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The accidental kiss

Once Jin was teaching Xiaoyu a super cool move, things were going smooth, until the incident happened. Let me tell you exactly what happened. It all started on a typical Tuesday night, Jin and Xiaoyu were practicing some new techniques of their own.

"Ok, your moves are quick, but can you handle this!" said Xiaoyu doing a triple high kick. Jin smirked and quickly dodged the attack. He did a quick one of his own. As Xiaoyu tried to dodge the attack she fell to the ground.

"Impressive" Xiaoyu admitted "now help me up!"

"Ummm…right" Jin said nervously.

"Xiaoyu" said a voice "where are you?"

"Coming grandpa!" Xiaoyu yelled "I gotta go, bye Jin."

"Bye Xiaoyu" Jin said.

The next day during the tournament, Jin and Xiaoyu were talking in the back room until their name was called.

"Hey, you have to teach me that move!" Xiaoyu exclaimed.

"What move?"Jin asked confused.

"You know the one you did yesterday" Xiaoyu said.

"Ok it goes like this" Jin explained "First, you put your hands like this and then you" "WHOA!"

Just then Jin tripped and ended up kissing Xiaoyu!

"Oh my gosh, what do you think you are doing!" Xiaoyu exclaimed

"Well, I….." said Jin scratching the back of his head

Before Jin could say anything else, Xiaoyu stomped away.

"Hey, Xiaoyu" Jin screamed But Xiaoyu just ignored him and continued talking to Asuka and Julia.

"What's up with you and Jin?" Asuka asked looking back at Jin.

"What are you talking about?" Xiaoyu said as calmly as she can.

"Yesterday you were all"He's my best friend blah blah blah" Julia said in an imitating voice.

"And now you are not talking to him" Asuka finished.

"First of all...I do not sound like that!" Xiaoyu exclaimed "And second, nothing is up, ok?"

"Sure we'll play along." Asuka sighed as they walked in the mall. Jin followed them into every store until Hworang showed up and blew his cover.

"Hey Jin!" Hworang shouted

"Jin!" Xiaoyu shouted "What are you doing in a women's clothing store?"

"Uhhh, shopping?" Jin said nervously.

"Are you spying on, me?"Xiaoyu asked. "I can't believe you, first, you kiss me out of nowhere, and now, you somehow have the nerve to spy on me!"

"Ummm, yes but no" Jin said "I'm sorry; I need a chance to talk to you over this whole thing."

"Fine" Xiaoyu said "Don't just stand there, talk"

"Let's go somewhere, less public" Jin suggested

"Right" Xiaoyu agreed

"I'm really sorry about kissing you, it was an accident." Jin explained.

"Ok, I forgive you for that" Xiaoyu said "but, why would you spy on me like that"

"Oh, I was trying to meet up with you in a less girly store, so I followed you" Jin explained

Xiaoyu smiled and apologized for ignoring him.

"Hey, you still haven't taught me that move yet" Xiaoyu said smiling

"Oh yeah, well, you put your hands like this and then you…." Jin continued.

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