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Five minutes later: Dooku's Ship

The republic cruisers arrived to the area where their anonymous tip told them where Count Dooku was hiding. The ships were led by General Master Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi. They attempted to contact the anonymous tipster but they couldn't reach them again. The ships computers indicated the separatist ship had lost its power and from the looks of things it also lost its observation room. Obi wan ordered his men that they will board the ship, while master Yoda stayed onboard the ship. Master Yoda warned Kenobi to be careful, whatever was onboard the ship, made Yoda feel uneasy.

Obi wan was able to enter the ships flight bay. He noticed the doors were forced open from the looks of things from the inside. When Kenobi landed he ordered his men to be on their guard. Even though the ship didn't have power, it still must have some battle droids roaming around. After a few hours onboard they didn't find a single trace of any battle droids. Obi wan contacted master Yoda to tell him there was no on here. Master Yoda informed him there was something there. A familiar presence, Obi wan felt it as well. He ordered his men to continue searching till they find something.

Obi wan followed down the hall to where he could sense the presence was getting closer. This led him to the holding cells, he ordered his men to be on their guard as they entered the room. There Obi wan was surprise to what he found. It was Ahsoka; she was resting in the corner of the cell she was in. Obi wan went over to check on her.

"Ahsoka it's me Obi wan, are you okay?" asked Obi wan.

Ahsoka opened her eyes and saw it was Obi wan; "master Kenobi, you're a sight for sore eyes" said Ahsoka as Obi wan helped her up.

"Ahsoka what happened, how did you wined up here on Dooku's ship?" asked Obi wan.

"Dooku's ship, I thought I was on that psycho Kane's ship" said Ahsoka.

"Kane's ship, who is Kane Ahsoka?" asked Kenobi.

"This crazy doctor who was working for Dooku, he tortured me to find out anything about the republic…but I didn't say a word to them no matter what they did" said Ahsoka as she looked at her cuts. She had knife cuts on her arms, legs, and one by her cheek.

"Well I can see that. I don't suppose you know what happened here do you Ahsoka?" asked Obi wan.

"No I was stuck here the whole time, I did notice the lights went off that's all" said Ahsoka.

"I see…well let's get you out of here then and treat those wounds of yours" said Obi wan. He wasn't convinced that Ahsoka didn't know what happened here. The wounds didn't seem to be deep and it looked like they were just healed recently. Just then one of the clones came by and told the general they found something in the command room. Obi wan ordered the men to take Ahsoka back to the ship, he also told Ahsoka to get some rests and that he would come by for more questions. Ahsoka understood and left with the clones, while Obi wan went towards the command ship.

As Ahsoka got onboard one of the dropships that boarded the ship. She looked back and remembered what really happened onboard the ship.


Five minutes before the republic arrived Jyun and Ahsoka were getting everything ready for their plan.Ahsoka's plan was to use Kane as a scapegoat for the republic, to have him be the one who was behind manipulating Jyun and forcing him to kill jedis. She would say she was taken hostage onboard the ship by Dooku and Kane. She would also say she was tortured by Kane to find out anything about the republic. This would require Jyun to cut some wounds into Ahsoka. When he finished Jyun apologized to his girlfriend about the cuts. Ahsoka kissed him and told him it was okay.

Jyun had locked Kane up in the command room tied to the chair with a special wire Jyun made. He injected Kane with a formula Sherri made. Its design to erase memoires depending on the amount it is injected, it's also design to replace these memories with anything the one who's injected the victim with. Jyun injected Kane with enough of the formula to erase the part where Ahsoka came to help Jyun, he also made it look like Kane was in charge of the ship and was the one who helped kidnapped Ahsoka.

To make sure Kane was the one who did it. Jyun placed false memories in Kane's mind. He would say Jyun came for revenge; Dooku took off before Jyun could get him. Kane and Jyun fought each other…Jyun died but mortally wounded Kane and causing the ship to lose power. Jyun didn't like how Ahsoka told him he was going to die against Kane, but Ahsoka told him if he didn't die then the republic and the separatist would still be looking for him. At least in this way Jyun would finally be free if everyone believed he was dead. Sherri called them and told them the republic was almost here. Jyun and Ahsoka gave each other one more kiss, before they each went off to their positions.

Ahsoka knew if their plan was to work. The memories that Jyun implanted in Kane would need to work. If it doesn't then that would mean Jyun is alive, Ahsoka lied to the council and knows what Jyun is. She didn't want to lie, but knew the council would lock Jyun up for his crimes or worse. She loved him, she couldn't let that happen, she only hoped the council wouldn't figure it out, at least until she figures out another way to prove Jyun was good.

Command Room

Obi wan arrived to the command room and saw the clones handcuffing a humanoid eight foot tall man. Kenobi saw some wounds on him that were coincident of a fight. Obi wan approached the man and decided to see if this was the Kane Ahsoka told him about. "Hello there I am Master Obi wan Kenobi…I take it you must be Kane" said Kenobi.

Kane opened his eyes, they had an angry look he recognized Kenobi, in fact he knew who he was. "I know who you are Kenobi…I'm surprise you don't remember me" said Kane.

"We've met before I assume Kane" said Kenobi.

"Oh yes I remember you, but I'm not surprise you don't remember me. After all you were young back then when I first met you and your former master Qui-Gon Jinn. In fact he was one responsible for my exile from the republic" said Kane.

Obi wan thought for a moment and remembered who Kane was. "Ah yes Roland Kane, you were one of the republics most famous scientist till you were exiled from the republic for your misuse of science" said Obi wan.

"Misuse ha I was making progress till you master got involved and ruined everything. If it wasn't for him I would have achieved greatness…but I guess karma has its way doesn't it Kenobi. Qui Gon ruined my life, but then I heard he was killed, that made me feel better of course I wanted to be the one to end him but I guess you cant have everything" said Kane.

"Yes my master did die, but at least his death was not at vain. Though I have to say when he died, he looked a lot better than you Kane" said Kenobi.

"Yes I am a monster but at least with the power I had I would have beaten your master just like I did with that worthless freak Jyun" said Kane.

"Jyun, he was here?" said Kenobi surprise to hear Jyun was onboard the ship.

"Oh yes he was here but not anymore. See he came here after I took that little freak Togruta from his ship. Then he and I fought, but in the end I defeated him but with a price as you can see…but who cares I don't care what you do to me Kenobi with Jyun gone I am the most powerful warrior in the galaxy hehehehehehe and there is nothing you or the republic will do to stop me hahahahahahahahah!-" said Kane as Obi wan ordered one of the men to shut him up. They stunned him and dragged his body back to the ship.

Obi wan was disappointed to hear Jyun was gone. He knew the boy wasn't evil and wanted to help him. He guessed he was too late. He looked back to see the room and then left and headed back to the ship.

Jyun watched as the clones began to board the dropships. He took this opportunity and landed softly on the ship, he activated his cloaking device and turned on his mask to give him little oxygen. When Kenobi entered the ship it took off and exited the separatist ship. When the dropship was outside in space, Jyun let go of the dropship and waited to be picked up by Sherri. The Nightshroud used its tractor beam and pulled Jyun in, Sherri turned off the beam and Jyun fell on the floor hard.

"Ow….okay now that hurt" said Jyun as he got off the floor slowly and tried to get his balance. He took off his mask and began to limp to the medical room where he knew Sherri would be waiting for him. As he opened the door however, was Sherri as she gave Jyun a big hug. "Jyun I am so glad your okay, are you hurt, any bruises or cuts, how did you do? Oh I am so glad you came back in one piece" said Sherri like a worried mother hugging her child like she hadn't seen them in years (yeah you know what I'm talking about).

"Sherri…can't…breathe…need…air" said Jyun trying to catch his breathe.

"Oh sorry Jyun I didn't know" said Sherri as she let go and saw blood on Jyun's left shoulder. "Jyun what happened to your shoulder, did that ugly old bastard do this to you…when I get my hands on him I will rip his F*UCKING eyes out with my sharp nails slowly" said Sherri.

"Uh no it's a long story do me a favor follow Kenobi's cruiser and I will explain everything along the way…by the way how's Winston is he okay?" said Jyun.

Sherri's face turned sad when Jyun mention Winston. Jyun saw this and asked Sherri what happened. "Sherri what happened to Winston is he okay?"

"It's a long story let me clean this wound and I will tell you okay" said Sherri as she helped Jyun to the medical room.

Medical room

Sherri finished fixing Jyun's arm while telling him what happened to Winston. Jyun couldn't believe he was gone. Winston was a good friend to Jyun. Sherri told him how Winston sacrificed himself to save them. Jyun knew death was apart of life, everyone…or in Winston's case dies sooner or later, he just didn't think it would be this soon. Jyun could feel Sherri was hurt. He knew Winston was her great-grandfather, he knew she and Winston was close. Jyun wanted to break the tension so he put his hands on her shoulder and talked to her. "Sherri I know this is probably a dumb thing to ask but are you okay?" said Jyun.

Sherri knew Jyun could sense what she was feeling. Because of his jedi empathy he could sense people's emotions. "I think you know how I feel Jyun…I just can't believe he's gone" said Sherri finishing taping up Jyun's left arm and cleaning the small cuts on his chest. "You know my grandparents told me about him. He wasn't a good man, but he still cared about his family even though he didn't show it they knew. When I brought him back to life I was happy to finally get to know him better, he was a bit obnoxious at first but once he settled down a bit he was a good man" said Sherri.

Jyun remembered the first time he met Winston. Winston was a teacher of Jyun; he would try to teach him to be less of a hunter and more of a gentleman. This of course didn't work out well since it seemed to lead with Jyun either sleeping during his lectures or not paying attention to his lectures. But Winston in the end did help Jyun become more of a kid then a hunter when he showed him to funs of playing pranks on Sherri.

"Sherri I miss him too and he was a good man. But Sherri when people die their never gone, their memories, what they accomplished, and what they left behind is proof that they are still here" said Jyun.

Sherri looked up and knew Jyun was right. Winston is gone, but his legacy isn't, what he accomplished is still here in both our memories and hearts. Sherri gave Jyun another big hug nearly turning the poor boy blue.

Jedi Temple

During the flight back home Obi wan visited Ahsoka who was in the infirmary recovering from her wounds. He asked Ahsoka to tell him what happened during her disappearance. Ahsoka explained that she was saved by Jyun back onboard the Destroyer. Jyun helped her heal from her wounds and was preparing to drop her off on Rodia till Grievous got involved. Jyun saved her and she returned the favor by helping him back to his ship. Once Jyun's ship had left the planet it was attacked by Kane and there he kidnapped her and blew up the ship. That was all she remembered before she was brought onboard Kane's ship.

Obi wan knew Ahsoka was hiding something, but with Kane confirming her story that he did kidnapped her and tortured her he had no choice but to believe her…until he found something to make him think otherwise.

At the Jedi temple Anakin was leaving the medical room after his check up. The doctor told him he would be ready in a few days to get back in the field. But of course to take it easy or he will be back where he started. As Anakin was leaving he hears someone approaching, he turns to see his missing padawan Ahsoka returned. Ahsoka was glad to see her master again after the last time she saw him. Anakin was too happy to see his padawan was safe. He wanted to know what happened to her and where was Jyun.

Obi wan told him Ahsoka was going to explain everything to the council and he was welcome to come and hear what Ahsoka told him. Anakin understood and went with Kenobi and Ahsoka to the council. When they got there Ahsoka saw most of the jedi council was here, many were still on other planets so they appeared to the council in holograms.

Ahsoka explained what she told Kenobi and explained it to the council. She was worried the council wouldn't believe her, but she knew she couldn't let the council sense her doubt or let them know she knew something. It wasn't going to be an easy she was thankful though for the vile she drank before coming to the council. Jyun gave her a special vile Sherri made that allows one to be calm and relax when under an amount of stress. It also would help her when confronted by the council; Jyun was planning on giving it to her back on Rodia but forgot to give it to her. All Ahsoka need was for the council to believe her and she would get off scots free.

Ahsoka waited outside the council room waiting to hear their decisions. The council went back and forth with what Ahsoka told them. Most of the council believed her, with what they were able to get out of Kane back up what Ahsoka told them. The council were still unsure if what Ahsoka told them was true or not, but regardless Kenobi and his men didn't find a trace of Jyun or Dooku. They decided that even though something in what Ahsoka told them didn't seem true they decided not to pursue it any further. With Jyun dead and with Kane as their prisoner they may be able to figure out what was Dooku doing on Saleucami. When Master Yoda arrived to the planet they saw several separatist base were destroyed, whatever Dooku was doing down here he wanted to make sure no one would find out what he was planning. The council informed her that she was free to go, Ahsoka bowed to the council and left with her master.

Ahsoka understood and headed to see her master. Anakin was surprise that this Kane guy defeated Jyun where he couldn't. He wanted to see this guy for himself so he told Ahsoka to go rest while he goes and sees this Kane guy. Ahsoka understood and headed off to her room.

Master Yoda and Master Windu walked down the halls of the temple as they were headed off to inform the chancellor that Jyun has been killed and they have apprehended the wanted fugitive Rolland Kane. Both masters could hardly believe that Kane could kill someone who defeated four jedis and an army of clones. Even with Kane's body form it was still hard to believe he could beat Jyun. However remembering what Ahsoka said about Kane attacking Jyun's ship after he was shot, it was possible to them that he wasn't at one hundred percent when he fought Kane.

"Do you believe Kane could have defeated Jyun master" said Windu.

"Not sure, powerful Kane has become, but powerful enough to beat Jyun hard to say" said Yoda.

"Well after we inform the chancellor of Jyun's death I will return to talk to Kane and find out what else happened on that ship" said Windu.

"Join you I will as well, find out what Dooku was planning we must find" said Yoda.

"I understand master, whatever Dooku was planning on Saleucami must be something related to Kane and Jyun" said Windu.

"Whatever it was, I sense it will bring more trouble for the order I fear it will" said Yoda as he looked out at the temple as if he could sense a dark cloud approaching the republic.

In the outer rim

Count Dooku was in the command room on his new separatist ship. He was disappointed to hear Kane was captured by the republic, but he knew Kane didn't know much of what his plan was or anything of the separatist. One good thing did come out of this situation, Jyun was dead he didn't think Kane could kill him. But to his surprise Kane did do it, Jyun is gone and he decided to put the bounty off Jyun.

Just then his master Darth Sidious appeared before him in holographic form. "Count Dooku my sources have informed me that the demon Jyun is dead. Is this true Count is the boy gone" said Sidious as his apprentice Count Dooku kneeled before his master.

"Yes my master it is true, Jyun has been killed by Kane. Although I didn't see this myself I no longer felt his present on during the fight" said Dooku.

"I see, I must admit he was a disrespectful little brat, but his skills were of some use to us. It's a shame that he is gone we would have found some use for him in the future" said Sidious.

"Not to worry my master for you see I have found a way for the data Kane left behind to be of some use to us" said Dooku as the doors behind him opened and revealed three individuals hiding under cloaks.

"You see I was on Saleucami to pick these three individuals who I have been training for three months and as soon as they are ready they will help us bring down the republic and the jedi council once and for all" said Dooku.

Jedi temple

Ahsoka had snuck out of her room when it was in the middle of the night. She waited until she knew she could move around and sneak out of the temple. She headed down towards the city and looked around for a building. She wore her cloak which helped prevent anyone from recognizing her or seeing she was a jedi. She found the building she was looking for and headed inside.

It was a broken down building which was schedule to be taken down in a month. She slowly entered the building, she passed by several rooms that seemed empty that and they didn't have doors. Ahsoka reached the stairs and climbed them towards the roof.

Jyun was on the roof waiting for Ahsoka to arrive. He told her when she had the chance she would come by the building to see if their plan work and he needed to tell her something. While he waited on the roof he looked around and saw the view of the building was amazing. He was glad to have chosen this spot. He was wearing his normal civilian clothes so to not arouse suspicious. He wore black pants, with a black long sleeve, and white shoes.

Jyun then felt a familiar presence and arms wrapping around him. He turned around and saw it was Ahsoka. "Hey there, how did it go? Did the council believe you?" said Jyun returning the hug to Ahsoka.

"Yeah they believed me also I think you will be happy to know Kane is being held responsible for his actions against the republic, and the republic now think your dead so that means your free from them" said Ahsoka.

"That is good news, but I also can say that Dooku thinks I'm dead too so that means I am no longer being hunted by the separatist or any other bounty hunter" said Jyun.

"Wow so that means now that your dead what's going to happen now?" asked Ahsoka.

"Hmmmm not sure I always figured someone would kill me and that would be the end of it. But I guess I'll figure it out when I get there" said Jyun.

Ahsoka let go of Jyun and looked out into the city. He picked a good place to meet. They could see much of the city from the building; they could also see the jedi temple and the senate building. There was something Ahsoka wanted to ask her Jyun, she knew it was important and was afraid what his answer might be.

Jyun could sense Ahsoka was hiding something he wanted to know what it was. "Ahsoka what's wrong are you okay?" asked Jyun.

Ahsoka turned to Jyun and decided to ask him. "Jyun the council never knew what you looked like, which means if you were to show up to the temple they won't know who you are" said Ahsoka.

"Yeah I suppose that's true, but where are you going with this" asked Jyun.

"Well maybe if there is a chance you could come back to the temple and become a jedi" said Ahsoka.

Jyun was surprise by this. He never though of going to the jedi temple to become a jedi. He knew he was half a jedi and he knew the ways of the force and his lightsaber techniques were already at a master's level. But he knew it would never work out no matter how much he wanted to.

"Ahsoka I would love to come with you and join the jedi's, but we both know that will never happen. I mean look at me, look at what I've done. The council will know who I am and once they find out you lied to them you will be banished from the temple or be thrown to jail for harboring a criminal" said Jyun turning away from Ahsoka.

"Jyun I know what you did, but if the council finds out they will try to understand that it wasn't your fault. It was Kane he made you do those things, he made you into something your not, it's not your fault" said Ahsoka.

"No Ahsoka it is my fault. I chose to kill, I chose to hunt and kill, Kane may have made me into a monster, but I still chose to do these things. I don't want you to pay for my sins, I appreciate what you're trying to do but after what I have done there is now way the jedi's will accept me" said Jyun.

Ahsoka knew Jyun would say that. She wanted him to join her but knew with what he did the council would figure out what he was and done. "So where do we go from here? Does this mean we're breaking up" said Ahsoka.

Jyun approached Ahsoka and gave her a hug. "No were not breaking up. Were just taking a break from each other for now, you have a job to do Ahsoka and there is something I need to find out. But once I finish I will be back and help end this war for you" said Jyun.

Ahsoka felt sad that Jyun was leaving her. But he was right; she was a jedi and is sworn to protect the people. She smiled and gave Jyun a passionate kiss. Jyun returned the favor and kissed her back and lifted her slightly off her feet. They kissed for a minute and stopped. Ahsoka rested her head on Jyun's chest, while Jyun rested his head on her head.

"Do you have to go now?" asked Ahsoka not wanting Jyun to go yet.

"Not yet, Sherri is buying some supplies and clothes so she'll be back in an hour or two" said Jyun.

"Oh okay well can we stay this way until then" asked Ahsoka.

Jyun looked into her blue beautiful eyes and said "for you anything my angel."

Ahsoka gave a silent relief and continued laid her head back on his chest. She never wanted him to go. But knew he would be back someday, she can only hope that day comes sooner rather than later. But for now all she cared about was making every moment she was with him count. She was his angel, as he was her knight…her dark knight.

Back in the old mansion

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