A Note before you begin reading this: There is dialog in here that is not spelt correctly for the sake of character and my style of writing. I know it is not spelt correctly, it's just there to add to the piratey character. Just an FYI...

An Attack?

Barbossa stood on the edges of the Black Pearl, tired of this curse that was upon him and his crew. He could not feel a thing that came in contact with him. They were all half dead. Not the wind on his face, nor the spray of the sea. As much as everyone else aboard that ship, he wanted this to end. The fact that there was only one piece of the Aztec gold piece left to find piqued his determination. They would get that last piece, he was sure of that. Jack came to his shoulder, and he gave the monkey a small amount of attention. He was too distracted today.

The rain came pouring onto him, but he couldn't feel it whatsoever. He just wanted to feel something. Anything to know he was alive like he truly was inside. The crew was rid of Jack Sparrow, finally according to Barbossa. He hated that man, so he led a mutiny against him and it succeeded.

They also had to do everything they needed during daylight hours, which became annoying too quickly. Today, they were to stop at Tortuga in desperate need of gunpowder. It was also the only port they could dock in where they were welcome. After all, they were still pirates.

"Mind the ship someone," Hector commanded as he walked off after the anchor was let down and the Black Pearl was at a complete stop. Pintel and Ragetti obliged, as usual. People tended to underestimate them for some reason, but they were much more of true pirates than most. To get passed them would take some serious skill. Some.

Rain stood in the shadows, watching every ship drop the anchor in the port of Tortuga today. Rain was like anyone else who lived on the godforsaken spit of land. She'd been on multiple ships, served under multiple captains, and found herself in more than one sticky situation. She knew how to handle herself. Noticing the legendary Black Pearl come in during this time grasped her attention. The captain of that vessel no doubt also caught her interest. Must be quite a worthy captain to be sailin' that around, she thought to herself. She wore men's clothing, but her hair gave her away. She preferred it long and wavy, and that was that. She tied it back today with an elastic piece of rope. Her sword at her side, she observed every move the crew made. Two men had stayed behind, most likely to watch the ship. Rain felt she had to get aboard that legendary ship, reasoning her life could be made better in many ways. Silently, she crept towards the ship, acting as if a passerby on the island.

This girl knew better than to underestimate anyone, especially if that man were sailing on the Black Pearl. What she would be requiring now is a strategy. But, Rain was used to quick thinking.

She came around the side, almost like she were going to board another ship, yet she eyed Pintel like a hawk. The man was rolling up some rope on the deck, whistling a tune. Retrieving her dagger, this was an all or nothing plan. She eyed a point on the ship, the captain's quarters should be far enough. The weapon flew from her hands, and straight into the target, and the other man on watch looked up, hearing the blade stick its landing. He searched around him, and the minute he turned around, she jumped from the other ship's bow and caught the side of the Pearl. She peered over the edge to see the man holding her knife, looking over at his friend then towards the ship she had just come from. Rain pulled herself over the side and onto the deck. The men were yelling next door, asking what the crew wanted of them while she got below the deck. Her plans almost never failed.

Barbossa returned to his ship, finding Pintel getting the attention of another crew from a ship next to theirs. Ragetti seemed fine, until he started yelling back too.

"Masters Pintel and Ragetti, what the hell is wrong?" he asked.

"These guys are tryin' to kill us!" Pintel exclaimed. "I got the knife to prove it. Stuck into your door is what it did." Barbossa scanned the knife, knowing it didn't belong to him or his crew. The blade was like new, the sharpened edges were to perfection.

"Bah," the captain swayed this away. "They'd be jealous of what we've got. Now, let's head out before the dusk, shan't we?" That was the cue to get their asses moving and start the ship. They came out of Tortuga, unaware of their new passenger.

Note: Rain is my OC and I love her a lot. I do not own POTC and all that awesome stuff I wish I had...