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It wasn't happily that Jun left the room, moving to what once had been Enju's workplace. He thought of doing some snooping around, just to see if he could find any more information on that mysterious girl.

But where would he start? The room was a mess of dresses, brushes, accessories, and everything in little scale. Fitted for dolls.

Also, who would even hide something in there? If there was something important to be found about Laura, it would probably be in her room or something like that.

Now that he thought about it, where the hell did she sleep? And eat? Where was even the bathroom? Kirakishou's box? The building was two stories high, but he saw no stairs whatsoever.

Then he heard two pairs of tapping feet behind him. He could hear the dolls' and Tomoe's exclamations, so he guessed that the Trial of… Earth, wasn't it? was being pretty interesting. Who would not want to see that?

He turned around as the dolls approached him, and wasn't that surprised when he saw Shinku. But he was kind of startled when he saw Kirakishou right behind her, and completely astonished when the seventh doll walked past him and pointed to the wall.

Jun, with Shinku behind him, walked to the wall, which was, after a closer inspection, a door. A sliding door. He pushed it open, and behind it, he saw… Stairs.

"Oh. Thanks, I was looking for this, wait, how did you know I was looking for this?"

"I didn't. I simply came to get more popcorn. Suigintou's getting kind of crabby…" the doll eyed him suspiciously. "Why were you looking for this?"

The blonde doll also eyed him. Jun thought that he'd better make up a nice excuse. Quickly.

"I… I was bored, so I was thinking if there wouldn't be something to do around here…"

Neither of the dolls were convinced, but they simply began to walk up the stairs, followed by Jun, now wondering why Shinku was even there.

When he reached the top of the staircase, he was in a little, nice, cute living room, without a television and with a lot of books. He was surprised at the number of languages. German, French, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Italian… That reminded him of how old Laura really was. A few centuries. Even though she was actually still fifteen.

He followed Kirakishou into the little kitchen, where she made some more popcorn for Suigintou. Then, the pink-haired doll left the kitchen, going back to the main floor where the others were.

That left Jun and Shinku.

Shinku was looking down, looking at the same time mad and sad… Jun couldn't say which feeling that was…

"Jun." she said, still looking at the floor. "I… I am sorry."

The boy was taken aback. Shinku was apologizing. So that was what it was. She was… embarrassed.

"I… I made a mistake when I said that we shouldn't trust that girl. She is undoubtedly a Rozen, and she wants to help us as well. I… I should've trusted you. I'm sorry."

Jun kneeled, looking at the doll.

"You know… You don't have to make everything so dramatic. Everything's okay, and Souseiseki and HinaIchigo are going to wake up soon…"

"Of course. Now… Jun…"

"Yes?" he answered kindly, knowing that she was in one of her cute moments.

"Prepare me a cup of tea, servant."

And then again, maybe not.

"What? Do I look like you servant! This isn't even my house, why would I even… AUCH! Don't hair slap me!"

As he got up, rubbing his cheek, Shinku left the kitchen, probably going back downstairs to watch The Trial.

Jun didn't gave second thought to the tea. If Shinku wanted it so much, she could come and do it herself. He had more important things to do.

He hurried out of the kitchen, back into the living room, and thought about where to look for information about that girl and pre-Alice Game life of the Rozen Maiden.

"Maybe in her room..." he thought, opening the door and entering.

It was quite a simple room, not unlike his sister's, but with some things that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Like the freaking huge family portrait hanging above the bed. That was the first thing Jun looked at. There were five people on it, almost all looking very distinguished. There was a woman kind of resembling Laura, but with a much more serene and severe look, even though she still looked kind. There was a man, tall and proud, with a well-shaped beard, who looked like if he was enjoying a private joke inside himself.

Then there was the boy. The dollmaker. The guy that caused Jun's life to be upside down one day. He was smiling shyly, his blonde hair partially over his blue eyes. He probably had girls all over him when... Oh wait, he probably still had tons of girls after him.

There were also the two girls. Identical as two drops of water, yet, Jun could pinpoint which was Alice and which was Laura without much thought.

The same long, brown hair, the same big, green eyes, the same cute little smile and even the same clothes... But Alice had this aura around her, like if nothing in the world could bother her or make her sad. Laura just looked like if she thought that she had better stuff to do than smile all day.

Jun thought about picking up the painting to check the back, but the thing was huge! Maybe on some other time...

He was looking around the room when he spotted something weird. In her dresser, all the drawers had knobs, and when he opened them, he saw nothing but clothes (he quickly closed those, it would be hell if Shinku caught him looking at her underwear). But one of the drawers hadn't a knob, but something that looked like a keyhole in a really weird shape.

Looking at it more closely, it was shaped like a rose... On the inside. Like if to open the drawer, one was supposed to insert a tiny little rose in there...

That drawer plainly screamed "Rozen Maiden Stuff Here!", but Jun had no idea about... Oh. Could it be THAT simple?

Carefully, he inserted his ring of the hole, and moved backwards. The drawer opened.

And inside...

There was a empty bottle, it's cap the same rose that was on the ring.

There was a thick book, without a title and looking older than Jun, probably older than Laura or the Rozen Maiden.

There was a enormous piece of fabric, white, with the same symbol, the rose, all over it.

There was a locket, with some German words engraved on the back, looking quite younger than the book, bottle and fabric.

And there was the object he picked up, another book, this one less thick and in Japanese. He sat down and started reading, not noticing as his surrodings started to look fuzzy and not noticing as the book began to trap him.

In another dimension, Laura watched as Souseiseki finally came out of the woods, when she felt a sudden pain in her chest.

Looking up, past the sky, she realized.

"NO! That.. That wasn't supposed to happen now!" she cried out, making all the dolls (and Tomoe) worried.

"What happened?" asked Souseiseki.

"Jun... Jun entered another dimension. Just like this is the Rosa Mystica's N-field, and use this to return your Rosa Mysticas... Jun entered the dimension where we make you human."

"Human? Like..."

"Yes. Like I am. But... that is a book one shouldn't open alone. The Medium and the doll should be together."

"What if they aren't nano~?"

"I don't know. I'm not Alice."

"Alice?" asked... well, everyone, inside and outside the N-field.

"Yeah, Alice. Or what do you think that book is? A book that changes it appearance to best fit the one that sees it... A book that allows dolls to become human... That book. It isn't nothing more... Than Alice's N-field."


She was worried, she was in panic, and she was never in panic. She ran upstairs, and entered Laura's room.

Jun was there, sitting on the floor, his eyes glassed over and the book shining in his hands.


Without a second thought, she ran to him and jumped on the book. When she fell on Jun's lap, she was already asleep as well.

And so Shinku and Jun were both inside the N-field that had been sealed off by Alice before she died.

And somewhere in a jungle in South America, a young man looked at the sky, passing a head trought his sweaty blond locks, letting a single word escape his lips.