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"Alicia! Aliiiicia! ALICIA! Wake up!" Alicia groaned and turned her face into the pillow.

"Go 'way. Not gettin' up," she mumbled.

"Alicia, get your lazy arse out of bed! We've got Quidditch practice! Oliver is gonna freak if you aren't there!" Angelina tried.

"Aww, tell Wood he can bite me if he thinks I'm going anywhere at five thirty on a rainy Saturday morning." She pulled her covers up closer to her chin and tried to go back to sleep.

"Alicia, I swear," Angelina threatened, "If you don't get up, I'm bringing in the twins to come get you!"

"Aww, Angie, what d'you have to be like that?" Alicia whined to her friend, finally submitting and getting up.

"There's a good girl! Now hurry up! The house elves have left a little breakfast down stairs for us, but if you're not quick the boys'll have eaten it all!" And with that Angelina left the dorm.

Alicia muttered under her breath as she got ready, "Stupid bloody Oliver and his stupid bloody practices in the stupid bloody rain at stupid bloody five thirty…"

Alicia made her way down to the common room where the rest of the team sat half asleep in the couches. She grabbed a piece of toast and made her way to the cupboard that housed the team's brooms.

"Alright people, let's go before Oli has a coronary that we're point five seconds late!"

With a groan, the team moved as a sleeping mass down seven flights of stairs and out to the Quidditch pitch. Oliver stood in the middle of the field, the box of equipment at his feet, tapping his foot impatiently and looking like a drowned rat.

"Alright then. We are going to have a pretty difficult practice today. We have a match against Slytherin in seven days! I expect nothing but your best effort on this field during the next couple of practices. You got it?" His speech was met with a few tired groans and some muttered words of agreement.

"Good. Now I want to start with that drill we ran last time…" The Gryffindor Quidditch team took off in the pouring rain, running drill after drill.

"Alright you guys," Oliver's voice barely made it over the sound of the wind and the rain. "I want to finish this last drill and then we'll head in! Ladies! I want to see you score here!"

The team took off again, the chasers making their way down the field dodging bludgers as Harry took off after enchanted golf balls that Oliver was having him train with.

Suddenly a huge crack of lightening lit up the sky startling everyone. Alicia flew onward, not paying attention to what was going on around her. The crashing of thunder masked Oliver's scream for her to stop. She looked behind her to see the rest of her team screaming something.

She turned back around to see a bludger flying straight for her head.

As the world slowly turned back, she had the strange sensation she was falling.

Then there was nothing.

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