Inspired by a comment made about a line in FA3 (and the thoughts that generated that line in the first place, but)

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A Final Attempt ][


Her sobbing wakes me, so I gather her in my arms. 'Marler-chan, what's wrong?'

She doesn't say anything for a while, her face pressed against my shoulder as she cries. 'Just something I remembered.' This isn't good; when she is so quiet about the memory, it must have struck really hard.

'Shh. I'm here. You can tell me.'

She shakes her head, 'No I can't. You'd hate me.' This brings up the soft, scared feeling again, that maybe she's right this time, along with the familiar annoyance that she doesn't trust me, and the deep sadness that she's hurting again.

'No I won't. It's all right. Please, tell me?'

After a moment, she shakes her head again, 'No. You shouldn't stay with me.' I quash the sigh that's trying to escape my throat, knowing that it won't do any good, knowing, now, that it will be a long time before she can trust me not to leave her, that it will be almost as long before I can trust myself.

I make soothing noises, stroking her back, waiting for her to calm a bit more. 'Please?'

She makes a sad noise, part hiccup, part moan, before she starts speaking.


'Dunno why I do this for my dumb big brother. What's he need a Hamaya for, anyway? I mean, he already lives in a temple!' I mutter quietly while I shut the KSR off. ''sides, it's cold riding around on this bike. Time's like this that a car would be nice . . .' I look at my bike, and chuckle nervously, hoping I didn't upset her. I'm getting as bad as Ranma. .

''Gumi! Run!' I'm in motion before I place the voice, leaping backward. I look up from the ground and notice a small red car where my KSR should be; I absently identify it as an early model Porsche roadster, or a good replica. I look up at Ari-chan, then blink as I hear a strangled scream. This blonde girl I don't know is in the middle of a nasty set of SFX, like Connor McLeod after he takes someone's head. Ari-chan's footsteps fade as she runs up the stairs, and I get up. The lightning fades after a moment more, and I go look at the girl. She's still breathing, so I check her pulse, and don't find one. A little more worried, since this was not a situation we were taught to deal with in my CPR class, I start the ABC proceedure.

Airway. I adjust her head, tilting it back slightly to open her throat better, and check her tongue. Check.

Breathing. Her breath is soft and warm against my cheek. Check.

Cardiac. I feel her neck again, no pulse at all. She stirs slightly.

'Gyah. My head hurts.' I relax a little. I guess she just has naturally low blood pressure. Running footsteps come down the stairs, and I turn to look.

'Mara! So it is you! What are you up to now?' Keiichi's got one of his scared faces on, and even Belldandy looks scared.

'Araa! Konchiwa!' The girl says, rearranging herself into a better sitting possition, 'Do I know you?'

Both Keiichi and Belldandy fault, and I help the girl up. 'Could someone explain what's going on, and what happened to my KSR?'


I cuddle her against me as she finishes speaking, my trust in myself shored up just a little bit more. What she had done was horrible, shredding the lives of five people just because she saw an opportunity; but she isn't the person who did that anymore. I wonder what it says about me, that I've involved myself with someone who; I derail that train of thought, great tank cars full of gasoline and propane exploading as it crumbles to a stop; who has changed so much, and is fighting so hard to make sure those changes stick. It is kinda sad about my KSR, though. The Unsermeccanica is cute, and a lot better suited for carrying two, but she drinks so much more gas. I squeeze Marler tightly, more than happy about the trade.


A hamaya is a 'good luck arrow' used in new year's celebrations.

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