This was originally for a contest: "Show what you/a Harry Potter character see when you look into the Mirror of Erised."

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A Dusty Room

She used her wand to illuminate the dusty storage room. The softly muttered lumos was quickly dampened by the extraneous boxes and covered items. Her wandering gaze rested only briefly on the curtain-covered object before coming to rest on the small box sitting in front of it. She had meant only to come in this room to hide, to escape the endless taunts and teasing remarks. They thought that because she didn't react, didn't seem to mind, they had the right to take and sully her things, call her names, and otherwise humiliate her.

Ordinarily, she didn't mind as much; she had grown used to it, expected it. But sometimes, it was too much. Sometimes she just wanted to cry. These feelings did not happen often, but when they did, they were overwhelming. It was all she could do to find some place away, where they would not find her, would not tease her for her weaknesses and oddities.

She had run down the castle's passageways, not paying any heed to her direction. She was even now unsure as to how she would get back, but that didn't concern her. She would find her way back; she always did. As she brushed her tears away, she approached the small, white box and bent down only to discover that the box's presence had been but an illusion. Its disappearance served only as a temporary distraction as the hidden object drew her attention. It was taller than it had seemed from across the room, and as her curiosity got the better of her, she pulled the drape away. Hidden beneath was the reflective surface of a mirror.

She did not notice the words etched at the top for her gaze was held by the image in the mirror. Her hair was styled and she was wearing an outfit that was chic and unlike her. What startled her the most were the actions of the others in the mirror. The ones who had earlier been taunting her were now slapping her back in camaraderie and waving cheerily. One of her worst tormentors had his arm over her shoulders, and he leaned down to whisper something in her ear. Her mirror-self giggled and blushed. The sight saddened her for she knew it was not to be, and it was with a sigh that she replaced the curtain. They would never want her. Who would? She was an outcast and alone. She turned to find another place to stay, one that held fewer… sights.


It was several years later and the same girl walked into the same, unchanged storeroom. This time, her entrance had not been accidental. This time, she had come looking, seeking to find this memory from her past. Much had happened since her first look into the mirror, and much had stayed the same.

One of the most visible changes was in her demeanor. Her steps were no longer the meek and timid shuffle that she had earlier used. Her strides were so sure and confident that she blinked in surprise when she reached the curtained mirror. Her hand showed little hesitation as she moved the cloth aside. As she gazed into the mirror, her face cracked into a smile, for looking back at her were the faces of her friends. They looked no different than they had when she had left them minutes before; it was only their setting that had changed.

With a grin that was as broad as it had ever been, she deftly waved her wand to restore the curtain's position and turned to rejoin her friends without a backwards glance.

This was originally meant to be Luna, but I will leave the final decision of who she is up to you.

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