When I was done at mrs. O'learys I walked down the empty hall and made it halfway when I slid down the cold metal lockers onto the uncomfortable tile floor. I was still very tired. The hall was quiet. It was nice to be somewhere quiet. I started feeling warm. The first person I saw was my boyfriend nick. He sat down next to me and hugged me.

"wow," he said: "you're warm. And hi."

"hi. No your hands just freezing."

We started making out when he pulled apart from me. I looked at him.

"what's wrong?" I asked at the same time he said "omygod."

Which was when I felt it. My mouth was bleeding.

"you're bleeding," he said blatantly.

"yeah I know."

My eyes were wide. I was scared and embarrassed.

"its ok there's no one else here right now," he told me unzipping my purse.

I took out some tissues and put them over my closed lips.

"have you seen the nurse?" he asked.

Even though this had only just started happening.

I nodded.

"cmon lets go see her again. I'll stay w/ you," he said helping me up.

I nodded again. Once we stood he got in front of me and led me to mrs. O'leary's.

"oh hel - oh I see what the problem is. Go to the sink," she told me.

I did and they followed me over. I removed the tissues. A cup of water was placed in my hand.

"rinse," nick said obviously having dealt w/ this before.

I did and kept doing it.

"and keep doing it."

I nodded and continued.

"did this just start happening?" the nurse asked him.

I felt him nod: "yeah and she's warm too."

"she came to me earlier right when she got here. Said she'd been having heavier periods than usual. The last. 4 times."

"yeah and I think she's fairly dizzy."

I nodded.

"she's lost 3 lbs," the nurse informed him.


"are you going to stay w/ her?"


"ok I'll notify the teachers, your parents and Simon. Make sure she keeps doing that and she drinks soda. Which normally I wouldn't advise except w/ all the blood she's evidently losing she'll need sugar to replace her blood sugar."

"ok. Anything else?"

"if she gets queasy I have cranberry juice. And just make sure she's comfortable."

"I'm good at that."

"I know you are."

The nurse went off to make some phone calls. After I finally stopped bleeding after 20 mins nick led me to a bed where I lied down.

"lie on your side so you don't asphyxiate," he told me.

I nodded afraid I'd start bleeding again.