Name: Koriand'r (Pronounced Kory Anders)

Hair color: Ruby Red

Eye color: Green

Profile: Starfire is the outsider among a group of outsiders. From a far-away planet, she has come to Earth with little knowledge of Earthly ways and culture. For her, everything is a brand-new experience: from eating cotton candy to going to a party. She is the most sensitive member of the group - even trying to understand the motivations of the aliens and villains the Teen Titans must foil. Starfire can fly and disable her opponents with powerful energy blasts.

Starfire was prisoner to an evil race of lizard-like aliens known as Gordanians. Once free of her alien captors, Starfire made her way to earth. Able to absorb the English language through a kiss with Robin, Starfire soon made earth her home and joined the Teen Titans.

Since arriving on earth, Star has gone through some changes. She learned to stand up against her bully of a big sister, Blackfire. And when she underwent the Tameranian ritual of transformation, she gained the ability to shoot lasers through her eyes. Star has deep affection for all her teammates - but Robin holds a special place in her heart.


How Long Is Forever?
Date With Destiny
Can I Keep Him?
Snow blind