Author's Note Filler Chapter

After about two years…

Hey everyone. I thought I'd just let you know that yes, I'm still alive and well but as far as this story, as well as my other PJO story goes… I'm not exactly sure what I'll do. Now, I'm not going to list reasons why I haven't been able to update in about two years or so because there are countless reasons and those, in and of themselves, could take forever to go into. Plus, I feel like everyone understands that life can get hectic. And mine did ever since I entered high school. Instead, I'd rather tell you what my possible options are for my stories and for the future.

I just recently got my muse back for writing PJO fanfics, or rather I got back my muse for writing as a whole which is fantastic. In a sense, I feel alive again. So, I feel that I owe you guys something more than an apology which in all honesty I cannot provide. Because looking back at my stories… They were honestly just shit. And I don't want to go back to something I'm not pleased with. So, here are the possible options for my PJO stories:

For Athena's New Love:

- I could finish it up because I only planned for there to be two more chapters (a smut chapter and an epilogue)

- Letting someone else adopt it if they want a continuation or if they want to finish it up for me in a more prolonged manner.

- Or… I could just scrap it.

For Part of the Hunt:

- I'm not exactly willing to continue it because there are many possible directions it can go therefore, there's a lot of work to be done with. So, I could let someone else adopt it.

- Or scrap it. These are the only two options for this one.

Things I could consider:

- I could give Percathena and Pertemis another go which I'm more than willing to do but we're risking me losing interest or updating late which I tend to do and probably will do more often with all the work.

- Doing another pairing with Percy for the sake of trying something new but I'm not exactly sure who else I ship him with.

- Or I could just write a harem because why the hell not.

Either way, whatever I write will have a more dramatic plot line rather than a goofy one merely focused on romance and some form of humor. Hopefully I can manage a "dynamic plot line" but to do so I'll most likely have to reread the books and maybe get started on that new Heroes of Olympus series. That may take some time in and of itself. Let me know what you guys think. Again, I'm terribly sorry for any inconveniences or disappointments.

~Prince Zero