French Words/Phrases:

Il est un grand cochon - He is a big pig

Il est un grand tête merde - He is a big shit head

The laughter outside and inside of the mansion was slowly dying as she peered outside her window for the sixth time now. It had been three hours since Seychelles was told to go up to her room and she was dying from starvation. She felt her stomach growl as she walked back towards her bed. Arthur was soon going to walk up the stairs, and she would have to suffer through a whole lecture again. She gave a disheartened sigh as she wondered if he would bring supper. Seychelles flopped herself onto the soft bed placing her head on the pillow, she was still wearing the ball gown from the evening and had to wait until her friend came to change her clothes since she was not allowed to change her clothes herself.

"That damned Arthur! Il est un grand cochon! Non, il est un grand tête merde! Oui! Il est un grand tête merde!" Seychelles laughed as she imagined him as pig. The door to her bedroom creaked open as she started to mutter more French. Seychelles quickly sat on the bed as properly as she could sit with the big dress on. Her eyes widened as she saw the tall English man enter her room and close the door as he leaned on the wall. He was glaring at her like he usually did when he came into her room. Seychelles frowned, she didn't understand what she had done this time. Usually she would say something stupid or break an item by accident, but this was ridiculous.

"I'm sorry Mr. Arthur Kirkland," Seychelles said while attempting to mock his accent, "How did I offend you this time? I should hope you would excuse me from my error that I made, I shall try not to do it again." She batted her eyelashes innocently as the five foot and nine inched man stared at her with a bigger frown upon his face. Seychelles sighed, she could assume dinner was not going to be served today. "I should hope you realize that your mocking has brought you no dinner for tonight." Arthur smirked and sat in the chair near the door, placing one leg over the other, Seychelles hated the fact that she was correct about her prediction. "Where were you at the party today? I couldn't find you anywhere when I searched!" His green eyes stared her down and she felt annoyed. She had been gone for what had felt like thirty minutes! He had no reason to complain, she could easily say she was preparing herself for the party. She smiled.

"I was preparing myself for the party, that is probably why you couldn't find me."

"That's impossible because I would been here to make sure you were dressed properly, which I did. You were perfectly fine five minutes before it had started."

"My dress became undone and I had to fix it." She lied as she stared at the man and tried to sound like she was telling the truth. "How did your dress become undone?" He eyed her with a glare on his face. Seychelles took a deep breath as she felt her pulse race as her lies became even weaker.

"I was walking down the stair case and my bow became undone." She pointed to the bow on the lower part of her back and tried to show her point.

"You mean to say, I am supposed to believe it took you thirty minutes to fix such a small detail? Come over here." He was putting his head in one hand as he stared at her. Seychelles sat straightly on her bed as he coughed and spoke again, "Now."

Seychelles hesitated as she stood up and started to walk towards where he was sitting, Arthur uncrossed his legs and waited. She stopped right in front of him as he looked up at her face. "This dress was very difficult to get on might I add. The bow was just one of the many issues. You can even ask Beatrice. She helped me put on the dress."

"This dress is from one of the finest places in England. It is almost impossible for it to be difficult. We even had the dress custom designed for this party, so it is impossible to lie Seychelles. Especially because I picked out the fabric and design. Now turn please." Seychelles felt herself become pale as she turned her body so her back side was towards him. She felt hand untie the bow and she started to hyperventilate. "I'm going to assume it was like this when you said it was untied. Am I correct?" Arthur moved his face so that she could see him from the side.

"Yes." He pulled the strings tightly and tied them in less than a minute. "Now," He chuckled at her pathetic lie as he took her waist in his hands and turned her around so that she was facing him. "How come it took me less than a minute to tie this while it took you thirty minutes, eh?"

"Er... I had to find someone to tie it for me?"

"There were plenty of servants to tie it for you."

"Yes, but I prefer Beatrice helping me. So, as you can obviously tell. I searched for her."

"Funny you should say that. I was asking Beatrice to help me find you during that time you were getting your bow tied and she obviously had not seen you." Arthur stood up from the wooden chair, towering over her, he looked down at her as she tried to avoid his face as usual. "Where were you exactly? You were definitely not in the mansion. I should truly hope I don't have to punish you." Seychelles gave an alarmed look as he said this with a sarcastic attitude.

"Fine... I was hiding in the maze again. Je suis desolée Arthur, I just wanted to breathe in peace." Seychelles gave a quite gasp as she saw Arthur's face change colors from white to red and then back to white. She was an idiot for speaking to him in French yet again. That was one thing he hated the most when she spoke to him.

"I will be very honest with you my dear Seychelles. You do realize I can make your life incredibly miserable? That is clear, am I correct?" Seychelles nodded as he touched the black choker around her neck slowly moving towards where the red rose was located on the choker. She felt blood rush to her face as she was so tempted to slap his hand away. Seychelles didn't want to think of the consequences. "Why are you making me find reasons to scream at you then? See," He gave another sarcastic laugh and pointed around her room that was spotless except for the shoes on the ground. "It's a mess in here! How are you a lady? Haven't I taught you well enough for the time being?" Seychelles put her head down as she felt her blood boil. He had no reason to criticize her at all! He was just four years older than her!

"Your lessons could not even teach a five year old, nor any other mammal for that matter." She muttered under her breath as he glared at her.

"I beg your pardon. Ms. Seychelles, if you have something to say. Do say it clearly, I feel as though you are wasting my time now." He was touching her hair and was slowly removing the head piece from her hair. Arthur threw it down on the floor and sighed. "Tomorrow, when I come back from the university, I should hope to see you in our library waiting for me to start the next lesson. Of course, I have a feeling you will be finishing your studies from the last lesson tonight and tomorrow before the new lesson." He smirked. Seychelles glared at him and frowned. This man had the oddest eyebrows and he dared to make her feel stupid? Although she had not done the homework yet, she still found it offensive. "Actually I have completed my studies from the last lesson. So I do believe you owe me an apology." She smirked at him and he laughed,

"Eh? Is that right? Well then Ms. Seychelles, do show me your work. I can check it quickly right now." She felt her face become pale again.

"I'm afraid I left in the library." She lied again and he moved behind her and started to untie the bow.

"Of course you did." Arthur whispered in her ear as he touched her frail shoulder, she felt her body tremble from his touch. "Seychelles I should hope you realize that my tolerance for your poorly created stories is going away. Please try to be more original." He unclasped the choker from her neck and kissed where the rose had been. "Good night, Ms. Seychelles. I shall see you tomorrow."

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