Shades of Gray

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Annabeth Chase-Jackson, demigod, war hero, and Official Architect of Olympus, looked into the mirror and screamed like a banshee.


Her husband Percy, who -up till now- had been enjoying his morning cup of coffee, instantly jumped on his feet, drew his pen/sword Riptide, and raced to the source of the noise.

Said noise was now staring at her reflection, mouth agape with horror.

"What's wrong? Kronos-monster-hellhound….what…?" Percy looked at his wife, confused. None of the above dangers were at all present in the room. In fact, all Annabeth was doing was holding a piece of hair up. On further inspection, he noticed that something was, indeed, off about it.

It was gray.

And not "I've-held-up-the-weight-of-the-sky" gray, either. After the war, Aphrodite had used her powers of beauty to completely erase the shared gray streak the two heroes had. In her words, it was just a gift for "the absolutely most adorably CUUUTE couple ever!"

This ruled out that possibility. No, what Annabeth was holding gingerly was an "I'm the mother of two kids," aging, GRAY hair. His wife, Percy noted, looked like she was going to explode. Or burst into tears. So, of course, he did what any sensible, Seaweed Brain husband would do.

"You've got gray hairs already? Wow, even I don't have any yet!"

As soon as the words left Percy's mouth, he regretted it. Annabeth turned, ever so slowly, to look at him. And at this particular moment, she looked twenty times scarier than Zeus, Hades, and Athena combined. Even Kronos would have run from the look in her eyes.

"What was that, dearest husband?" Annabeth's voice was carved out of ice.

"Uhhh…." Annabeth practically shrieked with rage and grabbed the object closest to her. Which happened to be a hair dryer. Percy may have been invincible, but that didn't mean his wife couldn't nail him in his weak spot. So he did the next sensible thing.

He ran like Hades.

Annabeth's well-aimed throw missed him by a hair, and while Percy ran for his life, he could hear her shriek behind him:


A few hours later, a very nervous Percy reentered the Chase-Jackson household, carrying a new architecture book, roses, and box of Annabeth's favorite chocolate. As he crept in, Percy could smell homemade spaghetti coming from the kitchen, so he cautiously entered.

"Where are Charlie and Luke?" Percy and Annabeth's two boisterous sons had a talent for stirring up trouble, and breaking glass vases. (The family just used steel nowadays. It was cheaper.)

"Uncle Nico had a break from his Underworld duties, so he offered to take them to some zombie movie at the theater."

Annabeth stood in front of the stove, and when Percy offered the gifts, she gave no indication of remembering the incident and simply smiled sweetly. Silently thanking Aphrodite, Percy relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the evening with his wife, happy that everything was okay.

He forgot, of course, that children of Athena had a knack for well-planned revenge.

So Percy didn't notice the slightly sour taste of the sleeping pills in his water that night. And he certainly didn't stir when Annabeth carefully applied gray powder dye to his hair while he was knocked out. And when he woke up, he was still too groggy to realize she mixed more gray hair dye into his shampoo. All of this culminated into Percy stepping out of the shower and looking into the mirror, and then yelling bloody murder.


Annabeth grinned.

AN: So, that was just a little one-shot that randomly sprang up into my head. If you have any questions/comments/criticism, feel free to drop me a review or a PM. If not, I hope you enjoyed!