Allegra shut her eyes again. There was no way she could get back to sleep now, he wouldn't let her now he knew she was awake. She glanced down at her M-Comm again. Yeah, he'd text her - again. What on Earth was wrong with him? She gave up and got dressed.

"Oi, Allegra!" Zoe called out from underneath her covers. Allegra glanced at her roomate's bed.


"Where you goin' so damn early?" Zoe moaned, turning over, and pulling the covers over her eyes. "And turn the light off!"

"Sorry," Allegra replied, but still didn't turn it off. "I gotta go."

"I'll kill him. I will actually kill him… It is him isn't it? He won't leave you alone!" Zoe's muffled voice said.

"Yeah," Allegra sighed. "But go easy on him, you know he hates who he shares a room with, you can't expect him to stay there any longer than he has to," She tried to back up her friend.

"Yeah, I can," Zoe replied simply. "Now turn the damn light out!"

The breakfast hall was empty. Exept Viggo. He grinned at Allegra when she walked in.

"Heyyyyy," He said, ushering her over to the table.

"Morning." She answered stiffly.

"Aww, come on! Lighten up would you! I've spent an entire night with Fraser and Grommet, how'd you think I feel? I've not slept at all!" He complained, but still grinning like an idiot.

"Go on then," Allegra knew what was coming. "What happened this time?"

"Well," Viggo began. It didn't happen that a night would pass by peacefully in his room. It just didn't happen.

"Mac was watching TV until about midnight, and he let Grommet watch some horror film that was definitely an 18. So, at one in the morning, I got a small kid run at my bed, complaining he can't sleep 'cause he's scared. So I tell him where to stick it! He cries, I say sorry, yeah, yeah, yeah. And then Grommet spends the entire night playing video games to take his mind off the horror film, so I hit Mac with something, Mac hits me with something. Mac chases me round the appartment with a kitchen knife, Grommet screams," He paused for breath.

"Next thing we know, Atomika's banging on the door yelling at us the shut the hell up, and that if we make him get out of bed one more time, then we're suspended for the next event!" He finally stopped talking.

"Oh… right." Allegra answered, not entirely sure how to answer that type of statement. Viggo sat back in his chair, satisfied with that answer.

"So, how was your night then?" He asked, knowing full well the answer.

"Fine." She replied, forcing a smile.

Viggo enjoyed her company, but maybe a little too much. He kept telling himself that he just liked her because they got on; they were on the same page all the time. But he knew it was different to that, really. He just knew.

"Ooooowwwww! Vigggooooo!" A yell from the other end of breakfast hall. Viggo didn't bothered to turn around.

"What, Psymon?" He said sharply. Psymon pretended to look hurt.

"What, Viggo?" He replied, matching his tone exactly.

Viggo smirked.

"So," Psymon said, inviting himself to sit with them. "You called Sophia yet?"

"Who?" Viggo asked, confused. Psymon grinned at him.

"That girl, from last night. At the party," He nudged him. Viggo rolled his eyes.

"No. And I'm not going to," He said stubbornly.


"Because I don't like her. That's why." Viggo stated.

"Fine. Be like that," Psymon folded his arms.

"I will."

"You do that."
"I shall."

"Okay then."




"Hey Eliiiiiiise!" Psymon broke their conversation to annoy the 'Bombshell'. She barely glanced at him before replying.

"Fuck you." She glared at him. Psymon chuckled evilly.

"What did you do?" A voice said from behind him. He twisted around.

Zoe was stood behind him, her hands on his shoulders, grinning. He smiled back.

"Only caught her doing the naaaasty with some random snow dude." Psymon shrugged. Zoe giggled, then glanced back at the blonde who was now making herself a coffee.

"Hey, Elise!" She yelled. The blonde turned around. "You sure it wasn't Atomika?"

"Okay, Zoe, you asked for it!" Elise screamed. Without warning a coffee cup flew threw the air, only just skimming the top of Zoe's head and smashing violently against the wall.

"Missed me." Zoe grinned back at her.

"Yeah, well I'm not going to at Metro City today. I know for a fact that you haven't put in the hours this week." Elise stated.

"Haha," Zoe laughed. "You know I beat you hands down anytime. Who cares if I have better things to do than spend every second on the slopes… or shagging DJs…"

Elise composed herself. Why did Zoe always have to take it one step too far? But, two can play at that game.

"I know. You're just too busy pretending not to be completely and utterly in love with Psymon. Ciao," She smiled coldly and left the room in a stoney silence.

Zoe laughed nervously. "She's such a bitch,"

Psymon nodded, his mind racing. Elise always lies. He told himself. Why should this be any different?... Because it's Zoe.

"I gotta go. I mean, we got a race later… I'll see you on the slope." He said quickly, dashing from the room.

Zoe shrunk into a chair. She never let anything get her down, but she seemed to really be fighting to stop this from eating away at her. She shook her head forcfully and smiled back at the other two.

"Erm…" Viggo looked towards the doors. "Well that was interesting."

"Psh, you can talk, Scanner." Zoe retorted. Viggo gave her a hard stare.

Allegra pretended not to hear that.

Scanner was a cool nick-name if you're in a club or a bar and with your mates. It was not a cool nick-name when you're after one specific girl and want nothing to do with the rest.

"Hey, sorry, I didn't…" Zoe started to say, noticing the effect it had on both her competitors.

"It's fine," Viggo interupted her. "Don't sweat it."