When Beasts Meet

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Summary: While returning a book to Raven, Beastboy mistakenly reads a spell out loud, resulting in an unexpected guest who will change him in ways no one thought possible.

Challenge by Dragon Wizard 91

Wizard 91 Beta: Dragon Wizard 91

Regular speak

Thoughts and Emotions talking to person outside mind

Demonic or Animalistic speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

non-demonic Higher Beings will change depending on mood

Translating to English

"Raven, are you in there?" Beastboy asked loudly from outside her door. This normally meant A) He was pulling a prank, B) He was apologising, or C) Trying to get her out of her room and join in an activity. Which happened most often, no one was sure. This, however, wasn't a normal time. He was actually returning a book that ended up in his room somehow. Not surprising really, they had gotten a few things mixed up when they were spring cleaning. No one let it go when Starfire's bra ended up in Robin room...'Or when we found my boxers in Raven's room,' The green changeling thought with a chuckle. Raven had had her hood up, but he still saw her blush when they found them. No one made a joke about him with that since he was the one that found half the stuff. Robin still owed him for getting his pink underwear, with bats on it, away from Cyborg, and from anyone else, before he realised he had them.

He found it odd she didn't answer. He hmmed to himself as he wondered where she was, 'Not on the roof, the birds are chirping up there too much for her taste. She wasn't in the common room. She didn't leave the building, I would heard the doors opening or smelled her energy when she phased through the wall,'Yes, Raven's powers did give off a scent when she used them,'She's not in her room at the moment, but she was recently. Hmmm, must be Nevermore.' Beastboythoughtto himself as he typed in the password to her door. Why she gave it to him, would be a mystery if the others knew. He himself, had a few ideas, but he decided not ask. Not like he couldn't get in if he really wanted to anyway.

As the door opened, his nose smelled the lingering scent of burnt incense, something that was almost always in Raven's gothic room. He walked over to the book shelf and sat the book on top of a random shelf before noticing that there was room on a higher shelf. He reached up and made some space for the book, and accidentally knocked the book brought in, to the ground when he reached for it. He looked at the page it opened to and noticed some large, bold print at the top of a page. Curious, he brought the book up and looked at the writing, 'Nomag wux yor kiarf de vi weyotipre wux.'(Draconic Translated: May you learn much from a different you.)

"'Nomag wux yor kiarf di ve weyotipre wux'. Hmmm,strange chapter title." He mused to himself, not noticing he mispronounced two words. As he put the book in the space, his ears perked up as he detected a small rumbling, which was increasing before an explosion erupted behind him.(Draconic Translated: May you learn much of me different you.)

"What the!-" He yelled as he landed on his back and looked towards the explosion, only to be met with very familiar emerald eyes, which were very close to his...

Nevermore, few minutes earlier

Raven couldn't decide if she should be happy, angry, or a little freaked out by the scene in front of her. In front of her was Rage...unchained...calm...and reading. This was the scene Knowledge had led her to after half an hour of constent insistence. She was actually reading, since they were all memory scrapbooks. The thing that was very irritating, was that all those kind of books were colored to represent a specific person, place, or thing that went with the memories in it...and all the books here were green.

Everyone thought that Raven disliked or hated-depended on who you asked-Beastboy because of his annoying behavior, jokes, clumsiness, etc. This wasn't true at all, though she did find him annoying at times, even if he was being...sweet. The real reason she tried so desperately to push him away all these years was very simple yet incredibly odd. She was afraid of him. Not in the sense that he was scary to her or anything. Ever since they had first met, he had been able to affect her emotions in ways she thought impossible. Though she kept her face stoic almost all of the time, his words alone had more effect on her than her father's influence. He had made Timid confident for a few brief moments, Brave flinch in fear, Knowledge stumble over her words, Happy depressed, and so many other things. Nearly every emotion had been affected in a way they shouldn't have been able to be. Only a few had been unaffected in such a way, namely Rage(until now) and...Love.

Ever since Affection, who only evolved into Love AFTER Malchoir's betrayal, started focusing on Beastboy, Raven had been even more worried about what he could do. 'Irony. The one person that can understand me, the person that can break through my emotional walls, the one person that may ever truly love me in any way...and I'm too scared of what he does to me to act on my feelings for him!' Raven thought to herself miserably as she choked back a sob.

"You know, if you don't try something soon, someone else is going to take a shot at him." Lust said absently, sensing Raven's thoughts. She, like the rest of the emotions, was wearing a cloak, hers being a perfect mix between red and purple. Her leotard was different though. It had a diamond shape cut, showing her stomach. It was also tighter, showing off her curves more. She changed it at times, but mostly kept it like this so Raven could talk decently when she was around.

"Raven, I know that you are scared, but has Garfield not proven to you time and again that he is worthy of our trust...and our heart?" Wisdom asked as she walked up next to Raven.

"I know he is...but I'm just so confused. Why is it he affects us like this?" Raven asked in a strained and confused voice.

"Isn't it obvious?" A warm voice called out. Raven looked over and saw Love, wearing a deep, sensual, purple cloak. She had a gentle, kind smile on her face.

"What? You have anything to do with it?" Raven asking, meaning it to be rhetorically.

"In a way, yes," She answered, bring up her hands to stop any surprised responses, including Rage who had looked up from her book in surprise, "Please let me explain," She pleaded as they relaxed, "Now Raven, you have been taught that Demons have emotions, but lack one's such as happiness and love. This isn't true," And just like that, every eye that wasn't hers went wide in shock, "But there is something that cause many demons to lose them. A demon's ultimate weakness is their heart, and I don't mean the physical one. A demon can only truly give it's heart to one person. They are suppose to give it to what most humans describe as a soulmate, but often give it to the wrong person. Raven, do you know what the difference between a Demon giving its heart away and a human doing it?" She asked, getting a shake of the head, "When a human gives away their heart, it's a figurative thing, they havenothingtruly holding them to that person if they decide to leave each other. When a demon, however, gives away its heart, they can never give it to another or take it back. It doesn't matter who they love, what they do to you, or even what they really think of you as! A demon will forever follow that person unless they actually say they don't want the demon around, and even then, after they have been consumed by hate and despair, they will never harm that person or knowingly allow them to come to harm!" Love paused to regain her breath and composure, "For all intents and purposes, you belong to whoever has your heart."

Raven just stood there, eyes wide as she let what she heard sink in, "Perhaps it would be better if my heart is never given away?" Raven wondered out loud to herself.

Love sighed as she rubbed her forehead, "You really are thick, you know that Raven?" She asked, rather bluntly, getting a confused look from Raven and the other emotions, "Our heart already belongs to someone, he just doesn't know it yet," She explained with a slightly dreamy look.

"Beastboy," Raven and the others, including Rage, said at once.

The others may have said something, but Raven didn't hear as she walked back to the portal. As she did, she began to think, specifically about Beastboy. She had already admitted that Beastboy had proven himself worthy in just about every way. She kept wondering though, if Beastboy was given such control over her, would he take revenge on her? The answer, probably in some form. She knew Beastboy, he wouldn't do anything that would damage their relationship, but he was an opportunist and exploited things. It was subtle, but she knew he took advantage of things, just in an unusual wayat times. Then came all the images Lust sent her. No one knew this, but...Lust gave her wet dreams that always involved her in some submissive way. When she asked, Lust told her that they had a desire to not haveto be strong and give someone else control. Her issues with her father made that seem like a truly impossible fantasy until his demise. Now that she thought about it, it seemed like some higher power was granting her that fantasy in its greatest form. Now the question was: Did she trust Beastboy enough to truly give herself to him?

As she stood in front of the Forbidden Door, tears ran down her face as she walked through, her mind made up...

Real World

Raven looked around her room in confusion as the dust swirled around and she wiped the tears from her eyes. She used her powers to open the window and the door as she sensed the others coming. "What happened?" Robin asked as he, Starfire, and Cyborg raced through the door way.

"Don't know, I just came back from my mind," She answered with a shrug, having told Starfire and Robin about that a little while after the failed end of the world.

Before either could say anything, Cyborg charged and aimed his sonic cannon in one direction. "Guys, we got company!" They all looked where he was pointing, waiting to see if it was an enemy. They could make out the outline of someone. As the dust cleared, their eyes almost flew out of their sockets.

Standing there, next to a very surprised Beastboy, was a surprising and beautiful woman. The surprising part was that she had green hair, eyes, and skin. Her ears were pointed and her eyes were slit. Her flowing hair went down to between her shoulders, with a few ends curling out and up in a way that made her seem more wild without being unattractive in any way, perhaps the opposite even. Her clawed hands and sharpened fangs, one sticking out, added to the feral look. She had a figure that most girls would kill for. She had an hour-glass shape, with a very nicely shaped ass, and a bust that was surprisingly only mid C-cups. Even with that average size, she could still give a person wet dreams, regardless of gender. Her suit, made of spandex, was similar to Beastboy's in design and colors, only it was a very revealing two piece. Her top only went down a few inches away from her belly button and her sleeves went to the middle of her upper arms, showing her arms. They weren't like a body builder, but it was obvious there was some punch in those arms. Her bottom shorts was best described as a spandex boxer, due to their size, showing off her well toned legs. Her eyes were what got everyone's attention, cold and ruthless. All in all, she was really making sure she was very intimidating and very hot without losing anything in either department. Which is why Starfire and Raven were gaping, while Robin and Cyborg tried not to blush,...or drool,...or both.

A shiver went up their spines as she growled at them. All the while Beastboy was looking at the girl that looked like a female version of himself. Amazingly he didn't blush or drool, but he was still to shocked to do so. He could only wonder, 'Is it wrong that I'm incredibly turned on right now?'

End of Chapter

Well there's the first. Before anyone asks why I used a fictional language, simply because that there was a way of making a small mistake in saying that line that still made some sense. Well, Beastboy accidentally does a spell and does it wrong, the reason why Raven pushes him away is revealed, and someone new is in the tower. Questions to Ponder: Any one know what the spell did and/or what it was suppose to do? Did Raven's reason for being scared of Beastboy make sense? Or Love's explanation of Demon hearts? What was Raven decision? Lastly, whose the green chick? Read & Review!