A/N: This is the final chapter of this story! I was glad to have written it through and through and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Enjoy the final chapter!

Chapter Eight: someday

"We were smart to outwit a witch," Will said to Barbossa the next day. He wasn't too wasted last night, so he felt semi-okay today. Barbossa agreed to his statement and they spent some time talking before Jack Sparrow came and took the wheel.

"To Tortuga, Captain?" Gibbs asked in hope. "Ye said it last night."

"You remember last night?" Jack asked. "Wow, I can't even remember that! Good man, and yes, we are going to Tortuga today because I said so!" Gibbs gave off a small 'yes' to himself as he headed below deck. Rain woke up with no Hector beside her and she came onto the deck to see him just standing there. Will was walking away from him.

"Hello," she said, coming up to him and kissing him.

"Mornin' Rain," he said. "We're going to Tortuga, whether we like it or not." She suspected as much.

Sailing there would take most of the day, but they would have their time again. They were just drunk last night, and now they were going to get drunk again. Barbossa reached for a bottle of rum that afternoon.

"I'm drinkin' now," Barbossa said to Rain when she saw him with the rum. "Can't miss it all, but I have somethin' else planned for you an' me tonight." Rain smiled, and Jack the monkey came back to Hector. "He won't be joining us."

"Land ho!" Marty shouted from the crow's nest. The evening was settling in, and Tortuga was preparing for another night of bustle and crowds. Drinks began being served at sunset. The Black Pearl was docked in the harbor and Jack asked Will and Elizabeth to stay and look after the ship. They didn't mind and joining then were Annamaria and Marty.

"One night lasts me for a while," Annamaria explained.

"I like rum," Marty said. "But, last night's got me a little on the woozy side."

Barbossa knocked on the door to Rain's cabin and she answered, seeing him standing there.

"Ready?" he asked.

"For a while now," she replied, taking his arm. He walked her off the ship, taking her to the shoreline rather than the bar. They sat down on the sand, watching the tide come in and out. He pushed back her hair that was getting in her face.

"How much do ye like sailin'?" Hector asked.

"A lot," she said. "Best thing that ever happened to me. I served under a few captains, I just never fell in love with one of 'em."

"I'm glad to be yer first," he said, kissing her on the lips. As they released, he noticed the look in her eyes. "What's wrong?"

"Ye let go," she pretended to whine as she propelled herself towards him, tackling him to make his back hit the sand, her on top of him.

"Damn it Rain," he sighed. "You'll be the reason me back won't be good anymore." She smiled, staring down at him.

"But it's worth it," she said, kissing him as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Aye that'd be true," he told her when she let go after the long kiss. "But I'm gonna have ta make you pay somehow for that... I know..." he managed to switch their positions and he kissed at her neck, making her giggle at first. Giggles turned to soft moans as he came down to her collarbone. This was far better than any rum...

"I envy them," Annamaria said as she watched Barbossa and Rain walk off to the sands away form everyone else. "He'll never betray her, nor she him."

"You envy Barbossa?" Will asked.

"Look at them," she said. "They look so happy together, and carefree."

"That's what love is," Elizabeth said, looking at Will. "The world no longer becomes so important."

"I wish I had a man who would love me truly no matter what," Annamaria sighed.

"It'd be nice," Marty said. "I can't believe Barbossa's found her. Seems hard to sink in sometimes that they still love each other."

"Perhaps one day I'll meet him," Annamaria said. "Then there won't be any more betrayal in one relationship I'll have."

"Sounds like you're lookin' to live the proper life," Will mentioned, but she shook her head.

"I'll always be a pirate, it's too much fun," she answered. "Maybe I'll find someone someday, like you two."

"Thank you," Elizabeth said. Marty looked to his crew mate.

"Just know that when you think you've found him, don't rush it," Marty informed her. "enjoy it like you would the spray of the sea in the morning hours. Life's too short."

"Thanks Marty," Annamaria said. "have you found a girl?"

"Nah, not yet," Marty said. "I haven't been lookin'. I'll know when she's the right one."

"How could you know?" Annamaria asked.

"You just... know," Will interrupted. "It's like a one look and something inside of you is telling you 'hey, this is the one'."

"You guys have been helpful to me," she said, a smile on her face. She stared out into the ocean as a breeze swept through the ship. She then glanced to Barbossa and Rain...

"Let's not watch that," she said to everyone around her.

"Watch what?" Marty asked. Annamaria didn't answer that as she moved away from the side she was leaning on, and instead sitting on the deck.

"If ye are the end of me," Barbossa panted after an hour and a half. "I'll be dyin' a satisfied man." Rain too was out of breath as she lay beside him on the sand. Her dress was open and his effects were resting on the sands along with his coat. She felt his chest raising and falling when her head rested on his body.

"Good to know," she replied breathless. "But... I don't want to be the end of you."

"Me neither," he said. "I want age to be the end of me."

"I can't... believe you're back to yourself and... you had to trick a witch to get it," Rain said.

"Ye have no idea," Barbossa said. "I love ye."

"I love you too, Hector," Rain sighed.