Bella POV.

"Dad?" my voice echoed in the empty hallway, "I'm home." I dropped my bags at the bottom of the stairs and ventured into the kitchen, afraid of what I might find. Charlie had never been one to be a very social person; he was more quiet and sheltered. Some times, I wish he was more like my mother. Other times, I'm glad he's just the way he is.

"Bells? Is that you?"

I muffled my voice. "No. It's so random stranger who happened to get into your house. Seriously, Ch-Dad." It had still taken me a while to get used to calling him dad, compared to Charlie. Old habits die hard I suppose.

"Where've you been?"

"With Jacob."

Charlie turned around to look at me, and the saucepan he was cooking in was in sudden danger of being knocked off. I stepped forward to help him scrape the eggs off the bottom of the pan, and finished off the meal by buttering the toast. I sat down on the wonky chair, nearest the fridge.

"I'm glad to hear you're spending time with your other friends these days, Bells."

I shuffled uneasily in my seat. Sure, I was spending time with them, but I was spending triple that time with Edward.

"Yeah. Well, I figured I needed to keep some space between me and Edward."

Charlie looked like the sky had opened and the sun had beamed down into the cold kitchen. I was genuinely surprised by his reaction.

"Everything alright between you two?"

"Yes, well, I haven't seen him since Sunday. You know, with the Cullens going camping and all." I felt so bad about lying to Charlie, but then, some things are better left untold.

"How's Billy these days?" he interrupted my train of thought as he stood up to clear the sink.

"Good, good. Jake said that he's almost getting better - they can't believe it. Apparently Leah's taken a turn for the worst though."

"Poor girl. If I ever meet that street mob that hurt her, I'll...I'll," Charlie stammered, and I realized his fists were clenched in balls of anger. I stood up and rubbed him on the shoulder.

"We all know it wasn't her fault, Dad. Just bad timing." Leah had been in a street brawl, protecting an innocent teenager who happened to be the focus of an angry mob. Somehow, they go the better of her. Suddenly I felt dizzy.

"Bells? Everything okay?" Charlie looked concerned; I'd grabbed his arm and pulled him over to the table as I sat down. It couldn't be, could it? They couldn't be Edward's cousins. Never. But then they did fit the descriptions Emmett had told us. It would also explain the reason for Edward's sudden anger and the topic of Leah's incident.

"Sure, dad. Just feeling a bit sick. There's been flu going around." Charlie looked like a stunned fish and I half expected him to seal all the windows and doors shut. Typical Charlie reaction.

"I'm find dad, honestly. I've got to get homework done anyway." I stood up, gave him a reassuring hug and clattered up the stairs to my room.

Like usual, Edward was leaning against the window. Unlike usual, he was angry.

"Where've you been?" he growled, quietly. I glared at him before shutting my door with a silent click. He knew better than to push his luck by being discovered by Charlie. Charlie would have a fit if he knew Edward had been coming in through my window.

"I went to see Jacob. Then I came home," suddenly I felt like Edward was a father figure. Over-protective. "Why? What does it matter to you?" Wow. I really was grumpy tonight.

Edward flew to my side and grabbed my hand.

"What does it matter to me? Everything, Bella! Jacob's a good for nothing, lonely dog." Edward snarled, completely out of his normal character. I pulled my hand away in an instant.

"What? Edward, this isn't like you. You know I'm friends with Jacob. That's all it is, nothing else."

Edward glanced up to meet my eyes. "You smell like dog."

I was shocked. This wasn't the Edward I knew. He'd always been off to Jacob, that wasn't nothing unusual, but tonight he was being decidedly horrible.

"Edward. Stop it. I love you, and that's all it'll ever be. "

Edward growled, a rough sound that sounded like metal against metal.

"I told you not to spend time with him."

This was it. "I'll spend time with whoever I want!" I almost yelled, scared to raise my voice knowing Charlie was downstairs.

"It's dangerous, Bella! I'm worried about your safety."

"You shouldn't be," I snarled back, "Jacob can look after me just as well as you can." Edward was suddenly by the window again.

"Seems like you know him a bit better than I thought," he hissed, before leaping into the dark night. His presence lingered in the room, before disappearing into the night like a wisp of smoke.

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