Claire was furious as she entered her office, picking up Victor's file, flipping through it and placinging it back on her massive desk. Furiously.

"My arm hurts." Claire looked up from the pile of folders she had lovingly filled to the active at the door. "My arm hurts." Sierra said again, right hand placed comfortingly over an obviously bruised left shoulder.

"She hurt it during enagement." Informed her new handler Rain, leading the doll into the office and towards the examination table. "I don't think it's serious, but you know procedures." The handler shrugged.

The doctor let out a frustrated huff, "a least some people do." She muttered softly to herself.


"How did she do it?" Clair said instead, giving Sierra's shoulder a quick preliminary.

"Bodyguard. She took down two armed mercs." Rain answered, clearly proud of the doll sitting on the table.

"I try to be my best." Sierra told her, displaying that on some level she was following the conversation. Claire made a mental to note that down later.

"I know you do." Claire smiled as she tested flexability. For some reason it made her think of a tree. A bonsaii, though why she'd think of that, Claire had no idea. She shook her head to clear her mind.

"You alright?"

Clair took a long blink, "yeah, I've just got a bit of a head ache," she informed distractedly, reaching over to her table for a lollypop and looking over to the handler. "She should be fine. Just some bruising, give her a few days and Sierra should be fine." Claire turned back to the doll with the cherry lollypop, "perhaps a massage would help with the pain?" she prompted kindly.
"Massages are relaxing." The doll replied, getting down off the table, smiling at her handler as she left the room. Claire watched her go.

And sissors. Why was she thinking of sissors.

"Thanks doc."

"Yes, thankyou." Claire rubbed her temple. It didn't make sense. Wanting Rain to leave, Claire turned away and began writing her report on Sierra. Stating that yet again her request to have actives with a higher muscle mass to be utilized in bodyguard type engagements when possible had been ignored. Because no one read the files. Rain shook her head, only Claire or maybe Topher could get away with this kind of behavour.

"Good luck with the headache." Rain commented with a dismissive as she walked out.