My newest and best idea I've had yet! I have my crew assembled and they are as follows:

The main crew mates:

-Hector Barbossa (1st mate again, and so sorry to some of you who think he is the true captain. I agree with this statement soooo much, but the story wouldn't be the same if he was the captain. Also, maybe a few years younger, and I mean a few, not a lot! Maybe like three or four.)

-Jack the monkey

-Will (he does not own the Dutchman yet)




-Annamaria (not sure if that's the correct spelling)

-Gibbs (2nd mate)



-Cotton's parrot

-James Norrington

-Mr. Murtogg and Mullroy

The captain: Jack Sparrow

The ship: The Black Pearl

My OC's that are also a part of the crew:

-Rain: a girl from another POTC fanfic called If I Could Only Feel. It's the same as that one, she is Barbossa's lover, but a strong independent girl. She is sly and highly intelligent when it comes to bargaining. She has a caring side for Hector although she secretly hates his monkey to the death. She gets along with others easily, thus blending in very well with any crew.

-Cassius: Jack Sparrow's distant cousin of his aunt's nephew twice removed. They share not a trait with one another except the drive of piracy. He has a way of darkening any situation and when things get dicy, he goes all out and fights until the death. Death just hasn't yet happened for him.

Side people: These are people who are not part of the crew, but the crew will see them throughout this fanfic.

-Tia Dalma (aka Calypso, I do know they are the same person. I'm speaking character/personality wise.)



-My OC Hayden (he's a bar tender)

The enemy: It should be obvious, but I figure to list it anyway.

Davy Jones and crew

*This is obviously a fan-made thing. My crew could never happen based on the movies and the order of events, but I imagine them this way a lot while I'm writing things about them. It's all my fav characters together aboard my favorite ship.*

Summary: The crew complains to be bored and Tia accidentally stirs up some drama after a spell gone wrong: switching Barbossa's body with Will's.