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Chapter 39


Many plans were put into action within the first few hours of Rose, Sophie, and Chance's abduction; Abe and Janine were immediately on a plane heading to Russia, Pavel and the elite guardian forces at St. George's and St. Vladimir's were already scanning Chance's apartment for any signs of

of where their captors may have taken them, and lastly, Dimitri was preparing not only himself, but also his son for a battle that could quite possibly end both of their lives. There was so much that needed to be planned; not only finding Rose and Sophie, but also the unavoidable showdown with

Dejan. It had come to the point where it would be either him or Dimitri to die. Dimitri knew this day was coming and all his demons that possessed his past would have to make themselves known. He also knew the life he lived as Strigoi and the things in which he had dabbled in would inevitably

need to be dealt with. Could Rose handle the truth? Would she turn away from him? And worse yet, can Rose survive this horrible battle for power? Power that Dejan hoped to claim. Rose was the pawn in a very powerful struggle for the greatest evil ever known. Dejan wanted to evoke it into

himself, to claim dominance. Whereas, Dimitri wanted to destroy it, forsaking any others from manipulating the scripture. He not only needed to gather The Scripture of the Dark Scrolls into his possession, but also, eventually he would need to require, The Scripture of Righteousness.

The consequences for not finding it could be devastating to life as he knows it. Dimitri was completely at his breaking point with worry; worry for Sophie and Chance, worry for his unborn child, and mostly, worry for Rose's safety.

"I don't care what you have to do." He yelled with his face a bright scarlet from the anger surging his body. "I don't care if we have to leave every damned Moroi unguarded. Rosemarie Hathaway and Sophie Ivashkov are first. NO ONE is to come before them, understood?" He barked at the

clearly shaken guardian, who was the unfortunate one to suffer from Dimitri's wrath.

"Sir, where should we begin to look? We have no leads."

"Start with the countryside near Novosibirsk. There were many Strigoi covens hidden in that vicinity at one time. And since Strigoi tend to be creatures of habit, I would be willing to bet that not too much has changed. Ethan and myself will be traveling to Osmk, and then onto the Ural mountains." He

turned to his son, but only briefly before turning his attention back to Guardian Macavay. "I want to made aware of any and all new information that is retrieved no matter how insignificant you may feel it to be. We will be gone for a total of three days. I will allow you 10 groups of five to dispatch at

your discretion. Choose their locations with the best chance to encounter the Strigoi hideaways."

Without another word spoken, Dimitri left the room and walked onto the outside balcony in the cold, night air. He tilted back his head to allow himself to gaze at the stars, yet he saw no beauty in them tonight. All he felt was fear.

'God, please let them be safe. This can't be happening to us…please don't take them from me..I can't survive it.' He sent his silent prayer to the heavens with a heavy heart.

"I know he blames me and he has every right too! This is all my fault." Abe said as he rubbed his tired eyes with shaking fingers. Janine had never seen him so distraught, not even when Rose was face to face with Tatiana. Or worse yet, when their only daughter had laid in a coma.

She raised her hand to stroke her husbands hair. "Tatlim. (Sweetheart) Please don't say that. It's not your fault. Dimitri is worried and scared. He didn't mean to be so harsh with you. It's not in his nature to be cruel."

Abe shook his head while he patted her knee. "Thanks." He said with a wary smile. "But, we both know he's right." He gazed up to meet his wife's eyes. "Janine, did you know Rosemarie was pregnant?"

She gave a small, sad grin. "No Abe, I didn't. I just pray to god they are all safe…including the baby. Rose could never forgive herself if she lost Dimitri's child."

Abe blew out a deep breath as he wrapped his arms around Janine, pulling her close to his side. "I hope to god we find them soon. I will never forgive myself if something should happen to any of them."

Janine had him tightly. "We will find them."


I gazed around the cool, dimly lit, damp room. It shouldn't be so hard to see in such low light with my Dhampir eyes sight, but it was then I realized that my eye was almost completely swollen shut. My mind was so focused on Sophie that I tried to dull myself to the pain I was in. I had never

been beaten with such viciousness and anger before. I had been in combat with a few strigoi , but nothing of this magnitude. And what surprised me the most was their unbelievable control over their urges. It was as though they had a single minded thought with only one unified goal, beating me.

Yet, I couldn't understand why they had left me alive. While I was in mid thought about if they were planning to come back, a Strigoi entered the room.

"Where is Sophie, you son of a bitch?" I cursed at him as I struggled against my handcuffs, causing my wrist to now slice open. The room seemed to have filled with the rusty smell of my own blood as it dripped from my wounds, pooling behind me. I saw the exact moment it penetrated the males nose.

The fear raced my senses when I saw the expression slightly change on the Strigoi's cruel features. His red eyes burned with a bloodlust filled intensity. He shook his head with a blinding speed as to shake away an unwanted thought. It was clear that he was trying to reason with himself.

After a few intense moments, he finally broke the tension that swirled around us with cruelty. "Ah, the beautiful Sophie. So, so sweet. Yummy. We've all tasted her. I think she may have the potential of becoming a delicious little bloodwhore." He taunted with a sinister laugh.

"Go to hell." I yelled with a hatred that even scared me. I never wanted to kill something as much as I wanted to kill this unnatural fiend in front of me.

The male ignored me when he continued to speak with a contemptuous tone. "The master has taken her away with the other one. You don't need to concern yourself with that since you will be dying soon."

"Where did he take her? What other one are you talking about?" I spat at him, not really expecting him to comply.

He crouched down slow and deliberate in front of me, grabbing my chin with great twist to force my eyes to meet with his. I knew this was the moment…he was going to kill me. My last thoughts ran to Sophie; the first time I saw her, when we first kissed, professed our love for each other, and

making love to her for the first time. I closed my eyes and drank in all the divine moments that would carry me into the next life. A life that I hoped would lead us back to each other again. "Just kill me." I whispered.

He laughed again. "I will not be the one killing you. As much as I would like too…I cannot. I am to leave you here and let you rot. What a waste..I so would have loved to drain your worthless body of its sweet nectar, but…well, I do have my orders regardless of how ridiculous I may feel them to be. Good luck

with your impending doom. I hear starving to death can be quite painful." He flashed his fangs and laughed again as he exited the room.

I wildly struggled against my handcuffs once again with no avail. What other? I thought to myself trying to keep my mind off of my dire predicament. It suddenly occurred to me..Rose. They got Rose too! Instantly relief flushed throughout my body.

Sophie may still have a chance, especially with her mother..maybe, just maybe they would be spared. I knew Rose would never let any harm come to her daughter.


Ethan and Alec were sitting on the couch, not really wanting to move from one another in case they were able to contact Sophie. They were not sure if their being in a close vicinity would help them to communicate with her more easily. Yet, they weren't taking any chances.

Alec had his head rested against the couch with his eyes closed when suddenly they flew open to see Ethan with a look of alarm on his face. Alec had no idea why Ethan was so quick to pick up on Sophie when he was her twin. However, now was not the time to worry about

that as he closed his eyes and opened his mind to wander with his brothers. Once again, the boys' were thrust into a foreign situation. They were seeing through Sophie's eyes as though they were in the room with her. But, she wasn't speaking to them. It was like they were invisible to her.

'Please, where is my mother?' Sophie cried with a slurred voice to the Strigoi posted in the room with her. She was trying to reason with a creature who had no concept of the notion.

'I have told you to shut up.' The Strigoi grabbed her arm to yank her upwards. He escorted her through a door that lead into another room.

'Mom..' Sophie sobbed at the sight of her mother as she tried to run to Rose. The male violently grabbed a handhold of Sophie's long hair, causing her to cry out in pain.

Rose yelled to him. 'Don't you touch her or I swear to god when I get out of this..I will fucking kill you.' Her voice oozed with venom.

He smiled a ruthless smile while walking towards her. He stopped in front of Rose, raised his hand to deliver a vicious blow across her cheek. The force of the hit threw her head with a violent jerk. Within seconds her face was swollen and red.

'Please leave her alone…She's pregnant.' Sophie pleaded.

The Strigoi took advantage of this weak moment to become even more evil. He raised his hand and hit Rose once again. Ethan gasped out. "You son of a bitch."

While Alec kicked the coffee table over. "…I am going to fucking destroy every one of them."

Dimitri's head jerked upward. 'What is it, Ethan? Alec, what are you seeing?"

Ethan gazed up at his dad with regret filled eyes. "They are beating mom."

"I am going to kill those bastards." Alec growled. "Where the fuck are they hiding them? We have to do something..We can't sit around here while those assholes beat on my mother."

Rage, fear, and anxiety emerged on Dimitri's face. He seemed to have aged 10 years in a matter of hours. His voice was merely a whisper with a pleading edge to it. "What? What did they do to her?" His knees buckled as he fell to the floor beside his son.

"A..male struck her face…several times."

"Wait.." Alec yelled out. "They are moving..Oh my god..they are outside that abandoned warehouse near Missoula. That is where they must have been hiding. Why are they not blindfolding them? It makes no sense."

Dimitri's rational training kicked into gear. "We are being lead to them. Dejan want us to find them. I know what he wants. It is why we are going to the Ural mountains. I need to trade with him." He stated while dialing Pavel's cell phone giving him the information Alec had just retrieved.

He had only hoped the Guardians could get there in time.

"Trade what?" Ethan and Alec questioned Dimitri.

"He wants to trade The Scripture of Dark Scrolls for Rose and Sophie." Alec and Ethan gazed at each other and back to Dimitri. They had no idea what he was speaking of and with the look that now graced Dimitri's face, they weren't getting an explanation anytime soon.


I had no idea how long I have been chained to this wall. It had felt like days, but it couldn't have been that long. I was tired, hungry, and my thirst was almost unbearable. I closed my eyes desperate for sleep to find me when I heard a noise of feet shuffling. I braced myself for the worst; maybe they

were coming back to finish me off after all. Strigoi usually fought with each other, so maybe that male thought it would be worth the fight if he drained me. At least he would have a full stomach. I rolled my eyes at my own humorless joke.

The door to the room I was being held in, slowly opened. "Chance Kinlan…Do you need a little help?"

I blew out my held breath. "Pavel..so glad to see you, chap."

Pavel turned to the other Guardians that now surrounded him. "Search the premises for any sign of Rose or Sophie…now."

I tried to swallow the huge lump that had suddenly formed in my throat. "So, it's true. The have also kidnapped Guardian Hathaway? Where is Sophie?"

"Yes, unfortunately the still have them both. Now, let's just get you out of here."

We were making our way out of the warehouse when Guardian Stevens quickly approached Pavel with a sheet of parchment in his hand. "Sir, I thought you should have this. It is addressed to Guardian Belikov."

I watched Pavel's expression turned from one of determination to utter distress. "What is it? Is it about Sophie?" My breath hitched in my throat breaking off the sob that wanted to escape me.

Pavel slowly shook his head as he read the letter. He turned to his group of Guardians. "Everyone evacuate the building. It's secure."


"Dimitri..we have retrieved Guardian Kinlan. But, unfortunately you were right about one thing." Pavel spoke in a disgusted tone.

The exhaustion was evident in his voice. "What's that?" Dimitri questioned.

"Dejan left something behind for you…a letter, of sorts."

"Read it to me." Dimitri growled with his once defeated sound that now turned into impassioned determination.

My Dearest Dimitri,

The time has come for us to stop playing games. Time is up or at least it will be soon. You know what I want and only you can deliver it to me. You had taken two things from my life. One will never be returned, but the other can be.

If you want to spare Sophie, Rose, and your unborn child..you will bring me the book..The Dark Scrolls. I will give you one week to acquire my property. Besides, a week is long enough to teach your beloved Roza a few hard lessons on life.

You will meet me at Galina's mansion. Yes, it's still there waiting for me to reclaim what was once mine. Be prepared to not only hand over the book, but also your life. One of us will have to die for the other to continue on….And I shall be

victorious. One week..if not, I will kill them.

With warms regards,


"Dimitri?" Pavel questioned as the line became completely still.

"Uh hmm." Dimitri barely responded.

The fiery explosion was building in his friend and he could feel it. "I am going to assign someone else in charge here. I will leave for Russia within the hour."

"Stay where you are. I don't want anyone else possibly hurt in this situation." Dimitri stated with defiance.

"Well, its seems as though you have no real choice in the matter. I have been involved in this situation with you for 20 years. I even helped when you were Strigoi…do you not remember, my dear friend."

"I am grateful for all you've done, all the secrets you've harbored. Yet still, I can't risk both of us possibly dying. If I am gone.." He sighed into the receiver. "You have to look after Rose…and our children..all of them."

"Okay..cut the shit, Belikov. Stop acting as though he has won. If you don't get your head straight, he will win. They are going to die if you don't get it together. So, snap out of it. I will be in Russia within the next 24 hours. We have a week to get a plan into action. Now, get some goddamned sleep because

you're grumpy. And frankly, I don't want to deal with your shit. I want to see result..not self pity. Got me?"

Dimitri let out a gush of air. "I will see you soon….And Pavel? Thank you."

Pavel laughed to try to lighten the grim atmosphere. "Oh, I am getting so much more than a thank you. You owe me..BIG!"

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