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A/N: YAY! My first SN fic! It isn't much, but it hit me while I was surfing Youtube and until I actually finish any of the multi-chap fics I have going I thought I might as well post it.
Word Count: Exactly 100 ... unless "..." counts, as Word insists ... but what does Word know? ...

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The empty click was deafening in the oppressive silence. Sam's hand shook as he placed the gun back on the table.

"There now, that wasn't so hard." The poltergeist's leering face hovered inches from Sam's. The spirit turned its attention to Dean. "Your turn, sunshine."

Dean shot anxious eyes towards his brother. Sam was breathing hard, his gaze downcast. This was so wrong on so many levels…

There was nothing for it. They knew the rules; refuse to play, and Casper turned his own fully loaded gun on the other brother.

Dean picked up the gun … and pulled the trigger.