For a revised chapter, this one is quite short.

When I first started writing this fanfic, I didn't even know there was a manga, so my version of Kirakishou isn't the "loli-eating murderous laughing doll that only exists in the N-field" one. She is just a normal Rozen Maiden doll.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this chapter!

This chapter has been rewritten.

Just as Jun was sealing a promise with Shinku, somewhere else in that very same town, something else was happening, just like destiny had decided that that day would be the one where it'd put it's plan in course.

Tomoe was Jun's classmate, however, normally they wouldn't go home together, since she had kendo practice until later. That day was one such as those. The sun was already setting as she made her way home. However, as she was walking, something appeared in her way.

And quite literally, too. There was a moving truck parked right in the middle of the road. Men were walking around, carrying boxes and furniture inside a house. Tomoe couldn't be more surprised when she saw exactly where they were carrying those things.

It was Enju's old shop, it's big, beautiful window now covered in dust, same dust covering the floor and flying through the air as the men moved around. That shop had been having some meaning to the Rozen Maiden for a while now, and she couldn't shake the feeling that they weren't done with that place yet.

So she decided to take a peek inside, to see just what kind of person had bought the building. But she couldn't see anyone except men putting boxes down and mounting furniture.

"Hum, may I help you?" a soft voice asked from behind her.

Tomoe quickly turned around, seeing a girl that should be about her age, a big sports bag in her hands, and a surprised look on her face.

"Oh, no, I was just wondering who might have bought this place. You wouldn't happen to know, would you?"

She giggled.

"Well, I certainly hope I do know, or else I'd be in great trouble!"

"…?" a puzzled look had settled itself on Tomoe's face.

"I bought it. I'm going to open a shop here by next week."

"What? But… But you look my age!"

"Well, in a way, I probably am about your age. Not that that matters."

"In a way?"

"Forget it, I'm just rambling." She shook her head. "By the way, I'm Laura. Laura… coff coff." her speech was cut short as a cloud of dust came flying from the shop, sending her into a coughing fit.

"Oh god, this place is really dusty! I hope I'm able to get everything ready by next week!"

For Tomoe, something about that green-eyed girl was very mysterious. Maybe she did have something to do with the Rozen Maiden?

"Do you want some help? Me and a friend of mine could come over here after school tomorrow and help you some."

"Seriously? That would be so very nice! I'd always heard that people in Japan were nice, but not like this! Thank you!"

'People in Japan?' thought Tomoe. 'That means she comes from somewhere else, doesn't it? But her Japanese is way too fluent for that… Even though she does look a bit like a foreigner…'

"Well, I have to get home now, but I'll be back tomorrow. It's was nice to meet you."

"Oh wait, I didn't catch your name!"

"I'm Tomoe. Tomoe Kashiwaba."

"Okay, Kashiwaba-san! I'll be expecting you and your friend tomorrow! Thanks a lot for your help!"

As Tomoe went home, Laura entered her shop, tying her long, brown hair into a messy ponytail. She dropped her sports bag, grabbing a suitcase that was close by, and hurried upstairs, entering what would be her room. She put the suitcase down, and quickly exited the room again.

After about half a minute, she came back holding a much smaller box. While she had been gone, the suitcase had opened by itself, and a doll and now pacing around the room, her long, wavy pink-hair tied in two ponytails, and her light olive eye focused on her medium.

"*sigh* Kirakishou, Brother really did screw things up this time, didn't he? I never understood how he manages to disappear exactly when he's needed." She sat down on the floor, a big poufy cloud of dust appearing "And of course, when everything's said and done, he comes back with some phrase that's going to have a huge impact on those who don't understand what's going on! What was it this time?"

"'There are many ways to become Alice.' I believe." the pink-haired doll sat next to her medium, looking at the box in Laura's hands.

"Yeah, that was exactly it. And that Enju! God, I know he was being tricked by that demon Laplace, but still! He was Brother's apprentice, he should've known better!"

"Laura, we're in Japan now. Keep saying Brother and someone is bound to ask questions."

"R-right." She said sheepishly

"And… One more thing. That girl you met today…"

"Oh, she was really nice, wasn't she? To offer to help me and everything…!"

"She has been a medium."

"Oh. Well, that certainly makes our search easier." Laura opened the box in her hands, and inside, two red stoned shone with a magical light. "You know, I never really congratulated you on getting these back from Laplace."

"He's a demon, but he plays by certain rules. I only had to discover the loop-holes. Anyway, that friend she is bringing tomorrow is probably also related to us."

"Of course he is." She sighed. "I once believed in coincidences. Of course, that was before knowing what having this name meant. I… I just wish Br… Onii-sama would take responsibility for something!"


"Well, this is no time for self-hate. We have guests tomorrow, Kirakishou. And…" she looked at the stones. "We have to return these, right?"