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The Prologue

On the frozen planet of Rhen Var two year before the clone wars began, a geonosian solar sailer had just come out of hyperspace and had begun to make its descent towards the planet. The ship headed towards one of the mountains where it found an entrance ramp and proceeded to land on it. As the ship powers down, the ships ramp opens and reveals an old man wearing in a dark robe walking down the ramp. Waiting for him is a young lady and several battle droids, "Welcome to Rhen Var Count Dooku I am Sherri Doctor Kane's assistant , my master has been expecting you, please come this way" said the droid as it led the sith lord Count Dooku inside the facility away from the cold.

As they walk down the hall the droid noticed the count seemed to be in a foul mood, seeing as this was the second time he visited Doctor Rolland Kane. "My lord I know my master has failed the last time you came here, but I assure you that this time he has succeeded in what he promised you the last time you where here" said Sherri.

Count Dooku turned to Sherri and spoke "for your masters' sake I hope you are right, because if he isn't I would hate to think what would happen if this project he has been working on doesn't go as we all hope it does", when the count finished those last words Sherri looked into the counts eyes and knew what the count meant by if her master didn't succeed.

"I assure you it will, plea-please right this way" said Sherri as she led the count into the room where the doctor was.

Dr. Kane heard the door open and saw his assistant Sherri and his boss count Dooku, "greetings Count Dooku, its good to see you again, how was your flight?" said Kane.

"Enough Dr. Kane I have much to do so please tell me, did you finish your little project?" said Count Dooku.

"Oh yes I have well as you recall before you left the Jedi temple 12 years ago, I was creating a special brand of super soldiers that would help the republic in case of war. Unfortunately the chancellor and the Jedi's did not like me using live specimens for my experiments, so before they had a chance to catch me I fled to the outer rim escaping the Jedi's and the republic. Of course before you found me count several months later that is.

"Yes I recall, the reason I let you go was because I was growing tired of being a Jedi and wanted to do something more, I let you live so that you would continue your experiments, of course when I left the republic to join the trade federation you disappointed me with your attempt at the super soldiers. I gave you one last chance to get it right so now here we are so did you succeed?" asked the count.

"Of course, well when you left I did everything I could to create a perfect soldier but the creatures weren't good enough, they weren't stable, they didn't last long against the Rancor's I bought and of course they didn't live long enough" said Dr. Kane making count frustrated with what he just heard.

"But a couple of months later I heard from one of my contacts that he found something on a planet that was in the deep part of the galaxy, one even the jedis would never venture out. He landed on a planet to find some specimens for me, but what he found was a particular creature. He found a wounded humanoid alien, it seems to have died from some puncture wounds and it had several weapons on its personal, so he brought the creature onboard his ship came here and I was amazed by what he discovered, would you like to see it Count" said Dr. Kane as he led count Dooku into another room where he kept the creature.

Count Dooku's curiosity aroused him so he followed the doctor and entered the room. When they entered, the count noticed a sheet covering a body, near it was medical tools covered in a weird green glowing blood. In all his years as a Jedi the count never saw anything like this. "I take it that's the creature your friend brought?" said count Dooku, as he pointed to the body.

Sherri nodded as she went over to the body and waited for the doctor's order to remove the sheet. When the Dr. Kane came near the sheet, he nodded to Sherri to remove the sheet, Sherri quickly pulled the sheet off the body and what Dooku saw surprised him.

He sees a creature he never seen before in his life; the creature had arthropod-like mandibles and long, hair-like appendages on their heads that are set into their skulls. The creature looked very humanoid, but its skin appeared to be dark and muscular. The count turned to Dr. Kane "what is this thing?"

"This dear count is called the Yautja. This creature is from a powerful and secret race that's entire is filled with great and powerful warriors" said Dr. Kane almost feeling proud of what he discovered.

"How do you know where it's from and what it's called?" said Dooku.

"Well when my friend got here I notice the creature was very dead, but its brain still had some useful information. So with my new invention I was able to plug some holes in its dead brain and was able to retrieve some information, like what it is, where it's from, and what it could do" said Dr. Kane.

"Really and tell me what can this creatures species exactly" said Dooku.

"Well my lord I found out that this thing's body is resilient to damage, capable of recovering from multiple shots wounds and radiation doses which would be fatal to any other species. They are much stronger than even a Wookiee, and shattering solid concrete with their bare hands. They are also skilled climbers, and will readily move through trees or across rooftops in pursuit of prey. Though capable of surviving exposure in Antarctic temperatures for an extended period of time."

Sherri came into the talk and explained some more "their blood is luminescent phosphor green in color. Their vision operates mainly in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum; they can easily detect heat differentials in their surroundings but are unable to easily distinguish among objects of the same relative temperature."

Count Dooku was very surprise that they were able to find out so much of these creatures by looking into one of the dead ones brain and scanning information to find out what to find out. "Tell me about their technology is it very advanced?"

"Oh yes they wear these masks to help them in combat, they help adjust their heat senses and are able to use other visions for battle, it also helps as a respirator for breathing probably to adjust to the planets air. It has a sound amplifier, multiple vision modes, a zoom function, some diagnostic capabilities and a recording system" said Sherri.

"They also have what appears to be some sort of cloaking device bending light around the wearer and projecting a semi-transparent image in front of the creature, rendering it partially invisible, but it is not perfect, as close observation will reveal the light-distortion effect around the creature" said Dr. Kane

"And of course there are several other weapons as well but to make your question short yes, their technology is so advance that if they wanted to they could even infiltrate and kill the Chancellor without anyone noticing" said Dr Kane.

"Fascinating, what did these things did for with this technology and their abilities?" said Dooku.

"They hunted. Not hunt animals on their planet hunted, like hunted live forms much like us, humans, Togrutas, Rancors, Twi'leks, Wookiee or any other live-forms that appear to be good hunt" said Dr. Kane.

"Hunted, well that seems very interesting, these things see's us as lower-life forms and the only thing they seem to see any use to us is by hunting us" said Dooku, who seemed both insulted that these things see themselves as a superior live forms than anyone else, but respects them as they are able to even hunt creatures like wookiees.

"Well yes they do hunt several species like wookiees and humans, but what they do with them is what fascinates me" said Dr Kane.

"What do they do with them Dr Kane?" said count Dooku wondering what else these things do with their prey when they killed them.

"Well what they do after killing the prey is, they skin the prey, they way they skin someone is what impresses me they do it so well that it would take them minutes or an hour, and as for us doctors it would take is a whole day to do it perfectly like them. Them they use some type of wire and attach it around the ankles of the skin prey and hang them on something like a trophy" said Dr Kane who was excited when he was telling Dooku what they did.

Sherri on the other hand wasn't very happy with it, she didn't like what these things did to their prey, and didn't like where Dr Kane was going with the findings, they actually made her sick to her stomach just thinking about it.

"But to the worthy prey, that gives them a good fight and hunt, they cut off their spine and head and rip's it out of their bodies, and take them as trophies. Truly Dooku these things are not only a perfect hunters, but perfect soldiers.

"Indeed these things are starting to be of some use to us, it's a shame that this one is dead we might have found some use for this creature, could your friend go back to the planet and retrieve me another alive?" said Dooku.

"I did a year after finding this thing, but since then he hasn't return, we presume he is dead" said Dr Kane.

"Oh well what a pity, so what did you do with this new information Dr." said Dooku, who was still waiting on what Dr. Kane was going with all of this.

"Well count as every great man would do is save the best for last, see I decided to pay some old friends a visit and borrowed their cloning device to create some of these creatures, but that still wasn't good enough for me, so I did something about it" said Dr. Kane as he began to type something on his computer and revealed something on the holocron.

"I combined the DNA and genetic structure of the Yautja and mixed it with a dead Jedi youngling that died five years ago. After doing some tinkering and making sure the combine cells and DNA would be stable, I had done it my lord. I have successfully created the perfect warrior, behold" said Dr. Kane as he revealed in another room of what appears to be a battle field filled with boulders, dirt pillars, and surrounding the room where three huge doors .

In the middle of the room was a young man, he appeared to be around thirteen years old, and had a near dark skin. His black hair was as long as the predators except it was normal human hair than the predators, he opened his eyes to reveal the outer side of the eye was green, but the pupil was yellow like the predators, he wore an armblade on his wrist, he wore armor on his chest and keens, he wore some cloth pants, on his waist was a utility belt of some sort, a staff on his back, and some boots with three sharp steel picks on both boots.

"Now then behold on what he is going to do my lord, Sherri release the Rancor" said Dr Kane ordering Sherri to release one of the Rancor's from its cage. Sherri pressed the button and the Rancor emerged from its cage.

The boy looked at the creature without any kind of expression; he just looked at the creature without any fear. The beast charged at the boy, when he did the boy jumped at an incredible height and land behind the rancor. The rancor turned and charged again, only to be fooled again when the boy jumped again over the beast this time landing near a wall. The rancor now seemed frustrated as he charged once again, the boy pulled something out of its back pocket and then slide under the rancor, and pulled out some type of wire and while he slide under the rancor he tossed the wire and it tied up around the rancor's legs. As soon as the boy was away from the rancor he pulled out what appears to be some sort of gun, he tied it with the wire and aimed and shot one of the pillars. After the shot the rancor charged again, this time the boy ran around the pillar with the beast following him, the boy continued over and over till he stopped at the last round of the pillar. The rancor charged again but tripped as the wire that was attached to the pillar became tight and cause the beast to fall. The boy pulled out a staff that turned into a long sharp spear from his wrist and jumped on the rancor's head, and jumped as height as he could and propelled downward and jabbed the beast with the spear directly in the middle of the head killing it instantly.

Both Dr Kane was proud at his creation, Sherri had a look of sadness at the boy she felt bad at what she helped create, by using a boy as some sort of pet project, but Dooku seemed surprise by what he saw, a 13 year old boy killed an adult rancor with ease. But he felt the force was strong with the boy, very strong and he almost seemed familiar as if he met the boy before.

"Well count what do you think, not too bad huh?" said Dr Kane.

Count Dooku remained silent for a second and then a thought came to him he remembered something about this boy, but to be sure he decided to ask the doctor "Dr Kane, what was the name of the Jedi youngling that died five years ago?"

"Oh well his name was I believe was Alex Henry why do you ask my lord?" said Dr Kane.

Dooku's suspicious was confirmed, he met this boy before he left the temple, he felt that this boy was destined to be a great Jedi, but died in a terrible accident killing the boy and several other younglings. Now this boy is back and is even more powerful than count Dooku could have ever imagine. "When will the boy be ready Dr Kane?" said count Dooku.

"The boy will be ready in three years when he can control his Jedi powers and master his mastery of the sword" said Dr Kane.

"Very well, you have three years, don't disappoint me Dr Kane I look forward to seeing what this boy is capable of" said Count Dooku as he left the room and headed back to his ship.

Sherri approached Dr Kane "you didn't tell him that Morgan was killed by those things when he went back to that planet that was actually some sort of game preserve for these things to hunt other creatures" said Sherri who seemed mad that Dr Kane failed to mention several things to count Dooku.

"Relax Sherri it doesn't matter now we have Dooku's support, he won't find out anyways if we just keep our mouths shut. Now go be useful and take the boy back to his room, I need to get his training started soon" said Dr Kane.

"Doctor why didn't you tell Dooku that we have one alive in your other lab, why can't we just give Dooku that one and leave the boy alone" said Sherri who seemed very protective of the boy.

"Don't you dare tell Dooku about that thing, it belongs to me and so does the boy, or maybe I should fine another assistant who will listen to what I say and not back talk me, well?" said Kane.

Sherri wanted to continue but decided to drop it seeing as there was no point in arguing. She knew that she had to continue working for the boy, over the last few years she looked to the boy as her son and knew Kane would do terrible things to him if she wasn't around. "I understand, I'm sorry Dr. Kane, I will take the boy back to his room" said Sherri as she walked out of the room, to take the boy back to his quarters.

Dr. Kane went back to the computer, and turned on the screen to his left to see the predator that Morgan brought back with him, the same one that killed Morgan and several other of the doctor's assistances before capturing the beast. "You're going to be my ticket back to the top of the mountain again you beast, now then let's see what else I can find out about you shall we" said Dr Kane as he activated something in the predators room and all he heard a huge roar from the predator.

Both the boy and Sherri walked down the hall, as they headed for the boys room, Sherri looked at the boy and worried that Kane see's him more as a monster than a boy, she felt bad for the boy making him do these things without any regret or show any mercy.

When they got to his room Sherri decided to say something "look if you need anyone to talk to just come to me okay I'll be there for you okay?"

The boy didn't say anything as he entered his small room with only a bed, table, and a closet for his armor and weapons. He went over to the bed and decided to get some sleep. Sherri felt like a mother towards the boy, she was afraid that he might get hurt or die, but she knew if she did something Dooku would kill her and take the boy. So for now she keeps quit hoping the boy will change his future, before she left she turned to the boy who was already asleep and said quietly "good night Jyun."

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