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Chapter Twelve: The Return of a Captain

When Rain called him Barbossa, he knew she was a little upset with him. He tried to understand what she could possibly be wary of. He was back with her and now they had to help Jack's crew who were most likely coming back this very moment.

"Come here, lass," he said sternly, standing up and motioning for her to follow him. Tia walked away to her room, rolling her eyes as she turned around. Those two.

Hector led Rain up to the guest rooms where he sat down on the bed.

"What could be botherin' ye?" he asked.

"I know the price of being a pirate, both ways," she stated, shutting her eyes to prevent the tear that begged to fall not to. She felt his arm come around her to rest at her waist. She weakly put her head on his shoulder, her eyes still closed. She hated it when he saw her cry.

"Is it Sao Fang?" Hector asked.

"No," Rain said flatly. "He doesn't bother me one bit..." She lifted her head and pushed into his neck, coming closer to him and hoping he would guess more accurately. She let that tear fall, and it hit Barbossa's bare skin where his necklace was.

"Stop this Rain," he said softly. "And jus' tell me." Rain kissed him hungrily and desperately. She begged entrance into his mouth which he accepted seconds later. While she didn't remove his sword belt, she pushed it aside. Maybe this would prove her point. Slowly, she pushed him back onto the bed where she undid his undershirt. His other arm came to her waist to hold her there, and she expected he might switch their positions. Their kiss was severed when Barbossa let go.

"What are ye doin'?" he asked. Rain's hand rested on his chest... above his gunshot scar. She didn't answer and just stared into his eyes.

"Rain-" she kissed him again to silence him for moments later.

"I thought ye were mad at me," he said when she released the kiss.

"Not you," she said, moving her hand from his chest to his shoulder. "it's the possibilities I'm mad at." Rain then moved her head down to his chest where she lightly kissed the scar. He drew in a deep breath as she did that.

"Rain..." he sighed. "that felt real good." Rain did so again, this time a little harder and more tenderly. Hector closed his eyes and sighed again. She came back up to his lips, keeping one hand on his scar.

"Still hate him," she whispered in his ear as she took off the belt that strapped across his chest. He switched their positions and now she was under him.

"Don't be sayin' a thing," he said, playfully making it sound like a command. He worked at her dress lacing...

They were under the covers, mostly bare to each other within the hour. The two of them tried to be quiet, but that was almost impossible. Hector found her tender spot as he always could. He kept his hat on because Rain "commanded" him to.

"Damn it lass," he breathed after another kiss and his eyes trailed over her. His eyes came to meet hers again. "I love ye." She giggled and he kissed at her neck, coming to her collarbone. He dared himself to proceed further down when the door swung wide open.

"Oh, for the love of-!" Tia's voice came from the doorway. Her eyes rolled as she found the sight before her. "You two!" Hector looked up from Rain and to Tia.

"A knock would have been nice," he said, annoyed.

"Well then, maybe I should have sent one of Jack's crew up here in a few more moments then, hmm?" Tia asked, pointing to the window. "Jus' came ta warn ya." She then shut the door. Rain looked up at Hector.

"Way to ruin the moment," she said. Then, she took the opportune moment and grabbed his arms, switching their positions. She then put both hands on his chest, kissing him one last time. He smirked at her.

"Ye know how to distract me," he added.

"Vic versa," she said, getting off of him. Hector was mad at Tia, but she had a point to cover her ass this one. Rain slipped out of the covers, grabbing her dress. Hector watched her, breathless at her form. He couldn't believe, even after what had just happened, she was practically his. She fastened the dress, and he too dressed back into his clothes. Rain struggled with the lacing because it was on her back and Hector came up behind her.

"Here," he said, and her arm dropped as his hands tied off the laces. His hands came around her from behind. "You have no idea how badly I still want ye back in that bed."

"Hmm," she said, smiling. "you know it's for the better right now."

"Aye, I do," he replied, kissing her neck. "But still."

"You should go downstairs," Rain suggested. "Show everyone you're alive."

Hector took in Rain's scent before heading downstairs and letting go of her waist reluctantly. F-ing Tia and Sparrow's crew.

"Den, you will need a captain who knows dose waters," he caught Tia saying, coming close to the stairs. Barbossa walked slowly down the stairs, not liking Tia very much at the moment. He faced the crew.

"So tell me," he said. "What's become of my ship?" Jack crawled onto his shoulder and screeched and he took a huge bite out of an apple.

"Captain Barbossa!" Ragetti exclaimed as the old captain came to join them. "You're alive."

"Not even a bullet can slow me down I s'pose," he replied, glancing to Tia. She read his expression being a mixture of hate and predictably fake gratitude. He found Elizabeth in the crowd. "Ah, missy's in this one too."

"Jack shot you," Elizabeth said plainly as if she didn't believe what was before her eyes.

"Yeeeah," Barbossa said, rolling his eyes and taking another bite of the apple. "And I hate him for it, though yer timing be e'en worse..."

"Rain!" Ragetti exclaimed and he ran to her. Barbossa looked back to see his lover standing at the bottom of the stairs, smiling at the sight of Ragetti. How had he missed that? Rain grasped Ragetti into a friendly hug.

"He's alive," he whispered. "tol' ye Tia could do somethin' 'bout that."

"You did," she whispered back, letting go of the pirate.

"Rain?" another lad asked sitting at a table, pulling a dagger out of it.

"That's me," Rain said, eyeing him.

"My name is Will Turner," he said. "And this is Elizabeth." The remainder of the crew introduced themselves, forgetting manners. Not that Rain cared.

"And, if it ain't obvious, I be Hector Barbossa, but you are now to call me Captain Barbossa... with the exception of a few of us." Rain smirked, hearing his intention towards her.

"Well, don't jus' stand here!" Tia said. "What's there to be done at my place?"

"Aye, let's get moving," Gibbs said. "Though, we kinda need a ship."

"We'll think of something," Rain reassured him. "But for now, I need to have a conversation with the new captain. Tia, why don't you..."

"Actually," Tia said, giving Rain a glance that said 'one step ahead of you'. "I need the crew to do one thing for me." Rain had Barbossa in the next room before she even heard what Tia was asking of them. They heard the crew pile out of the place and Barbossa looked to Rain.

"What's wrong?" he asked. She smirked, shooing Jack off of Hector, which the monkey was relentless until she flicked him. He eyed her closely, reading her perfectly.

"You clever..." she smiled wickedly and kissed him before he could say anymore. He had her atop a table minutes later.

"I can't believe you can't resist me for even less than 20 minutes," he said.

"You saying you were finished from before?" she asked, perhaps a little too smartly.

"Hell no," he whispered.