E/O challenge: mark

AN: Sorry for posting late, I wasn't home on Sunday night and did not have a computer available to me. As per usual, this is unbeta'd and all mistakes are mine. 100 word.

Disclaimer: Someone else's toys I just like to borrow to play.

The knife hit it's mark.

"That was too close", thought Sam.

He shut his eyes in exhaustion before quickly opening them searching for his brother.

Dean had been used as a punching bag and then tossed to the side, his flight stopped by a large tree. His eyes were closed and Sam saw a trickle of blood from a cut above Dean's left eyebrow.

Sam dragged himself over to Dean and assessed the damage.

His warm fingers on Dean's throat seem to bring big brother around and Sam was rewarded by a soft moan.

"Shhh, you're safe now".