Okay, so this is totally and completely different from my other stories. It's also been pestering me since before I finished A Downed Dragon. Very, very insistently pestered me. I don't know if you'll like it, it's not a retelling set in modern times, but a soul mate (not romantically) through time story. The movie characters are only referenced, most of them are not in this fic. If everybody shrieks that they hate it then I'll just write it for myself rather than posting it. Still working on the sequel for A Downed dragon.

Disclaimer: Not mine, though I do own the Night Fury figures from Walmart, the Toothless phone strap, and the Hallmark ornament. Yay geek!

Newfoundland, 1905

He stood, watching the waves roll in as he looked to the east as the sun set to the west. While the years, the centuries, have passed unremarked for the most part to him, every year, late in the summer, he would come to the easternmost part of the island to look. To remember.

To remember the one place he would ever consider home. He knew that they would never come back for him. His Rider was long gone, he had been beside him when he passed after a long life. By now if anyone still lived there he would be nothing more than a memory, a legend. Which, granted he'd been even before being brought here for safety. He watched to the east so fiercely, as if by pure will alone he would be able to bridge the miles of ocean to go back there.

This was the one time he would allow himself to feel regret. Not for the loss of the skies, not for being away from the island he would always consider home, but for the loss of his Rider. The one and only person he had allowed to become so close to him. It hurt, even now, a part of him ached with that loss.

He dipped his head, closing his eyes. Normally he would spend more time here, but this time the humans were drawing nearer. These ones were far more persistent than the ones who normally got so irritated with his minor raids on their sheep. It wasn't like he took many, and even then only when his own hunting was going absolutely abysmally. He wasn't sure why they were being so annoying this time, but he certainly wasn't going to stay here long enough to be caught out here daydreaming about the past. He stood up, his mostly useless wings spreading slightly to help his balance. His nostrils flared slightly. They were close, not so much that they, with their weak eyesight would see him in the dusk, not to mention the distance, but far too close for his liking. Stupid humans, being upwind while trying to find him. He snorted at the idea, before turning and heading inland to where there was more cover.