Chapter 27 Victory

People in the ark are losing hope, especially Allen who yells at Tyki for leaving Kaden in the retreat and both get into fight

Allen is alone with Tim and discovers Sorath's plan to destroy the entire Asian Branch and is heavily wounded trying to stop them

Sorath succeeds

Allen, wounded, accidentally touches machine and nearly changes innocence to guilt → becomes broken

Chapter 28 New Weapon

More people have left Ark

Allen disappears (into music room) so Cross and Tyki take command to control Noah and humans

Akuma are gathering in giant army to attack weakened Order

Order fights back using new weapons (made from Kaden's iron innocence) (NOTE: this fic connects to my other fic "The Earl's Game" which revolves around Kaden's past)

Chapter 29 Ghost

Tyki finds a broken Allen wondering around and slowly heals him → others also help

Allen is like a doll but is influenced by Neah who has reawaken but only as a voice (has no real power except to talk through Allen)

Allen slowly returns to "normal"

Chapter 30 Heart

Cross' spy (akuma) learns of Earl infiltrating Order to dispose of new iron-innocence weapons

Allen and Tyki arrive just as Earl brings out 'Kaden' who was sealed in metal sphere that provides material for more iron-innocence weapons

Kaden is being controlled by Heart/Hikari → explains that her role is to provide power and strength, not defeat Earl and she waits for Kaden to "wake up"

Chapter 31 Preparation

More tension in ark b/w Hikari and Original Noah

Allen decides to find a way to seal Original Noah again (becomes Tyki and Road's new job)

Al three sides of war prepare for final battle

Chapter 32 War

Final battle begins

Allen fight Earl and manages to stab him , Eal brings out final power but still loses war along with Order, Earl has final attempt and stabs Hikari but Heart absorbs innocence (painfully since innocence=corrupt) → Allen tries to stop him → explosion → both Earl and Allen vanish

Kaden back in control and stays with the Ark

Chapter 33 Finality

1 yr later → Allen has new life with no memories and is found by Tyki → regains memories after a kiss

Sorath and Demitri rebuilding society from behind scenes

Exorcists still kept to destroy remaining akuma and to finish collecting innocence

In case anyone was curious about the ending...I'm really sad to see this abandoned... :(

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