Time: Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sims edition

Diaglo was watering the lawn when he saw Vixen stride towards him. At first he thought it was weird, so he let her into the house. That was when things got strange. Immediately a guy with a weird hairdo rang the doorbell.
"Timothy Lawson." he introduced himself with a smile, "I'm the son of a lawyer. You know a good lawyer"

"That's weird. I don't remember inviting you over," Diaglo reminisced as Timothy Hawke Lawson pushed his way through the doorway, along with a blonde reporter named Xaliant who looked interested at the proceeding.
"I'm Xaliant, alias Xenahart." introduced miss Xaliant.
"... ooooohhhhkaaaayyy..." sweatdropped Diaglo with a lack of things to say as Vixen flushed the toilet from the main corridor, "I'll get the door!" he stumbled in his effort as Tim wandered through the toilet door uninvited (!).
"You're not supposed to be in here!" Vixen stated, "especially with uninvited guests." Tim looked as though he'd been hit with a sledgehammer as outside Larosin was talking to Odaxitar casually. Naturally Xaliant was hiding behind the bushes.

"Oh yay. You got a gift for me." Larosin noted flatly, before stating the oblivious: "Everyone! Let's gather for a group hug!" Everyone looked stunned and yelled their discontentment: "NO EFFING WAY!" They all screamed, running around like a chicken got its head cut off. "We'll alll get killed!" Just then Larosin whispered something into Odaxitar's ear and the prostitute squealed and leapt into her arms as they hugged for no reason... Surprised, miss Xaliant got the scoop she needed and snuck off with handy titles in her 'laptop' which was really a notepad in disguise.

"This will make a good scoop," Xaliant mused before stalking off to her next mysterious job on the horizon.
"That wasn't really necessary," cringed Odaxitar as Larosin just strode off. Diaglo told Vixen a few jokes.

Rayne and his friend Neodrei were playing catch at that moment until Neodrei got bored and it turned into a balloon water-fight, the dark tanned buffoon stumbling in his attempt. "So what?" Rayne said, before the other ran into the house and came back with... Timothy, who looked confused.