Seychelles looked coldly at her husband; Arthur was a fool.

"Excuse, me but how can you truly call this room clean?" Arthur asked the maid who was on duty. Seychelles felt sorry for the girl, as she thought of all the countless times the OCD man had done this to her.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Kirkland, we will clean this room right away" The maid responded while looking down.

"Good, thank you. Now you may leave." He said and then sighed while the young maid curtsied and then left the room.

"Arthur," Seychelles said quietly, knowing that he could hear her, "Don't you think you're being too strict?" Arthur turned to her; she was still wearing her wedding gown, and her hair was still neatly in a tight bun. "How so?" He asked, tilting his head while staring at her.

"Well," the young girl sighed, "The room seems perfectly clean to-"

"You think this room is clean?" The green-eyed man exclaimed while his eyebrows furrowed, "I'd beg to differ!"

Arthur marched to the window and swiped his finger on the window seal, where dust accumulated on his finger. "You call this clean?" He asked while frowning and looking around the large room, "I bet this room hasn't been cleaned for ages..."

The two of them were spending their honeymoon in the summer mansion. It was only the two of them, and no one else except for the servants, which included Beatrice. The room in which they were staying in was actually quite clean in Seychelles' opinion, and she knew that Arthur was just straying from the fact that it was their honeymoon. As Seychelles looked around her, she couldn't help but note that it was a large room, one that she had never been in before, which shocked her. She couldn't believe that she hadn't looked around the mansion the first time she had visited it. The room was filled with light due to the large windows, and the sunset was just outside, making the large light blue room a little hued in color.

"Arthur…" She said, sighing as she took off her shoes, leaving them on the floor, and sat on the large bed, "I think you're exag-"

"See? You're just making it even messier!" The girl felt annoyed, "Excuse me?"

"You heard what I said." He said while looking at the girl; his thick eyebrows were furrowed.

"All I did was take off my shoes! They are quite painful! I should hope you know that!" She got off the bed and walked towards him, her head was at his chest and she looked up at his face while glaring, poking him with her index finger, "And besides we're not here to criticize the rooms! It's our honeymoon for heaven's sake!"

Arthur's face became a bright shade of red, and Seychelles sighed, "Mon dieu… What is wrong with you?"

"I suppose I wa-"

"Was what?" Seychelles interrupted.

"Will you please stop interrupting me? My goodness, you always do this and it's very annoying! For once, please just stop!" His face was an even brighter shade of red.

"Okay, okay, I will! I'm sorry!"

"Thank you!" He replied and then sighed and continued, "I suppose I was just wanting everything to be perfect. I wanted everything to be perfect for us, so that it could be like… Good grief, this is embarrassing." He put his hand up to his face and covered his eyes; his face was still bright red.

"Like what?" Seychelles asked curiously. It was odd to see him act this way, especially since it was their honeymoon. She was expecting him to be more relaxed or something of the sort.

"Well, I suppose, like a happy ever after. Oh! Now, I sound like a buffoon!" He hissed while turning away from her and walking towards the bed. The girl couldn't help but chuckle. Had he thought so hard about all of these small details? It was quite ridiculous to her.

"Arthur, you really didn't have to think so hard about the little details…" She said while walking up towards him, holding the ends of her heavy wedding gown off the floor so that she could walk. "What makes this a happy ever after is that I'm here with you."

His green eyes stared into her eyes and she smiled as she finally approached him and kissed him. Arthur's face turned a slight pink. "See? This is what we should be thinking about! It's just the two of us after all!"

"Well, then," He said while grabbing her arms and pulling her onto the bed, "I suppose we should just enjoy ourselves then." He grinned and she laughed as she lay down on the bed and as Arthur climbed on top of her and kissed her. This was her husband, and she couldn't help but think that she was definitely going to have an adventure with him all of the time she was with him. And as they were about to kiss again, there was a knock on the open door. Arthur quickly got off of her, stood up, and glared at the intruder while Seychelles sprang up from her position and stared at the person, who apparently turned out to be Beatrice. Both Seychelles and Arthur had red faces as Beatrice smiled at both of them with an all-knowing look.

"Sorry, I'll be leaving. Sorry for intruding." Beatrice curtsied, stared at the two of them, and left. Arthur quickly arose from the bed and shut the door. It was quite embarrassing for the two of them, and that was when Seychelles made a mental note to always make sure the doors were closed before even thinking about doing anything.

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