Setting: Jamie and Mandy's Brownstone
Woodley Park

"Gama, candy?"

Amanda looked down at her precious grandson Joey. "No thank you Joey,
Grandma doesn't want any candy."

"Joey!" Mandy yelled, "are you trying to spoil your Grandma's dinner?" Mandy
grabbed Joey's little hand and led him over to the kitchen. As she wiped the
melted chocolate off his hand, she said "Mom, I'm so glad you two could come
over for dinner tonight. Phillip and Delores should be here any minute..."

Amanda smiled, "We're glad we could come too Mandy."

"Hey Mom!" Phillip yelled as he barged into Jamie and Mandy's brownstone
without knocking. "Where's Lee?" he asked as he ushered his wife Delores

"I'm right here!" Lee hollered as he and Jamie walked in from the den.

Phillip continued, "Hey everybody! Guess what!"

Everyone gathered in the foyer and clamored back, "What?"

Phillip could barely contain his excitement, "Delores is going to have a baby!"


"That's great!"

Mandy rushed over to hug her sister-in-law. "You're how far along?"

Delores beamed back "Only two months. We wanted to wait to tell everyone
till we were sure."

Amanda smiled at the beautiful women her sons had married. That silly thought of
adoption popped into her head again. 'No, Amanda, no.' She told herself and
pushed that thought out of her mind. She turned to watch Lee congratulate
Phillip. Lee looked overjoyed.

Lee was thrilled that there would be another grandchild to love. He wondered
if Amanda could tell by his face that he wished he had a child of his own.

Mandy took Delores' arm and said, "We'll have these together!" as she
patted her own belly, now swollen with the life growing within her.

Delores laughed, "Yeah! But you're months ahead of me!" as they made their
way to the kitchen.

Lee placed his arms lovingly around Amanda as they both lingered in the foyer.
When everyone else had made their way to the kitchen and den, Lee sweetly
embraced the love of his life and smiled.

Amanda looked at Lee's inquisitive face, "What?"

"Nothing." Lee replied not so non-chalantly.

"No, really what?" Amanda admired that twinkle in her husband's eye.

"I see that look in your eyes Amanda Stetson."

"What look?"

Before Lee could respond, little Joey sped around the corner.


Lee crouched down to face his buddy. "Yes Joey."

"Candy?" Joey inquired as he held out his now sticky hand.

"Uh, no Joey, no thanks." Lee replied and looked at Amanda. "I definitely
don't want candy."

the end of ep 5

Here's a HUGE SaMKy thanks to ele for her excELEnt help with this story.

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