into the night.

Madame Webb's Place

The Beyonder placed a hand upon his chin and waved his hand, dismissing the image of Peter walking away in the rain.

"Well, I can honestly say that I didn't see that coming. It looks like your chosen idol has fallen, which means in a way he has proven my point about your species. I think that means I win and now I have to kill you all."

"You were going to do that anyway." Madame Webb replied in a calm even tone.

"True." The Beyonder replied "I figured I'd give a sporting chance though."

The Beyonder made his hands glow with vibrant cosmic energy. He turned his sparkling eyes to Madame Webb whose expression had not changed.

"Scared Cassandra?" he asked.


The Beyonder's powers receded and he looked at her with curiosity.

"And why not? In all the worlds, in all the universes I've been to and played this game, when they ultimately lose they start begging. This is the part where you beg Cassandra."

"It's not over, that's why no begging and even it was over I would never beg to someone like you. The spider will rise again once properly motivated."

"Really?" he questioned with disbelief.

"I've seen it. And I find it interesting that you haven't seen it."

The Beyonder closed his eyes and attempted to see the future that Madame Webb was talking about however after a long minute his face contorted into that of frustration.

"I can't see it."

"It doesn't matter, you're going to kill us all anyway. It's a pity you'll never see how it happens, or how my chosen idol proves you wrong."

"He won't."

"He will."

The Beyonder opened his eyes and then narrowed them at the smug look upon Madame Webb's face. He waved his hand and a chair appeared behind him and he sat down.

"Fine, the game isn't over." he said.

"Far from it actually, this game as you call it, is only just beginning."


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