This is my first Fringe fanfiction. I'll present you with the teaser...let me know if you like it and I'll keep going.

-Fringe- Off-key


Peter's head swung over to Walter who was visibly upset by his son's denial.

'But Peter, I don't understand…' his eyes were wide with questions. Walter was breathing shallow, his lids fluttering while he tried to make sense of what he was seeing.

Peter bit down hard on his lip tasting blood.

'Let the old man go, Summers. He is of no consequence.' Continued Peter calmly while avoiding eye contact with Walter. He silently prayed that for once his father would shut up while Peter did the talking.

The two goons flanking Summers moved towards Walter who had stopped just a few feet short of Peter. Peter's pupils dilated in alarm and he stepped forward.

'This is too public to have our conversation. Give me a place and time and I'll meet you there.'

Summers chuckled and shook his head.

'Tsk, tsk, tsk Peter, Peter…the time for niceties is over. Time to pay the piper…'

Summers nodded at the goon on his left.

'Take care of the old man' he ordered

Peter glimpsed the flash of metal in the man's right hand. Instinct made him twist around lunging towards the goon, yelling a warning.

'Walter, RUN!'

He had nearly reached the man when the weapon discharged and Walter crumbled to the ground a red stain forming on his shirt.

'No!' cried Peter in despair seeing his father's lifeless body on the wet ground of the car park.

'I said I'd come with you!' his eyes flashed anger at Summers 'you Bastard!' His fist shot up connecting hard with Summers' chin and the man staggered backwards.

Peter spun around just in time to duck a left hook from goon number one but unfortunately he moved into goon number two's path who hit him hard with the butt of his gun on the back the head.

Searing pain shot through Peter as he stumbled forward, desperately trying to fight off the darkness threatening to overcome him, his eyes fixed on his father a few yards away.

Peter didn't see the next blow coming and his body hit the pavement with a heavy thump.

I always wonder what 'nefarious deeds' Peter got up to in all those years before he joined up with Walter and Olivia, so I thought I'd let my Muse take me into Peter's past.

So, what do you think?