"Lucy, breakfast!" my mom called up to me that Monday morning.

I woke up.

It was 7 a.m. We had 2 hours untill school started. 'We' being my older brother Simon, my younger sister Ruthie and the twins Sam and David. Simon had had so much trouble his first year in college we decided it was better for him to go to college at home, instead of away. Our older siblings Matt and Mary were away at college. I was in high school, Ruthie in middle school and the twins in elementary.

Earlier that morning someone had drawn the gauzy white curtains of my windows open, letting in the sunlight, probably Mom.

"Lucy," Dad called.

I didn't feel good. I felt slightly nauseous.

"Ruthie already at gymnastics?" I heard Mom ask Dad.

"Yeah Ginger took her. and Claire," he said.

Claire was Ruthie's friend, Ginger, her mom.

"Lucy, we want food cmon let's go," the twins said, coming into my room.

"I'll be right there," I told them.

They left.

I got up carefully and slowly from my bed and set my feet on the carpet. I tried to sit up but couldn't.

"Oh god," I said, closing my eyes and breathing.

"Lucy cmon let's go get down here," Dad was annoyed.

I opened my eyes; "I'll be right there."

"Hey knock knock what's takin so long?" Simon asked, approaching my doorway.

I looked up at him; "hi um."


"I'm not feelin too well."

"Yeah join the club. Ya still gotta come down."


"Yep. Again."

"So you comin, or?" he asked.

"Yeah um hold on."

"Do you want help?"


He came to my bed and helped me stand. We walked to the stairs down them and into the kitchen where our family was waiting.

"Lucy finally what took you so long?" Mom asked, looking at me.

"She's not feeling well," Simon said, going to the cabinets.

"We have orange juice."

"No I couldn't. No."