It was that night and the girl whose name was nicole and I were walking through a cemetery.

"you ever been in cemetaries?"

"well yeah but not….not with anyone save for funerals."

"right. I love them I practically live here. Im not like. A ghost or anything I just really. Like them."


"where ya from?"

"ca and you?"



"my friend lives here. Well I shouldn't say lived since hes not actually here. I mean hes living as a ghost. I was tthere when he. When it happened. And at the hospital."

"oh wow. I don't like hospitals."

"yeah the river took him. The car went into the river and…."

"yeah got it."

"ok. He saw this beautiful ghost on the bridge which distracted him. The ghost I mean not the bridge."


"they couldn't save him. Hes been in my dreams. He never found answers about his mother. Um. So theres another café here ill show you. Actually there are 2. Oones downtown theyre both café bars. Actually. You drink actually youre probably too young. But the café was built under a bridge that the water flooded however long ago. Yeah people stay away from us bc of that. And other. Reasons. So do you have a costume? And what kind are you looking for?"

Nicole finally let me talk.

"I do but I havent unpacked yet, so. And im not sure."

"right. Oh I know you should be light. The people in the town will get it."

"ok why. I mean why should I be light?

"that's what your name means right? Lucy Lucinda? Light?"

"actually its just lucy."

"oh. But its taken off Lucinda."

"yeah. Im ok w/ that."

"ok. I have lots of costumes."

"ok. Yeah we all have biblical names except for simon and my dad. The twins are sam and david, my other brother's matt my other sister's mary. My dad's eric. He's a reverend and still plans to be here. My mom doesn't have a job other than that. Marys in college. You should meet them. And elizabeth is matts girlfriend. My moms catherine."

"ok nows as good a time as any."


"so youre churchgoing people."


"oh. Ok good since I know of a church around here."

"ok. Mary matt and simon are all older. Its nice here its quiet. Still."

"yeah thats what I like about it."