An Unusual Day

Alvin slowly sat up. He had barely gotten a wink of sleep last night. He was too worried about Brittany. After returning home he had found an angry Dave waiting for him. However after explaining himself, Dave was rather proud of his son. He still would not lift his ban on anything monster related though. After Alvin had rushed home screaming, and Dave had received a rather stressful phone call from Miss Miller, Dave had enacted a ban on anything monster related. He had even stopped Alvin from performing as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the school play. Alvin heard a yawn to the side of him and turned to see Theodore waking up from his sleep.

"Good morning Alvin. I am surprised. Usually I get woken up at 3 in the morning from your nightmares, but I slept all night" Theodore smiled as he sat up. Alvin gave a mumbled reply. He had been annoyed to learn that his brothers had been keeping count of his nightmares and betting on the next one he would have. Simon had actually made a tally graph. Theodore still owed Simon a new telescope from the previous night. Simon slowly woke up. He rubbed his eyes and grabbed his glasses from his bedside table.

"Good morning. Jeez, it feels great to have finally had a good night sleep, wouldn't you agree Theodore?" Simon said happily. The youngest chipmunk nodded in reply. Alvin ignored them.

"Fellas! Breakfast!" Dave called from downstairs. Simon and Theodore rushed from their beds to the door, but stopped when they caught site of Alvin. He hadn't moved. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he hadn't heard his adoptive father's calling.

"Alvin didn't you hear Dave, it's time for breakfast" Simon said. Alvin still did not move. Simon gave a sigh, assuming that Alvin must have been upset about the monster ban. He marched over to Alvin and clicked his fingers in his face. The sudden noise startled Alvin and he fell off the bed.

"Look I know you're angry about the monster ban, but come one, Dave is doing this for your own good" Simon said. He didn't say what he was thinking however, "Good for you, and everyone else in the neighborhood"

"Huh, oh yeah right the ban thing" Alvin said looking confused at first. Simon raised an eyebrow.

"If that's not what you were concerned with, what is it?" he asked moving to help Alvin get up.

"Oh well… I'll tell you later" Alvin mumbled and he walked out of the room to breakfast. Simon watched him for a moment.

"Something is bothering him, and if it isn't the monster ban, then what is it?" he questioned in his mind.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see" he sighed to himself and followed his brother's lead and left the room.

Dave had prepared a large breakfast for the boys. As they were all vegetarian, he had made some waffles and toast, some nuts and some bowls of cereal.

"Morning fellas" he said as the three of them entered. He noticed that Alvin seemed a little preoccupied and he realized why soon enough.

"Dave, after breakfast can I go over to the Chipettes house? I want to see Brittany" he said as he took his seat. Simon and Theodore exchanged a confused glance. It was rare that the two of them weren't fighting, and after how annoyed she had been at him yesterday after the auditorium incident, and freaking everyone out with his monsterphobia, they had been sure he would be getting an earful from her and would want to at all costs avoid her. Now he willingly wanted to go to see her.

"Sure thing Alvin, I'm sure she would be glad to see you after what happened last night" Dave replied happily, taking his own seat at the table with the boys. Unlike his sons, Dave was not a vegetarian, so he had prepared some bacon and eggs for himself.

"Uh Dave, I think she would be happier to kill him then see him after what happened last night" Simon said still confused. Dave looked at Simon curiously for a moment before he realized that his other sons hadn't known of what transpired with Brittany last night.

"Well, actually, I don't think so. Alvin, perhaps you would like to retell the events last night for your brothers" Dave said, placing a slice of bacon into his mouth. Alvin looked at his siblings for a moment then let out a sigh.

"Well, after you two went to sleep, I heard a uh… scream, from somewhere outside. I went to look and I saw someone come to our door. When I checked who it was, it was Brittany" Alvin said, stirring his cereal around pointlessly. Theodore and Simon were still confused.

"Why was she here?" Simon asked.

"Apparently, I upset Jeanette pretty badly after I freaked out last night. I was going to apologize to her today as well" Alvin said dropping his gaze from Simon's eyes. He knew Simon liked Jeanette and he didn't want to make him angry for upsetting her. Simon's eyes darkened a little and his eyebrows lowered.

"What do you mean you upset Jeanette?" he asked with a speck of anger in his voice. Alvin looked at him for a moment before sighing again and returning his gaze to his now very soggy cereal.

"I'm not sure, but it must have been pretty bad or Brittany wouldn't have bothered coming over last night. I feel so guilty about what happened to her" Alvin said pushing his cereal away, no longer hungry. Dave looked at him concerned.

"Alvin, please finish your breakfast. It doesn't matter why Brittany was coming over last night (Simon let out an annoyed grunt as he said this), what matters is what you did afterwards. I'm very proud of what you did Alvin" Dave said kindly. Alvin looked at him and smiled.

"Thanks Dave" he said before pulling his cereal back towards him and taking a few spoonfuls.

"What happened to Brittany, Alvin?" Theodore asked with a worried expression. Simon was still annoyed at Alvin, but he too wanted to know what had happened to the pink-clad Chipette.

"Well as she was coming over she was… attacked by a dog, or a wolf" Alvin said, concern creeping back into his voice. His brothers gasped.

"She got bitten by it. I… I helped clean the wound and then I took her home. I wanted to make sure she got there safely. She was very frightened" Alvin said sadly. Theodore couldn't help but smile at his brother's actions, and even Simon was impressed. He was still annoyed for Jeanette, but now he felt prideful of his eldest brother.

"Finish your breakfast and I'll take you over to see her before school starts" Dave said as he finished his own breakfast, giving his son a smile. Alvin looked up at his father.

"Thanks Dave" he said before hurrying to finish his breakfast. Dave hopped up and started to clear away the dishes as his boys raced upstairs to get dressed.

"I'm so proud of Alvin right now. I just wish he would act like that all the time" Dave sighed to himself before finishing the dishes and going to get ready for work.

Eleanor woke up yawning. She looked at her clock and realized she had slept in later than usual. Normally she would get up early and help Miss Miller prepare breakfast. She looked over to see that Jeanette was just starting to wake up, but Brittany had her blankets over her head and was still snoring.

"Good morning Jeanette. I slept in a bit this morning" Eleanor said cheerfully as she hopped out of her bed and headed for the dresser to get her clothes out.

"Good Morning Ellie" replied Jeanette after finishing a yawn. She slowly got up and mimicked her sister's actions. She waited patiently outside of the bathroom door until Eleanor was finished. About 10 minutes later Eleanor emerged in her usual outfit. She wore a spring green dress with white sleeves and a white collar. She had on a tie that was striped light green and dark green, and she had placed her light blond hair into the usual pig tails.

"Ok, I'm done, you can use the bathroom now Jeanette, she said happily as she walked through the door. Jeanette emerged roughly the same amount of time later in her regular outfit. She wore a blue sweater and a royal purple skirt. Her hair was done up in a messy bun allowing a few strands to hang about her face. Holding her bun together was a long purple ribbon with a purple bow on the end. As Jeanette stepped through the bathroom door, she made a startling discovery. Brittany was not waiting there for her, pleading her to hurry so she could get even longer than usual in the room. As Jeanette stepped back into their shared room she saw Eleanor sitting on her bed staring at the lump under Brittany's covers.

"Is she still asleep?" Jeanette asked as she approached her little sister.

"Yeah. I tried to wake her a minute ago but she… kind of… growled at me" Eleanor said looking slightly confused.

"Growled at you?" Jeanette said, raising an eyebrow.

"Pretty weird… well, now that you're back, let's both try and get her up" Eleanor suggested. Jeanette nodded her head and the two approached their older sister

"Brittany it's time to get up, you have to get ready for school" Jeanette said. There was no response other then gentle snoring. Jeanette lent down and gave Brittany a little nudge on the shoulder. The sleeping Chipette gave growl of annoyance. Jeanette took a step back after her sister's strange reaction.

"See what I mean" Eleanor sighed.

"Well, she has to get up. Quickly you grab that side of her sheets and I'll grab the other" Jeanette said and she took a hold of the right corner of Brittany's sheets. Eleanor understood what Jeanette intended to do so she obediently grabbed a hold of the left sheet corner.

"Alright on 3. 1… 2… 3!" Jeanette shouted and the two Chipettes ripped the blankets from Brittany's bed. They looked at the elder Chipette and gasped. Her beautiful auburn hair had changed color. It was now a wild, fiery orange. Brittany's hair was always smooth and silky to the touch, but now it was sharp and fuzzy. Ends were split and the hair was ruffled, almost like shaggy fur.

"What do you two want?" Brittany snapped having been rudely awoken from her slumber. Her two sisters took a step back.

"Um… we were just getting you up for school… Brittany what happened to your hair?" Eleanor asked, staring at the wild looking main on Brittany's head. Brittany cocked her head confused. She got out of bed and looked at herself in the mirror.

"That's weird" she muttered. Slowly she started to do poses and began swaying the hair to and fro, "You know I kind of like it like this" she said excitedly. Eleanor and Jeanette looked at each other confused. Brittany would normally have been screaming at something like this, and now suddenly she liked looking like that.

"I'm going to get dressed. I'll meet you two downstairs" Brittany said cheerfully and headed into her closet and shut the door. Eleanor and Jeanette were still confused but they did as Brittany suggested and headed downstairs. Miss Miller had prepared them breakfast. She had made pancakes with cream.

"Good morning girls. Where is your sister?" Miss Miller said as Jeanette and Eleanor entered the kitchen.

"She is just getting ready for school" Eleanor said. She still looked confused, but Miss Miller didn't see it so she smiled at them and placed their food on the table.

"Ok, well you two get started. Brittany can have hers when she gets down. I hope she doesn't take too long though or it will get cold" she said. Jeanette and Eleanor hopped up to the table and began to eat their pancakes when there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it" Eleanor announced and she left the table and entered the living room. She opened the front door to find a nervous Alvin.

"Hello Alvin, what are you doing here?" she asked him surprised. She had wanted to talk to him later that day, but she had not expected him to show up on their doorstep.

"Hi Eleanor. Um is Brittany or Jeanette available. I wanted to talk to both of them" he said nervously.

"Sure. Jeanette is just having her breakfast, but Brittany is still in our room getting ready" she said opening the door wider to allow him to pass.

"Thanks Eleanor. Oh um the others are over in the car" Alvin said pointing towards Dave's red convertible which was parked over by the pathway, "Dave said that he can take you to school with us if you like"

"That would be great. Come inside and speak with Jeanette. I'm going to go and invite them in. it might be a few minutes until Brittany is ready and eats her breakfast" Eleanor said smiling. Alvin thanked her again and entered the house. Once he was inside Eleanor happily skipped to the car. Dave lowered his window once she approached.

"Hello Eleanor how are you today?" Dave said cheerfully once she was outside the car.

"I'm fine thank you. I just wanted to invite you guys inside. Brittany might still be a while so you don't have to wait in the car for her" she replied happily.

"Thank you" Dave said and he hopped out of the car, followed by Simon and Theodore.

"Hi Ellie" Theodore said happily and he gave her a quick hug.

"Hi Theodore" she said accepting the hug. She always loved it when Theodore was happy. He was such a sweet person to be around.

"Hi Eleanor. How is Jeanette? Alvin said that she was upset last night" Simon said, and Eleanor could detect the concern in his voice. She smiled at him.

"She's feeling fine. You can come in and see her you know" Eleanor giggled and the group headed back for the house. Alvin had entered the kitchen to find Miss Miller and Jeanette.

"Good morning Alvin. What are you doing here?" Miss Miller asked as he entered.

"Hi Miss Miller, um I wanted to speak with Brittany and Jeanette so Dave drove me over. He offered to drive the girls to school with us. Eleanor just went to invite him and my brothers in" he said nervously. Miss Miller looked at him and realized he was probably still worried about Brittany.

"Ok. I'll go get Brittany for you. She needs to come down and eat her breakfast anyway" Miss Miller said happily and she headed up the stairs. Jeanette looked at Alvin curiously as he approached her.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" she asked.

"Well… Brittany told me I upset you a bit last night…" Alvin said quietly. Jeanette suddenly turned a light shade of pink. She was a little embarrassed that Alvin knew she had been upset, but she was more embarrassed that the others probably knew as well.

"I… I just wanted to apologize. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just… freaking out a bit from all my monster stuff" Alvin said looking up at her. Jeanette smiled and hopped down from her chair and gave Alvin a warm hug.

"That's ok Alvin. I forgive you. I know you didn't mean it" she said happily. She felt the red-clad Chipmunk take a breath of relief, but he still looked rather worried.

"Is Brittany alright?" he asked after a moment. Now Jeanette understood why he was so worried. It was rather sweet that he cared so much about her sister.

"She's fine don't worry. I wanted to thank you for bringing her home last night. She was really frightened" Jeanette said. Alvin seemed even more relieved after hearing that Brittany was alright.

"That's ok Jeanette. I wanted to make sure she was safe" he said happily. Jeanette smiled at him. A few minutes later Eleanor and the others joined them.

"Hi guys" she said.

"Hi Jeanette" Theodore and Dave said in unison. Simon looked a little concerned.

"Hello Jeanette. Are you alright? I didn't know you were upset. I would have come over" Simon said worriedly as he approached her. Jeanette blushed a little.

"I'm fine Simon. Thank you" she said and gave him a hug. He blushed a bright red. Everyone smiled. Jeanette and Eleanor hopped up to the table and finished eating there breakfast after they had offered everyone a seat. They waited patiently for a few minutes before Miss Miller returned with Brittany. Everyone gasped once they saw her. She was wearing her regular pink skirt, undershirt and top, with blue leggings and yellow socks, but she hadn't put on her scarf. Her clothes looked ruffled and needed decent ironing. She had left her hair now orange hair loose and it hung wildly down her back. She hadn't applied any make up.

"Good morning everyone" she said politely ignoring their stares. She joined them all at the table and started to wolf down her food very fast.

"Brittany! Use some table manners, we have guests" Miss Miller said sternly. It was very strange. Regardless of guests or not, Brittany never ate like that at the table. She always delicately took her time.

"Sorry" Brittany mumbled and slowed the pace of her eating.

"Um Brittany… I wanted to… to make sure you were alright. You were so frightened last night. I was very worried" Alvin said. Brittany turned to him and smiled.

"That's sweet Alvin. I'm alright. Thank you for helping me home last night" Brittany said and she moved over to him and gave him a hug before returning to her place at the table and finishing her breakfast.

"Well I'm glad that you're all alright. Miss Miller was very worried about the three of you last night" Dave said happily. The three girls smiled at him.

"Thanks Dave" they all chimed in unison. Dave smiled back at them then checked his watch.

"Ok, well we should get going. I wanted to speak to Mr. Rochelle with Miss Milliken" Dave said, turning an eye towards Alvin.

"Ok" the three girls said. The group all left the table and said their goodbyes to Miss Miller before heading to school. As unusual as the morning was, the rest of the day was about to become even weirder.

After explaining to Mr. Rochelle about Alvin's punishment and trying for a good 10 minutes to get him to stop wailing on the floor, he had agreed to allow Theodore to become the new Mr. Hyde while Alvin was given the role of the butler, much to Alvin's chagrin.

"This is so lame. I want to be Mr. Hyde" Alvin began whined at the group's lunch table. The Chipettes and the Chipmunks each sat next to their counterpart and started to eat their lunch. Brittany however was still in the lunch line waiting to be served.

"Stop complaining Alvin. I think Theodore will be a great Mr. Hyde" Eleanor said. She turned to look back at Theodore. He was still shaking. He didn't want to be Mr. Hyde. He was happy being a stage hand.

"B-b-but Eleanor, I don't want to be Mr. Hyde' he stuttered, taking another bite from his sandwich. Nathan had attempted to take Theodore's lunch again, but this time Alvin had managed to stop him. Eleanor looked at him and sighed. She agreed with Miss Milliken's thinking. As kind and happy as Theodore was, he really needed a confidence boost.

"Don't worry Theodore. You'll do great" she said. He gave her a weak smile but still looked afraid.

"I wonder what is taking so Brittany so long." Alvin said looking around. She was still in the line. He couldn't tell what she was saying, but it looked as though she was arguing with one of the lunch ladies.

"Has anyone noticed how strange she has been acting today?" Jeanette said looking up from her food. Everyone nodded. It had started ever since they arrived at the school. During their first class, all of the chipmunks were still together. Although Brittany was angered easily, she was generally pretty laid back when it came to work, however today she was really testy. The teacher had asked her a question she didn't know the answer to, and she had chucked an absolute fit. The teacher had actually gotten a bit frightened and told her she could sit down. The next class was sports. Brittany was an average performer in sports. She wasn't incredibly fit, but she could keep up with most people when running. Usually she would hate doing sporting activities because they made her sweat, today though she seemed rather keen to get to the lesson. The group had been told they were going to practice for a running event coming up in a sports day event later in the year. Alvin and Eleanor were the fittest of the group, but as soon as the whistle to go was blown, Brittany tore off along the track. She finished the race ages before the rest of the group. When they had approached her panting and sweating they realized she was in perfect condition. She wasn't tired or sweaty in anyway.

"That was easy" she said before noticing how tired everyone else was. The final class the group had had before lunch was biology. They had all had to pair up and dissect a cow's heart. Brittany and Alvin had paired together. Alvin thought the cow's heart looked cool, but he had expected Brittany to freak out at the sight of it. Instead she had started drooling as if she was hungry for it. The remainder of the lesson, she eyed the heart like Theodore would an ice cream cone. Her eyes never broke contact with it.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late" Brittany said as she approached the lunch table the group was seated at.

"Brittany, what on earth are doing with that?" Eleanor said disgusted when she looked at what Brittany had ordered as her lunch. It was a juicy burger, dripping with fat and blood. Brittany looked at her puzzled for a moment.

"What do you mean?" she asked before taking a bite out of the burger. Everyone at the table gasped and looked sick.

"Brittany you're a vegetarian!" Jeanette squealed, watching her sister devour the burger hungrily.

"Hmm, well I guess I just felt like trying this out. It looked really tasty" she said while chewing the food, spitting the diced up meat onto the table

"Ewww!" everyone cried at once.

"Brittany that's disgusting!" Eleanor shouted as her sister continued to let bits of chewed up meat drip from her mouth. As she finished the burger she stood up.

"I'm still hungry, I'm going to go get another one" she declared and walked back over to the lunch line. Everyone just stared at her.

"What has gotten in to her?" Simon said still looking like he could throw up.

"I don't know, but we need to find out" Alvin said. Normally no one would optionally agree with something Alvin said, but this time everyone nodded in agreement. Something was up with Brittany and they were going to find out what. The rest of the day the group watched as Brittany went about her business. She was angrier with people than usual and most of the time; the people she screamed at didn't even provoke her. When they would scurry away in fear she would just laugh at them before continuing on her way. During recess Brittany volunteered to play a game of football. The rest of the chipmunks watched in sheer amazement as Brittany speedily dodged enemy players and scored many touchdowns. Whenever the opposing team got the ball, she would violently knock them to the ground with every tackle. Almost every person on the opposing team walked away from the game with an injury of some kind.

The biggest shock came during the final lesson for the day, drama class. Mr. Rochelle started getting everyone ready for a practice rehearsal, so he could see how Theodore would do as Mr. Hyde. The performance was dreadful Theodore was so nervous that throughout the 50 takes they took, he always forgot line. He would trip over the cape and was so timid and shy that he couldn't scare kitten. Simon, Jeanette, Alvin and Brittany all watched angrily as Nathan continued to laugh at the scared little chipmunk. At one point Theodore seemed to be doing alright during a take. He was still too quiet and wasn't mean enough, but he was remembering the lines, and seemed happy that he was doing well. Eleanor said her lines as well, but she couldn't help but smile at Theodore as he struggled on. She quickly wiped it off though when she saw Mr. Rochelle start to growl at her out of character moment. As Theodore leapt over the table and started to move towards Eleanor, doing his best to be menacing, Nathan decided to pull an evil prank. He waited up in the rafters and dropped a coil of rope on stage. Mr. Rochelle was annoyed, but Nathan said it was an accident, and once they finished the take he would remove it. Sighing Mr. Rochelle had agreed and ignored the rope.

"Ok Theodore, that last take wasn't… dreadful, but see if you can be a little meaner. Alright let's take it from the top" Mr. Rochelle called before sitting down in his 'directors' chair which he had brought with him to the school. As Simon pretended to drink the potion he gasped and fell down behind the table. Theodore jumped out stumbling a little on landing.

"Henry, oh Henry" Eleanor said before doing a fake gasp at Theodore, "You're not Henry"

"Henry, no my dear I'm… um… oh right… I'm Edward Hyde" Theodore said almost forgetting his line. Eleanor smiled and nodded at him before continuing her part.

"But, but, I don't know you" she said pretending to be scared.

"Oh but you will my dear you will…" Theodore said trying to pull a mean face. He was about to say his next line when he got his foot caught in the coiled rope.

"Ignore it Teddy, keep going" Mr. Rochelle called. Theodore had been going well, and he wanted to try and get through at least one take successfully before the bell rung. Theodore nodded and continued.

"Gaze upon my, whoa!" Theodore squealed. As he approached Eleanor the rope suddenly tightened and he was pulled upside down into the air. He started waving his arms about frantically shouting for help. Eleanor gasped and started trying to jump up and get to the rope around his foot, but it was too high. She could only just reach Theodore's hand. Suddenly the rope slackened and Theodore fell screaming to the auditorium floor. As he pulled himself up he started to cry. Eleanor rushed over to him and started trying to comfort him. Suddenly she heard laughter from above. She looked up to see Nathan rolling around in the rafter laughing, the end of the rope in his hand.

"Nathan! How dare you do that to Theodore!" she yelled at him. Her screams of anger only made him laugh more.

"Nathan get down here right now and apologize to Theodore!" Mr. Rochelle yelled up at the laughing boy. After Theodore had been pulled into the air the teacher had rushed over to try and help, but by the time he got there Theodore had already hit the ground.

"Ok Mr. Rochelle" Nathan said drearily as he started to make his way to the ground. By the time he reached them, all the chipmunks, Chipettes and other cast members had all come over to see what happened.

"Apologize Nathan" Mr. Rochelle commanded again. Theodore was still in tears and he kept rubbing his head. A large bump had started to form.

"I'm sorry Theodore" Nathan said in a droning voice, not even looking at the crying chipmunk. Mr. Rochelle was about to force him to properly apologize when the bell rung. All the students fled out the doors. The chipmunks and Chipettes were the last group to leave. Theodore was walking lowly still crying. Eleanor was trying her best to comfort him, but it wasn't helping. She knew that it wasn't just pain that kept the tears flowing from his eyes. He had been really proud of himself that he was finally starting to learn his lines and play his part, but Nathan had ruined it for him. As the group started to walk home, they noticed Nathan leaning against a fence listening to some music from his cd player. Alvin was about to trudge forward and get Nathan to properly apologize to his brother, when suddenly Brittany stepped forward towards the bully. He noticed her and removed his ear phones.

"What do you want girly?" he asked meanly looking down at the angry girl. Before he could say another word, Brittany jumped up and punched him in the face. Nathan fell to the ground and let out a loud groan. Suddenly Brittany jumped on top of him and started to repeatedly punch him in the face, one fist then the other. The rest of the chipmunks and Chipettes just froze and watched the pink-clad Chipette brutally beat the bully. Nathan's nose was bleeding and he was crying, struggling to push her away, pleading her to stop. Alvin was the first to react. He rushed forward and grabbed Brittany's arm.

"Let go of me, he deserves this!" Brittany shouted and tried to free herself from his grip. Alvin refused to let go. Moments later the whole group rushed forward and pulled the struggling Chipette off Nathan. He stood to his feet and ran off crying.

"You better run you jerk!" Brittany screamed after him. After she had stopped struggling, the group released her.

"What did you do that for? He deserved that after what he did to Theodore!" Brittany said angrily.

"Are you mad? D o you know how much trouble you will get in over that!" Eleanor shouted at Brittany. Brittany now diverted her attention to the blond Chipette.

"Who cares? I thought you would want to get back at that jerk for hurting Theodore. It seems like I'm the only one here who actually cares" she growled at her before crossing her arms angrily.

"Brittany you just beat a boy to tears! He pulled a prank on Theodore and we were all angry at him, but you don't just go and start smashing them!" Jeanette shouted standing next to Eleanor. The chipmunks moved next to them. Brittany glared at them all.

"Fine then! Don't come crying to me the next time someone bullies Theodore!" she sneered at them. With that she turned and stormed off down the street. After a few minutes the group all turned and looked at each other.

"Something is seriously wrong with Brittany. She gets angry sometimes, but I have never seen her do something like that before, ever." Alvin said worried. Suddenly, Theodore and Jeanette both burst out into tears.

"I c-c-can't believe t-t-t-that B-B-Brittany would d-d-d-do something like that" Jeanette wailed. Theodore and Jeanette were the kindest and most compassionate of the whole group. As angry as they were at Nathan, they never wanted to see him get beaten up like that. Eleanor, Simon and Alvin all moved in and began to hug them.

"It's alright. We'll talk to Brittany tonight ok. Everything is alright" Eleanor said kindly, trying to calm the two of them down. Alvin and Simon nodded along with her. The two crying chipmunks looked at their siblings and started to calm down.

"I'm sorry. Just… I can't believe that just happened" Theodore said sadly. He wiped his face with his sleeve to get rid of his tears. Jeanette performed a similar action.

"It's alright. Let's go home. We'll walk you girls home. Then we'll all talk to Brittany together" Simon said kindly. Jeanette and Eleanor smiled at him. Jeanette and Simon linked hands as they walked, as did Theodore and Eleanor. Alvin just kept replaying the scene over and over in his head.

"Why would Brittany act like that? She never acts like that. I hope she's ok" he thought to himself sadly. Little did he know, there was something definitely wrong, and tonight, they would experience her problem first hand.

Well, that's chapter 2. I really liked writing this one, it was interesting coming up with different ways to show Brittany's 'changes'. I'll update again soon so keep ready.