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"If you come with us, then we'll let your friends go." The Earl's words ran through Allen's head. He scanned the battlefield and managed to find a few of his friends from the Order.

"Don't agree to it, Walker-san!" Johnny called out from somewhere in the rubble.

Allen gazed over at Kanda who was fighting close by. Their eyes met for an instant, agreeing silently on what to do next. "Sorry, but I'm not leaving the Order."He said before charging at the Earl while Kanda quickly deserted his fight with Alma to join Allen in his attack. Only ten steps were taken when he was surrounded by akuma of all different shapes.

Instantly, Allen slashed his hand at them, trying to create a path to the Earl. But whenever an akuma disappeared, another took its place. Their numbers didn't seem to lessen at all and Allen only got more tired.

"Just save yourself the trouble and give up, boy." Allen whirled around to the sound of the familiar voice behind him. Tyki Mikk stood there with a coy smile on his lips. "I'm sure the 14th would very much want to be among family again."

Anger swelled up inside of the younger boy as he screamed."I AM NOT THE 14TH!" He attacked Tyki then, but the elusive young man was able to dodge every hit from Allen's deadly arm.

Suddenly, the Noah vanished, letting his body slide underneath the ground and in his place stood an akuma, laughing hysterically."Nighty-night, exorcist." It said as it released a cloud of green smoke. Allen killed it off quickly and tried covering his mouth to avoid breathing it in, but already too late.

After only a few seconds, Allen Walker fell unconscious into Tyki's (who reappeared)waiting arms.

"Stupid bean sprout!" Kanda muttered when he saw Allen being carried away by Tyki towards one of Road's doors. Going over to stop them, Alma stepped between them. He hacked his katana and managed to slip away.

He was stopped again by Road this time. "Sorry little exorcist, but Allen is ours now." Kanda could only stare past her as Tyki with Allen, and the Earl behind them, went on though.

Allen slept throughout the carriage ride, lying on the seat with his head on top of Tyki's lap. The Earl was sitting across from them, holding onto Allen's darkened hand which had retuned to normal. He clasped a metal band around the wrist. "With this, he won't be able to use his innocence at all. So there'll be a very small chance that he'll manage to run away. And with the Order being entertained, they won't be sending any exorcists for the time being." He let the arm drop, the metal clanged against the wood underneath the seat. "I'll leave him to you (although I'm sure Road would very much like to borrow him every now and then)."

The Noah softly caressed the boy's cheek with his thumb. "I'll make sure to 'convince' him to join our side willingly, though it may take a while."

The Earl noticed the hungry look the golden eyes. "There's no need to rush; we wouldn't like it if he accidentally died."

"He'll live." Tyki ran his fingers though the soft silver hair and traced Allen's mark over his eye with his index finger. "But I can't promise he won't break."

"I don't mind a broken doll," the Earl said, "just as long as he's intact."

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