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This will be taking place with Dawn leaving Ash after the end of the Grand Festival and the end of Ash's Sinnoh League.

Prolouge Part 1

On the Path to

Twinleaf Town

Dawn's POV

It was a beautiful day today. I was walking home from Jubilife City to my hometown, Twinleaf Town. There were a lot of Pokemon flying around, enjoying what today could bring.

Too bad I was alone.

My name is Dawn Berlitz, and just two weeks ago, I lost at being a Top Coordinator. Two days ago, I said farewell to Ash and Brock, two of my closest friends during my journey. I had my Piplup with me. Piplup is my starter Pokemon since the start of my journey. I also have my other five Pokemon: Buneary, Togekiss, Pachirisu, Cyndaquil, and Mamoswine.

I sighed, missing Ash and Brock, and especially Ash. During our journey, I grew to like him more and more until I knew I loved him, but he never returned my feelings. I knew he liked me too. He would love this scene in the forest right now. I sighed and continued walking on with Piplup in my arms. He's always with me, and I won't let anything happen to my Piplup.

"Piplup, I have been thinking on where to go next. How about we go to the Johto region? May went there to participate in the contests there, and what if we go there too?" I asked him. Piplup put a flipper to its beak in thought and then nodded. Johto it is then. I was thinking about what to do in Johto when I heard an explosion. Piplup heard it too and pointed at a plume of smoke inside the forest. "Is it a Pokemon battle? Come on!" I told him as I dashed into the forest.

Inside a small clearing, I saw two trainers. They were in a Pokemon Battle. One trainer had a big mouse with fire on its back. I knew that as my Cyndaquil's final evolution stage, Typhlosion. It looked a bit weakened from the battle. The other trainer had an Eevee. He seemed pretty confident. "Typhlosion, use Flamethrower again!" The trainer with said Pokemon ordered. Typhlosion reared its head and blew out a powerful stream of fire. Eevee leaped up above the danger and glared at its opponent. "Use Trump Card!" Eevee's trainer ordered. Eevee nodded and yelled while its fur glowed. Red, blue, and yellow square-shaped energies fired out and hit Typhlosion pretty hard, sending it back. Luckily, Piplup and I were behind some bushes. "Grr, Typhlosion, use Blast Burn!"

Typhlosion glowed red and fired out a huge orb of fire. It hit Eevee head-on and exploded, sending the Evolution Pokemon sprawling on the dirt. "Yes! I hit it!" Typhlosion's trainer cheered. Eevee got back up after some struggling and looked confident. "Eevee, Shadow Ball!" The other trainer ordered. Eevee fired the Shadow Ball and it hit Typhlosion on the mark, knocking out the brute. "No! Typhlosion, are you okay?" the trainer asked, rushing to the aid of his Pokemon. Eevee jumped back onto its trainer and they left.

I had to know who that trainer was, because that Eevee was surely powerful. I had an urge to battle him! "Excuse me?" I asked, coming from my hiding place. The trainer glanced at me and waved. "What's up?" He asked.

"Who was the boy who battled you just now?" I asked him. The trainer looked a bit shocked, but answered, "That's Mikee Aeros, the best trainer around. He challenged the Sinnoh League a year ago and won, but he let Cynthia keep the title. No one knows why, but he is great." The trainer said as his Typhlosion agreed with a nod. I nodded and ran to his direction.

There was something about this Mikee though. All Eevee trainers usually evolve their Eevee early in their journey, because Eevees are not that great in battle. This Eevee took on a Typhlosion in a battle and won. Maybe he knew what I thought when I didn't want to evolve Piplup that time. I just had to find out.

Suddenly, the ground beneath me gave in and I fell, dropping Piplup out of the hole. I fell on my bottom, hurting myself a bit. "Ow, who dug this hole?" I yelled when I heard laughter from above. Piplup screamed as he was taken. "Piplup!" I yelled.

"Listen, is that a twerpete's cry I hear?"

"It's speaking to me loud and clear."

"On the wind!"

"Past the stars!"


"Team Rocket?" I yelled and saw their hot air balloon. It was the three of them and they held a big magnet attached to their balloon. It suddenly sucked up my Pokeballs. "Ha, we got your Pokemon!" They yelled in unison.

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Now that Team Rocket took Dawn's Pokemon, what can she do now?

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