When Beasts Meet

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A.N. First attempt at a lemon. Dragon Wizard 91 edited a little as well.

The entire room was in silence as the Titans all stared at the feral, green woman. She looked at all of them with the same cold indifference, until she looked at Raven. For a very brief instant, something unreadable flickered in those green eyes. She didn't even look at the awestruck Beastboy. She appeared calm, but her thoughts were anything but calm.

'Okay Beastgirl, try to stay calm and not kill anyone. I'm currently surrounded by what appears to be gender-bent versions of my team and me. Hmmm, so that's what a female Crow looks- Dammit stay focused! Judging by the looks on their faces, they're not clones. By the smell of magic, someone- probably the male me- accidentally read a spell, and read it wrong most likely. Crow still hasn't figured out why or how I can do spells, hehe. Dammit, why did I have to get summoned here right when I was about to have some fun with Crow!' She thought to herself, using every bit of acting experience she had to keep her face as cold and intimidating as possible, 'Okay, I have three options. A, I kill people until my hormones go down. Never a real option for me, but still there. B, I fight these guys and anyone else I can until I'm no longer horny. Kicking a male Robina in the balls sounds fun, so does a cat fight with a female Starflame and female Crow. Might want to be careful when taking down Cybirya's male version,' A grin was barely suppressed at these thoughts, 'Final option is working out hormones the way most teenagers do. Dammit, I hope I don't have to do that with any of them. Hmmm, on second thought, I wouldn't mind having fun with Crow's counter part if I have to. As for the male me...not like I haven't done something like that on nights when Crow's not around. Okay, Do option B, then C if I have to, and avoid doing A.' She came out of her thoughts just as the others were breaking out of their shock, "Sorry," was the only thing she said as shr launched herself at them.

Robin brought out his staff just in time to stop her claws from cutting his face, "Easy! We don't want to hurt you!" He said as he tried to keep her extended claws away from himself, as all the other Titans pointed their own attacks at the girl. 'Damn she's strong! I don't know what happened, but this definitely isn't just a female version of Beastboy,' Robin thought to himself, trying to avoid any dirty thoughts going into his head with the green girl so close to him.

"Same here, but regrettably I don't have much choice," She said, getting confused looks, "To put it bluntly. I'm really, REALLY horny right now!" She said calmly yet strongly, her face barley a foot away from Robin's blushing face, "And unless I do something to calm down, this will end badly," She said, enjoying the discomfort she was causing to the boy wonder.

"An-anything we can do to, um, help?" He asked a little nervously, trying not to sound perverted in any way. Cyborg was snickering at him. Starfire looked a little upset at the actions of the green girl.

"Yeah, this!" She yelled as her left leg shot up between Robin's legs, delivering a kick so strong that it brought him off the ground for a second, causing the others to gasp in surprise. He proceeded to fall and hold his abused balls, and curl into a fetal position.

"Wha-what the hell was that for!" He screamed, his voice a bit higher then normal, the pain putting him on the edge of consciousness.

"If the stick up your ass is as big as Robina's, then that was long over due," She said before looking at Starfire and sniffing, "Strike that, if the only thing you and the princess have done so far is a few little make out sessions, it's worse." She said, causing Starfire to rush to her Boyfriend's side. "Now are we going to fight cause my hormones are getting worse here!" She yelled in frustration. Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg looked at each other before charging. "That's more like it!" She yelled as she jumped over Cyborg's arm and slammed into Starfire. To the surprise of the others, Starfire was not only forced to the ground, but through the wall behind her. The dust cleared to reveal Starfire trying to push Beastgirl off of her and she was not faring too well. Cyborg went to pull Beastgirl off, but her right leg turned into a monkey leg and crushed his wrist, twisted it and some how electrocuted him. The end result was him in need of a new arm and a reboot.

She used Starfire's surprise to throw her down the hall. She was surrounded by black energy and was smashed into the roof, then floor, then the roof, and so on for a few moments. Raven and Starfire approached the clearing dust cautiously. To their surprise, she was nowhere to be seen. In an instant, Raven was turned around and was lip-locked with the Female Beastboy. Before Starfire could do anything, Beastgirl was groping her breasts. They tried to fight her off weakly, but couldn't find the strength. An unusual feeling crept through them as she groped them and she went back and forth with kissing them. It felt like electricity was coursing through every pleasurable spot in their body. For an instant, one of her clawed fingers poked each of them. The next instant, their heads were getting heavy before they collapsed.

Beastgirl smirked at her handy work, "Looks like self-duplication has more advantages then I thought," She muttered as she remembered her own shock when she accidentally made a complete clone of herself and later absorbed it. "Hmm, now where'd my-" She started before her eyes went wide as she ducked as a green tiger barely missed her. It turned around and growled at her. She stared at it as she sniffed the air, 'So I wasn't imagining things, they are all virgins. Unless this world is drastically different outside the gender swap, this is also the past compared to my world.' She thought to herself as a bead of sweat developed on her head. She wasn't afraid of her male self. She knew she could take him in his current state, 'But that's what I'm afraid of,' She thought as her hormones increased.

She turned into a lioness as the tiger charged her again. The two big cats swiped and dodged rapidly, their battle being led away from the other titans. They soon started changing at a rapid pace to try and gain the upper hand on the other. Eventually, they found themselves in the now wrecked common room, Beastboy as a bear and Beastgirl as an over-sized boa constrictor, both panting as they watched each other. Almost simultaneously, they both returned to human form.

Beastgirl smirked for a second, "Still have so much to learn," She commented before letting out an ear piercing screech, almost like a banshee would. Beastboy fell to his knees as he clutched his ears in agony, wondering how she could stand her own screech, as the windows began to crack. He looked when it stopped, only to see she wasn't there. She tackled him from the side and pinned him to the floor. He looked up and saw that she had a strained and uneasy look on her face. "Sorry, I've been trying to avoid this, but fighting isn't enough now," She said as her lips smashed into his, causing him to go wide eyed.

Lemon Warning

Her slender hands worked their way down, cutting the spandex, but not the skin. One hand held Beastboy down, as he started losing himself to his own lust, and the other worked at removing the clothes. In a few moments, they were both naked as they both examined each other. Beastgirl examined Beastboy with admiring eyes. He didn't appear much by most human standards, but she saw things far differently than humans. His muscles were small because they were denser than humans. His blazing slit eyes, that shined in the darkest of places. His claws that could cut through almost anything, yet were used with the greatest care. His scent was addicting and it would make any creature shake in fear if he learned to use it correctly. Her eyes looked towards his manhood, if only for an instant, and was amazed by it. The jumpsuit would give the impression that he wasn't that big, but that wasn't the case. If she had to guess, he was nearly ten inches long. 'I'm betting he can change his size,' She thought with slight grin.

Beastboy too, despite his predicament, admire the goddess on top of him. Her breasts were now high D-cups instead of C-cups. Her claws were like his, yet seemed more delicate. Her well toned and sexy body was enough to get his erection going. Her eyes were like his, but different. Her eyes spoke of power and a cold loneliness. The loneliness of being the only one like yourself. Something he had tried to ignore in himself. Her scent was delicious, and all of his instincts demanded he take this girl as his mate. He honestly thought about it, but it seemed wrong, like doing a relative you never knew.

Beastgirl saw the hesitation and internal debate in his eyes and knew that he wouldn't be an alpha- yet. The only thing she could now was settle her hormones. She grabbed his manhood and gave it a squeeze. Beastboy wasn't sure if it was pleasure or pain that sent a shiver up his spine. She lined it up with her aroused cunt and dropped herself onto it, plugging into her depths. She threw her head back and moaned in pleasure as she bounced herself furiously, "Oh, fuck yes!"

Something in Beastboy snapped at this point, 'If I can't stop this, might as well enjoy it!' He thought as he started massaging her left breast and suckling the other with his mouth. His free hand grabbed her firm ass and helped her pace. He wasn't completely sure what to do, but since he didn't have a choice, he'd wing it this time.

Beastgirl looked at Beastboy's eyes and saw the irises shrinking and growing erratically. 'So this is what Crow said happened our first time. Damn, when this is over, I hope this guy doesn't give me any trouble if and when I can go back. I really hope Crow won't be upset that this happened,' She thought to herself as she kept bouncing, knowing her boyfriend was understanding under normal circumstances, but this wasn't very normal even by Titan standards.

There was a brief instant where Beastboy paused, even as Beastgirl continued. Suddenly, he flipped them so he was the one on top. "My turn." He growled out. Beastgirl looked up and noticed that his irises were now incredibly small. His strength had increased tremendously and his fangs had lengthened some. He held her arms above her head with one hand and held her ass with the other. He lower his mouth to her neck when he felt a great deal of fear coming off her. He drew back and saw in her eyes that she was pleading him not to mark her. In his current state, he normally wouldn't comply with this, but as said before, this wasn't normal.

"Don't worry, I won't mark you, bitch. But, you'll be wishing I did by the end!" His beastly voice taunted gleefully at the female pinned beneath him.

Beastgirl put up the best mask of anger she could, "Try it boy, you're not even Alpha enough to tame me!" She said, even as he chuckled. She winced as his hand squeezed her wrists tighter.

"The only reason I haven't turned you into my personal Sex-pet, is because of that half-demon's scent on you. He's probably as fragile as Raven is, and if he is, he'd just about die without you!" He lowered his face in front of her, watching the fear grow in her eyes, "Just know this cunt! If you end up stuck here, no matter where you run or how fucking powerful you are, I will make you MY bitch!" He declared before kissing her savagely and started pounding into her with at a speed and strength that could damage regular humans.

Even as she was dominated, Beastgirl couldn't help but feel aroused by his words. The echoing claim, combined with his powerful thrusts and forciful kisses, nearly drove her to the edge. As a female, her instincts told her to find a powerful mate that could give her strong children and protect her if need be. This usually led a female to finding a male that could and would dominate her. Crow was powerful amd a great lover, but he wasn't an alpha over her. The feeling of having that old desire satisfied, nearly made her wish Beastboy did mark her.

Beastgirl moaned, almost helplessly, as Beastboy's mouth savagely bit and sucked her breasts as she moaned in pleasure. His free clawed hand traced her curves and left small cuts that healed almost instantly. They soon reached their orgasms and let out low roars filled with intense pleasure.

End of Chapter

Well, there's Chapter 2 and my first attempt at a lemon. First off, Beastgirl kicked their asses so easily with so little effort because they were surprised and were some what worried about hurting her.(They underestimate BB, they do the same to her at first) Now to clear up the part about where Beastgirl is from- a gender-bent universe that is also in the close future.(Close being less than ten years) So, Questions to Ponder; What happened to BG that made her this powerful and so different from her male self? How powerful is she? How different is her world from this one? What was she going to do with Crow? What happened to Beastboy? What will it do to him? How was the lemon? Any advice on writting lemons?