lady gaga

It was a November day, boring and quiet. Nothing was happening whatsoever- nothing. A calm breeze scattered a few brown leaves around the city. Two frenemies were upstairs in the iCarly loft, joking around in an attempt to cure their boredom.

They listened carefully for a hint of anyone being around- a footstep, a creak of a board. Nothing. Finally, certain they were together and safely hidden, Sam set down the bat she was holding and waltzed over to Freddie.

"Wanna continue this bad, bad romance we've got?" she cooed seductively, wrapping her arm around his waist. He smiled, giving her a silent "yes" as an answer. They leaned in and shared a passionate kiss, one just like the dozens they'd shared secretly. Soft, gentle, tender, careful. And for a moment, they were just two uncertain lovers trying to find a place in this great big world.

Then there was a sudden creak.

Freddie was the first to break off the embrace. Eyes wide, he searched the room for a tell-tale sign of human activity. He pointed out a shadow creeping up the stairs, and the couple broke away form each other. Sam didn't think twice about how she should cover up her dangerous intoxication with a certain nerd. She grabbed the bat again and began slamming it on Freddie's back. His squeals of pain killed her inside, but she did her best to conceal her soft side and maintain a hard exterior shell.

As if on cue, Carly walked into the room just as the scene began to unfold. She took in a defenseless boy being brutally attacked by an out-of-control delinquent, and ran between them, screaming for her to stop. "Friends don't attack friends!" she protested. Sam grumbled and put the bat down. The stern-faced Carly took the bat from her hand and stuck it in a secret hideaway, muttering something along the lines of "why are we even friends" as she walked away.

As soon as they were positive she was gone, Sam knelt down to where Freddie was curled up on the floor and whispered a simple "Sorry" that dripped with apologetic sorrow. He gave her a smile that clearly showed his forgiveness, gently grabbed her neck, and brought her lips closer to his. They locked in a pure embrace once again, and shared those emotions that they'd been holding back for so long.

They knew it was only a matter of time until the secret was out. But until then, they'd just have to keep their bad romance going strong.

Secrets aren't always bad, you know.