Alvin guided Jeanette around the auditorium. Jeanette really didn't know how to help. Without her glasses, she couldn't see anything. Alvin led her around the room by hand to stop her from walking into anything, which she was grateful for. She could remember the countless occasions where her clumsiness had caused many accidents. Unfortunately, they had found no sign of Brittany anywhere.

"Maybe she did manage to rush out of the auditorium after she knocked me over. We should go and find Theodore and Eleanor and help them look for her in the halls" Jeanette said, taking a squinting look around the room again, hoping she could catch a shade of pink in her blurred vision.

"Yeah you're probably right. I know she is fast now, but I really didn't think she was 'that' fast. An Olympic runner would be jealous of that kind of speed. I really hope we don't have to fight her to get your glasses back. I still ache from my last beating. But if she won't give them back, I'll do what I can" Alvin said as he started to lead Jeanette from backstage and out onto the front stage.

"I hope there isn't a fight. Brittany is just going to end up hurting everyone and I don't want that to happen because of me" Jeanette said gloomily, but Alvin gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Don't worry Jeanette, you haven't done anything wrong. I don't want to fight her, because we will probably lose, but if we have to, don't blame yourself. This is Brittany's fault not yours" he said kindly and gave her a smile that Jeanette could see even with her awful vision. Suddenly a scream of horror erupted throughout the whole school. The sound pierced straight through the auditorium walls as though they weren't even there, and Alvin and Jeanette both gasped. They recognized the voice.

"Eleanor!" the both cried and immediately started to sprint towards the auditorium doors. They were about to clear the stage when Jeanette, with her poor vision, tripped on a stray paintbrush and fell flat on her stomach. Alvin skidded to a halt and moved to her side. He helped her to her feet, then led her to the side of the stage.

"I'll find Eleanor. Stay here alright, otherwise Brittany might get to you. I'll make sure she's ok, but you need to stay safe" he instructed, sitting her down on the edge of the stage. Jeanette looked up at him and gave a nod. It felt really funny, listening to orders from Alvin. He always gave everyone orders and instructions, but usually it was for some crazy scheme he had come up with, but for once, he was showing good leadership. He was being protective of his friends and was trying to help them rather than exploit them. Perhaps his feelings for Brittany and his growing relationship with the girls had changed him, for the better.

As soon as she finished nodding, Alvin immediately turned and rushed out of the auditorium as fast as he could. He entered the halls, but he didn't slow down. He used his momentum to slide around the corners to keep his speed up. He had to make sure that Eleanor, and subsequently Theodore, were ok. There were no more screams since the first one, but as he raced through the corridors, he started to hear another sound. The sound of sobs. This stirred him to move even faster, and forced his legs to move even faster than they had ever run before. As he came around another corner, he saw… something. Sitting in the middle of the hallway was a strange green shape. It smelled horrible, and Alvin could see worms and other creepy crawlers all over it. It was moving slightly, and there was no doubt about it, whatever it was, was crying. As he drew closer to the strange thing sitting there, he made out more of it. The green covering was some sort of rotting moss, mixed with dead leaves and what looked like glue. A rotting apple core sat directly on top of it. The sound of the sobs started to ring through his mind, and a horrible realization impacted upon him as the voice became all too clear. Alvin moved right in front of the moss covered object and knelt down on his knees. He gently lent it back to find himself staring directly at Eleanor, tears streaking down her face uncontrollably.

"Ellie…" Alvin started, but he really didn't know what to say. Almost every part of her was covered in the stinking, rotting substance. Alvin moved to grab a handful of the moss away, but as he feared, the glue was very sticky, and the moss wouldn't budge. Still at a loss for words, Alvin decided on only one course of action. Completely ignoring the smell and the disgusting feel of the moss, he wrapped his arms around the crying girl and pulled her into a hug. It felt uncomfortable for him, but he put that aside. He just wanted to be there for his friend.

"Al-Alvin… Britt… Brittany covered me… with this… and she… she made Theodore sick…" she said quietly and Alvin looked into her saddened chocolate eyes.

"Are you alright? She didn't hurt you or anything did she?" he asked, his blue eyes swimming with concern.

"No… she just… she just threw this at me… and she put something in Theodore's cake… that's why he isn't with me… I went to go get you guys so we could help him… then Brittany found me…" she said sadly, and resumed her crying. Alvin starred at her for a second before pulling her close again.

"It's alright Ellie. Come on, let's go find Theodore, then we'll get Jeanette and get you home. We'll get her glasses back tonight after Brittany has changed. Until then Jeanette can use a spare pair of Simon's glasses. We'll get all this stuff off of you ok" he said comfortingly, and Eleanor nodded her head, but said nothing. Alvin gently helped her to her feet and took her hand.

"Alright Eleanor, show me where Theodore is" he instructed and Eleanor complied. She led him around the corner and into the home economics class where Theodore was on his knees clutching his stomach painfully. Eleanor could see he that he had gotten even worse since she had left him and immediately ran to his side. Alvin stood still for a moment, not sure what to do. Eleanor and Theodore were suffering, and Brittany was the course of it. He let out a miserable sigh, before he too rushed to his brother's side.

"Theodore, we need to get you home. You'll be ok, don't worry" Alvin said kindly as he helped Theodore too his feet. The green clad Chipmunk crouched over holding his aching stomach and forcing his stomach contents to stay in their place, but he was able to walk. Suddenly his eyes fell upon Eleanor and he let out a gasp.

"Eleanor what happened?" he asked, shock plastered over his green face.

"Oh… Brittany threw it all at me… and I can't get it off… she mixed it all with glue" Eleanor said sadly, looking down. Theodore was still in pain, but knowing his sweetheart was feeling bad, made him feel even worse. Like Alvin, he ignored the moss covering her body and gave her a tight hug. She hugged him back, feeling good that he cared for her so much. It made the situation just that little bit more bearable. Alvin gazed at the scene, unsure how to react. It was so nice to see that even with both of them suffering, they were still there for the other, but the situation itself was a lot to take in. Just then, a thought crossed his mind.

"Eleanor, what happened to Brittany?" he asked. Eleanor turned to him, but her expression did not fill him with confidence at what her response would be.

"After she… threw this at me, she ran off in the opposite direction. I think she took a left at the end of the hall, but I didn't see any more than that. I guess now she'll get away with Jeanette's glasses" she said sadly. But sadness was not Alvin's first reaction. It was shock.

"You're sure she took a left?" he said, the concern creeping into his voice.

"Yes… why is that…" she started, but stopped as the realization hit her. The only direction that the left hallway led to was…

"Alvin… is Jeanette still in the auditorium?" she asked, fear now replacing her sadness. Alvin's only response was a nervous nod of his head. As if their fears had immediately come true, a loud thud and a muffled cry sounded through the empty hallway, and all three chipmunks immediately froze.

"Quick, we need to reach her!" Alvin cried, and sprinted out of the room, Eleanor and a cringing Theodore right on his heels. They bounded down the hallways, hoping that they could get to the auditorium before Brittany did anything else to the brunette Chipette. The doors loomed up in front of them and the group burst through. They all stopped and gasped at the scene.

Jeanette sat quietly on the edge of the stage looking down at her fingers resting in her lap. Well what she could identify of the fingers anyway, to her they just seemed like large blobs resting on a purple back drop. She gave a sigh and raised her head to look around, when a sound caught her attention. It was the creaking sound of the auditorium doors opening, but her sight was too bad for her to spot the doors, or the person who had opened them.

"Alvin, is that you?" she called out, but was met with no response.

"Theodore, Eleanor? Someone answer me" she called out, now climbing to her feet. The silence frightened her. She placed both her hands into a ball and raised it under her chin, lowering her head. She started to shiver a little and backed up until she bumped into the desk in the centre of the stage. She gave a tiny shriek, but calmed herself when she spotted the desk.

"Watch your step Jeanette" a voice suddenly called out and Jeanette gave a gasp. The voice belonged to Brittany.

"B-B-B-Brittany... uh h-h-h-hi there. C-c-could I h-h-h-have my glasses back please?" Jeanette stuttered nervously, scanning around as best she could, but she could see no sign of the orange haired Chipette.

"Hmm… well since you asked so nicely, I'll make you a deal. You can have them back, if you can find me and take them" Brittany's voice called out somewhere from the shadows of backstage. Jeanette gulped. Without her glasses, she wouldn't be able to see anything in the darkness. Besides, when did Brittany ever play fairly these days? She wasn't just about to give Jeanette her glasses back, she had to be up to something.

"O-o-o-ok…" she said timidly, then began her walk into the shadows. What other choice did she have? Either she attempted to get her glasses, or she waited until Brittany did something horrible to her. She just wanted to get this over with as fast as possible.

Brittany watched her clueless sister from the rafters. She was a little surprised at how fast she had been able to get up there, but whatever the reason, she liked it. She still didn't know why she was changing so much, becoming stronger and faster, but she was enjoying every minute of it.

She watched as Jeanette stumbled over some props and walked straight into a wall. This was hilarious. She was clumsy at the best of times and without her glasses she was completely hopeless. She let out a laugh as Jeanette walked up to a pink dress hung up on the wall and started to address it as though she was talking to her sister.

"That's a dress on a hook you dummy. I'm over here. Oh wait, you can't tell where here is" she smirked, and let out another laugh as Jeanette jumped at the sudden voice behind her.

"Come on Brittany, please give me back my glasses, I just want to go home" Jeanette pleaded, continuing her blind search for Brittany.

"You have to find me first. Listen to my voice, come this way" Brittany called from somewhere. Jeanette listened and determined that she had to be somewhere to her left. The blind Chipette turned and started to walk towards the sound of Brittany's voice. She kept her hands raised in front of her to stop her from walking into anything. She had to keep constantly changing her direction in the darkened space, but she could hear Brittany's voice getting louder with each step.

"Come on Brittany, please give them back" Jeanette called out again, but as before, Brittany simply laughed.

"Ok then. All you have to do is take one more step and you'll reach me" her voice called. Jeanette still couldn't see her anywhere, not even a pink blur. Nervously she took a step forward.

"Perfect. Ok here you go" Brittany called. Her voice came from above, somewhere in the rafters. Jeanette looked up, just in time for a bucket of water to fall straight onto her head. The water was ice cold and it completely drenched the poor Chipette. Jeanette let out a scream from the chilly liquid, however the bucket muffled her cry. She reached up to try and remove the bucket, but found that it was stuck on her head. She yanked at it furiously, but it wouldn't budge. Suddenly, she lost her balance and slipped on the water now dripping onto the floor. The purple-clad Chipette tried to regain her balance, but she failed and ended up sliding straight into a set of props. The equipment cascaded now on top of her and the bucket stuck on her head clanged hard against the ground.

Brittany couldn't stop laughing, the scene was hilarious.

"Oops, I think I dropped something" she cackled as Jeanette struggled to her feet. She wobbled about trying to regain her footing, but her saturated clothes were now heavy and she ended up stumbling backwards, straight back into the water. She let out a cry as she skidded across the room and crashed into a set of paint cans. Jeanette was drenched in all shades of colors and pinned to the floor by the heavy paint tins.

Brittany fell over she was laughing so hard. Her plan had worked perfectly. First she had left out a piece of cake she had made using dirt instead of chocolate, then she had covered Eleanor in a rotting pile of moss and other disgusting things, and now she just managed to drench Jeanette and cause her to crash into a set of paint tins. The only one left for her to deal with was Alvin, and she knew exactly how to get to him. All she had to do was wait.

Suddenly the doors to the auditorium burst open, and Alvin and the two younger chipmunks sprinted into the room. Immediately their eyes fell on Jeanette and the all gasped. Brittany forced herself to stop laughing and wait in silence. She needed the perfect opportunity to strike.

"Jeanette!" Eleanor cried and raced to her sister. The multicolored Chipette was struggling to try and push the paint tins off of herself, but being blinded by the bucket on her head, she couldn't see them and didn't know how many there were. Eleanor and the boys began to assist her and started to heave off the now empty tins, until finally they were able to get Jeanette back on her feet. The bucket was still stuck to her head and now her clothes were both wet and colored.

"Jeanette are you ok?" Alvin asked.

"I'm… I'm ok. Brittany tricked me. She told me to come and find her and she would give me back my glasses. I did what she said then she dunked this bucket of ice water over my. Now I'm freezing" came her muffled reply and she started to hug herself to keep warm. The saturated clothing and the wet paint wasn't helping.

"Here let me help you get that bucket off your head" Eleanor said and reached up to her sister's head. She grabbed each side of the bucket and started to heave. Theodore still felt horrible, but he too reached up and started to tug on the bucket. Alvin was about to join them when suddenly a hand shot over his mouth and another one grabbed his neck. Before he could struggle, he was forcibly yanked out of sight.


The bucket flew off of Jeanette's head and clattered to the ground.

"T-t-t-t-thanks g-g-g-guys. C-c-c-can w-w-w-we g-g-g-go h-h-h-home n-n-now?" Jeanette said through chattering teeth.

"Sure. Come on guys lets… hey, where's Alvin?" Eleanor asked as she turned to see that only Theodore was standing with them.

Alvin flew through the air, coming to a hard landing on the wooden platform of the rafters. He gave a groan and attempted to scramble to his feet, but Brittany was too fast. The pink-clad Chipette rushed forward and kicked him in the stomach. He gave a wheeze and fell back down. Brittany couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh how the mighty have fallen. Alvin Seville, the once brave and strong Chipmunk now lies at my feet whining in pain. You're pathetic" she smirked, kicking him sharply in the ribs. The red capped Chipmunk cried out from the pain, but that wasn't about to stop Brittany. The Chipette bent down and grabbed him by the throat. She heaved him off his feet and twirled him about like rag doll. She released him and he went sailing straight into a hanging sandbag. He let out an oof as he collapsed on the rafters, pain flaring all over him. She was even stronger then the last time she had beaten him up. This time he hadn't even been able to put up a fight, she had just thrown him around like a toy.

"Had enough yet?" Brittany mocked as she stalked towards him. Suddenly she stopped and bent down. Alvin watched her grab a hold of a length of rope before continuing.

"Alright Alvin now listen up. Eleanor, Theodore and Jeanette all just suffered, but if you don't do as I say, I am going to do more than just cover them in moss and give them dirt cake. They'll probably end up at the hospital with your brother understand?" she demanded angrily, crouching down and grabbing the front of his sweater. Alvin glared at her then gave a sigh.

"Alright Brittany. Leave them alone and I'll do what you want" he mumbled looking away from her.

"Good. Tomorrow at school, I'm going to have something set up just for you and you are going to do exactly as I say" Brittany said, releasing the front of his sweater and standing back up. However she didn't leave. Instead she stood on Alvin's leg and held it in place. Before he could stop her, Brittany tied the end of the rope around his leg then grabbed his throat again.

"Wait what are you…" he started, but Brittany cut him off with a chuckle.

"I'll see you tomorrow Alvin" she laughed then hurled him off the platform. She watched him let out a scream before the rope tightened and he became suspended directly over the stage, groaning from the pain in his leg. Brittany gave one final chuckle before she turned and left the auditorium.

"Just you wait Alvin. Tomorrow, you are going to be more humiliated then you have ever been in your life"

"Here you go Jeanette, I hope it makes you feel a little better" Dave said kindly as he handed the shivering Chipette a cup of hot chocolate. It had taken awhile, but the group and found Alvin and managed to get him down. Now they were all at home in the den. Jeanette was sitting on the couch wrapped tightly in a blanket. She gave a sneeze before she thanked Dave and accepted the warm beverage. Alvin sat next to her massaging his leg. Being suspended by a length of rope had hurt. And he still felt sore from his beating. It wasn't as bad as his last fight with the angry Chipette, but he was still aching all over. Theodore sat on the ground with a bucket. He was no longer green in the face but he still felt sick. Eleanor was the only one not present in the room. The moment they had walked in the door, the blond Chipette had raced to the bathroom and hadn't come out since.

"I can't believe Brittany. Miss Miller was just telling me how well her first therapy session had gone. Well, I guess we'll just have to hope for the best. Please try and stay away from her. I know you were just trying to help Jeanette get her glasses back, but I really want you all just to be away from her" Dave said as he took his place in the den and sat down in the remaining vacant chair.

"At least now you can see with Simon's spare pair of glasses" Theodore squeaked from down below before he cringed and clutched his stomach. Jeanette gave a nod of her head before she let out another sneeze. She was wearing Simon's spare glasses, which were larger then hers, but she was still grateful to be able to see again.

"Could someone get me another tissue please" she sniffed.

"Sure Jeanette, no problem" Alvin said and immediately climbed down from the couch. He limped across the room to the tissue box. Instead of pulling one or two of the tissues out, he simply grabbed the box and brought it over to the fluey Chipette.

"Thanks Alvin" she said with her now nasally voice. She took a tissue and blew into it.

"I think perhaps I should order some take out for dinner tonight" Dave suggested. At the mention of food, Theodore pulled his bucket to his face and dashed out of the room.

"… maybe we should wait until later" he retracted, hearing Theodore being sick in the next room. Just then they heard motion upstairs and moments later Eleanor entered the room. She had managed to remove most of the most, however patches of it were still stuck to her fur along her arms.

"Hey Eleanor. I'm glad you got most of that gunk off. Try running those patches through some hot water and it may help to dissolve the glue" Dave suggested as the blond Chipette approached.

"Ok Dave. I just want to rest for a while though. Getting that glue out is hard. I think I've torn some of my fur" she sighed as she sat down on the floor in front of the couch where Theodore had been moments before. Suddenly the phone rang and everyone in the room jumped from the startling sound. Dave let out a relieved breath when he realized it was only the phone, then proceeded to leave the room to answer it. Jeanette and Eleanor started to discuss how they were going to get Jeanette's real glasses back from Brittany while Alvin sat in contemplation.

"What does she want me to do? She didn't just do something to me like she did the others, she intends to have something happen at school tomorrow, but what is it? She wouldn't have threatened the others unless it was really bad. I have a bad feeling about this" he thought. Something bad was definitely going to happen, but he had no idea what. Notice his sudden silence, the girls turned to him.

"Alvin, are you alright?" Eleanor asked, getting to her feet and moving to the couch. The question interrupted his thoughts.

"Huh what?" he asked, confused for a moment, before he realized, "Oh yeah I'm fine. I'm just thinking about Brittany again"

He didn't want to tell them what was really going on in case they were worried. He was going to make sure they were alright, even if it meant putting himself at risk. He had already noticed the changes in himself, just as the others had, but he didn't care. He was still egotistical and mischievous, but now, protecting his family was the first thought that entered his head. He really didn't know how to explain it, but the growing of his friendship with the girls and the support that his entire family was providing him made him feel good. To see that family get hurt would crush him, so he would willing place their safety over his own.

Eleanor felt bad that he was still upset about Brittany. He was doing so well being strong, but she could tell that deep down, he was still hurt about the whole thing, and the only way to get rid of that hurt would be to get the real Brittany back. She opened her mouth to say some words of comfort, when suddenly Dave burst back into the room with the biggest smile on his face.

"Quick, we need to get to the hospital. Simon's results are back and the doctor said she had good news" he panted, taking a breath from his quick sprint. Immediately all thoughts of Brittany dropped from Alvin's mind and he leapt from the couch.

"Come on then, let's go!" he cried and raced to the door. Jeanette climbed down from the couch and wrapped the blanket around her shoulders, then she and Eleanor joined him. Dave was about to follow when he remembered Theodore. He turned around and walked to the end of the hall to see the little green chipmunk emerge from the downstairs bathroom.

"Theodore, we need to go to the hospital and see Simon, his test results are back" Dave said smiling. Theodore ignored the pain in his stomach and sprinted passed his father. When Dave reentered the living room, he found all the chipmunks waiting impatiently for him at the door.

"Come on Dave, we need to see Simon" Alvin whined and opened the door. Dave gave a chuckle, then headed out the door with the kids. Within minutes, there car was on the road heading for the hospital.

And here we are, the next chapter is done. Sorry I took a while, school has been nuts. Personally, I see this chapter as more just a filler then anything, so sorry about that. What you may be happy to know (or sad) is that next chapter is going to trigger the final countdown for the finale. Probably only another 4 or 5 chapters to go. Wow this thing has gotten so big, it will be a shame to end it, but as they say, all good things must come to an end. So what will happen next chapter? What has Brittany got in store for Alvin? What will happen to Simon? And will the gang be able to help Brittany return to normal? Stay tuned to find out