Seshumaru The Other Tail

You've heard the side that every body loves, the good guys, InuYasha's group. This time lets hear, his older brother's story. He may not be the good guy or even the bad guy, but he's still in the story. It's after Kagome graduated collage and went back to the feudal era to be with InuYasha.

From time to time, Seshumaru would came by to see Rin. A little human girl who followed Lord Seshumaru everywhere. She has been living with Kiaday at her village ever since Niraku has been defeated.

As the years went by, Seshumaru came by less and less. Rin began to feel sad and lonely as the times between Seshumaru's visits lengthened.

Kohaku began to take an interest in Rin as she grew older. At fourteen she was the second beauty of Kaede's village. Kagome was the first. But now she's in her mid twenties and married to InuYasha with two kids, Tia (daughter 16) KuroiInu (son 10).

Now this tale will begin...

End prologue