Dear readers,

Due to a lot of reviewer feedback asking me for, quote 'MOAR' unquote, I have decided to stress the fact that this is a challenge. If your imagination is tickled by the notes I already made and you want to know how it ends, well, so do I.

I have little knowledge of the 'Familiar of Zero' franchise, I just heard of the concept when suddenly this idea hit me. I have neither the time nor the will to catch up on the entire 'Familiar' storyline just for the sake of a random plot idea, so I posted it as a challenge.

I hoped someone would take it up. So far, 2 people have taken up the challenge. Nim Maj, with Herald of the Void, and Iceblocks, with Lolcron of Zero.

Both can be found under 'my favorites' on my profile.

I hope I have been clear enough.

Woz signed,

Madork Gunna