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I stood there, ready to fall.

Ready to jump,

Ready to die.

But he saved me,

And if he'd been a minute later,

I would've been gone.

But he wasn't.

He was right on time.

We were the same,

And I couldn't thank him more.

For saving me that night.

And to never let me fall again.

Chapter One

I was sitting at my usual lunch table, surrounded by all sorts of happy teenagers with their own stupid problems. Well, at least could they actually solve their fucking problems, I thought.

I looked at my tray of food. It was as interesting and looked as delicious as usual… not. Everyone says that the school system cared about their student's health, but why in the name of God do they serve food that no one would dare to give to their cats, to their precious students then? It was horrific. And today, it was Friday. That fact alone just made the day so much better in itself.

The day where all the kids are carefree and busy planning their weekend and here, at Forks High, it wasn't any different. At my left, Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley were discussing the 'going further in our relationship' topic. Without words. Truly, I bet every student in this damn school could feel the tension between those two.

Angela Weber was planning a night out with her soon-to-be-boyfriend Ben Cheney. Apparently, they were going to the movie theatre tonight to catch the new box office hit. Of course, they asked if I wanted to join them.

But I knew they only asked me to be polite, and none of the teens around this table were actually planning on taking me with them. Not that I can blame them, of course. I was a mess. A fucking basket case.

My life was being a total prick to me, and I blamed my mother for all of that. Yes, my own mother. The one who'd put me on this sick world. Well, she didn't do that alone of course. There was also my father. Charlie 'Chief' Swan. The almighty Chief of Police. I couldn't say my dad was a bad dad. He loved me, even after all that has happened. Actually, at this moment, he was what was keeping me alive.

I had to push myself through everyday, with the face of my father in my head saying: "Don't you give up, Isabella, you're a Swan."

He was damn right, I shouldn't give up. But, people say you should eat your vegetables everyday, and you shouldn't drink under the age of twenty-one. So, we'll see about that giving up… What goes around eventually comes right back around. That's my mantra.

I pushed the tray of food aside, grabbing my bottle of coke and taking a sip. A deep sigh escaped my mouth, and I saw Lauren Mallory giving me a weird look again. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut…

"What Mallory, if you think you're too good to sit on the same table as me, than just send me away. I won't bite you." I spat at her.
Her dark blue eyes widened, as a shocked expression decorated her heavy made-up face.

She recovered, and then spoke to me in a tone you sometimes see types like her use in TV-shows.
"Whatever, Swan. Just go and sit by yourself. And, it's not me feeling too good to sit with you. It's you, being far too depressed and soaked in self-pity that makes this lunch hour so miserable."

I'd never heard so much words, and real words coming from that mouth. Ever. I'm sure the surprise showed on my face. And she liked it. I gave her a glare, the one that could kill. Then, I got my backpack from the floor and my half-finished bottle of coke and walked over to the Queen of Bleached Hair and Dark Roots.

"Well Lauren…" I started as I eyed her every move. I was standing behind her chair, my hands busy opening the bottle. She turned her head, and her eyes were filled with oh so many questions.
"Since this is where we finally part. I thought we could say a proper goodbye." I grinned, and watched as a frown developed between her neat, thin eyebrows.

And I waited, waited for the moment. The moment some students would look at our table, to see why I was standing. And then, the curtain of Mallory's stage fell down. The same way a gush of coke made its way down Lauren's hair and designer shirt. The members of the table gasped, and I left them behind, shocked.

I strolled toward a table where the darker people of our school were sitting; the Goth's and the die-hard Emo's and the less die-hards.
I kinda looked like them, with my dark-washed tight jeans and my dark grey hoodie. I could care less, about my look, about what the others though of me, or what I was. Then, when those guys were watching me approach, a very proud smile on their pale faces, a scream emerged from Lauren's throat.

The cafeteria went dead-silent, all eyes turned on me. But I didn't give a fuck about them. I went to my new table, being already approved of, and sat down next to Rosalie Hale. The Princess of Darkness. I called her that, because of her style, also because of the charisma that radiated off of her.

Her black clad body. She watched me, her piercing blue eyes outlined with heavy black eyeliner and her golden hair pulled into two of the most beautiful nonchalant braids I'd ever seen.

She could pull off the look completely, even tough she was a classic pretty blonde. Her upper body was clothed in a black tank top with a rose and skull type of design and a choker strapped against her petite neck to accessorize. She also wore a short, ballet type skirt with leopard print leggings underneath. And she'd completed her look with a pair of blood red Converse shoes and other rose patterned accessories. Her full, red lips pulled into a smile as I pulled away my chair and sat down. And then, the attention of the table was on me.

The Dark Table, as a lot of students called it, or property the table of the Cullen family.
They are all the adopted children of Fork's best doctor and his wife. And, it soon became clear that they were excellent matchmakers.
Every member of the Cullen-family, had a deep-bounded relationship with each other. You also had the Hale-twins, the cousins of Esme Cullen. Rosalie and Jasper Hale. They were dating Emmett and Alice Cullen. Although, dating wasn't quite the right word. Their relationship was very deep, and passionate. And it felt very intimate, when they were sharing even only looking in each other's eyes.

Alice Cullen looked like a dark fairy. A Pixie of Darkness, now that I'm talking into royal terms anyway. Her short cropped black hair, stood up in all directions, and it's ends were painted a dark red. She had the darkest eyes, accentuated by the dark eye make-up and pale skin tone.

Well, I must say that Alice was the Queen of Style, and that you could see her clothing was extremely expensive. She also wore a skirt. It was a shocking red ballerina style skirt, but longer. Her top was stylish. It was a white tank, with a corset design printed on it in black. In her hair, she wore a pair of red sunglasses. She smiled at me, in a very friendly way. And I already liked her.

The guys at the table were all very good-looking. You had Emmett Cullen, Rosalie's second-half. His hear was black, and had a blue shine. He had eyes, the lightest shade of blue, almost like a ghost's eyes. His lips were fairly red, although I didn't immediately suspected him from the use of any lipstick or lip gloss. He was a very tall guy, and also buff. To say it in one sentence: Emmett Cullen was not to be messed with. His clothes were simple, black Tee with neon colored raindrops and a pair of dark green skinny jeans.

And then, next to Alice, you had Jasper Hale. The Prince of Darkness. He was the biological twin brother of Rosalie, and they shared eye color and charisma. But they didn't have the same hair color.

Jasper's hair was a natural dark brown, which was almost black in a room with little light. His eyes were also blue, an odd shade of blue. The haircut was typical, with the long bangs that almost covered his right eye. He wore almost the same as Emmett, a simple black tee, which had the name of one of his favorite bands on it and for him, red skintight jeans. He actually matched his sister.

"You've put on quiet the show, Isabella," Rosalie said, picking on her black manicured nails.
"Yeah, tell me about it. I've been wanting to do that since I came here," I told her, not mentioning the fact I like it better when people use a shorter version of my name; Bella.

"I can see you have the right attitude, you're a perfect addition to our group", Alice said with her high voice as she bit down onto an apple.
"Like you've said it, a perfect addition", Jasper said quietly, looking at me intently.

"So, you're in for it? A life on the Dark Table?" Emmett joked, as he drank from his coke."Definitely, I'm in for it." I answered him.
And in one sip, his bottle was half-empty. This people were fascinating me, ever since my first day at Forks High.
I came here because of my mother, she'd remarried. With fucking Phil. Phil, I loathed him. He was the person I hated the most out of any and all that walk this earth.

It all happened a few months before I decided to move to Forks, and live with my father.
The three of us, my mother, Phil and myself, were going to the beach. Which is a very common thing to do when you live in Phoenix.
So, the Phil-monster drove us to the beach, all to eager to review all the female bodies there.

I really didn't know what my mother saw in him, he was ten years younger than her – 35 and used to be chasing every owner of a skirt.
My mother had spent almost all of her nights at the gym, to keep her body in top condition and young to appeal her husband. Their 'bedlife' was extremely active, so I snuck out almost every night and sat on a bench in our backyard. My music was my biggest love.

When we'd arrived at the beach, I dressed down until I only wore my blue bikini.
Phil's eyes caught me undressing, and his eyes hazed up with sick lust. I was his fucking underage stepdaughter. His fucking stepdaughter!

His sick eyes were glued to me and my body the entire time. It drove me crazy. I was more than glad, when I could get a lift from Clarissa, a friend I had there. She was going home, and offered me a ride.
It wasn't until that night, after dinner and when I was in my room that the true misery begun.

He'd knocked on my door, twice and I let him come in.
"What do you want," I spat, as I pushed the screen of my laptop down. Wrong question, I knew now.
"You have to ask? What do you want Isabella?" He always called me Isabella, I had had no problems with that name. That was until he used it.
"I don't get you; I'm a married man… And then you come by, parading in your tiny bikini. You really ask for trouble, Honey?" he said, seductively.

I wanted to throw up… on him.
"What is wrong with you? Haven't you fucked my mother enough already? A few more times, and your dick is going to fall off. Then I can finally sleep again," I yelled at him.

His hand slid over my mouth to cover it, and stop me from talking. I wanted to bite down on it, but his hand lay too tight on my mouth.
"Now, you are going to be such a good girl to me, that I would want you to be my real daughter." He was whispering in my ear now.
A cough interrupted my unpleasant thoughts, and I couldn't be more grateful.

"What's wrong Isabella? Are you okay? You look a bit pale." Alice asked, her voice filled with concern. Pale… She was the correct person to say this.
"No, nothing… It's nothing." I managed to choke out.
"You guys need anything? I'll get some more drinks," Emmett asked to us as he stood, pressing his now finished bottle into a ball. Rosalie shook her head, as well did Alice and Jasper.
Then Emmett looked at me, with his ghostly eyes.
"A coke please," I told him with a small smile.

He walked over to the vending machine, in the left corner of the cafeteria, a few eyes following him as he did.
As I looked at the table where I had been sitting for the last couple of months, I noticed that Mallory and Stanley weren't there anymore.
Hah, I thought, silly chickens.

"So Isabella, why didn't you initially come to sit at our table when you first moved to Forks?" Alice asked, truly interested in my answer.
"Well, you seem to be a pretty private table. I just didn't want to be an intruder or anything." I said.

Rosalie narrowed her eyes, as if she was thinking. "No offense, but why did you just walk over and sit down just now?" It was a good question.
"I just walked over to you guys, and hoped that you wouldn't mind me sitting here today." I confessed with a little smile.
"Isabella, you look like you don't care what they think. At all, I like that," Rosalie told me as Alice broke out into an ear-to-ear grin.

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