Chapter Three.

"Isn't she lovely?" Alice chimed, as she ran her hand over the more than clearly expensive paintcoat that covered the car.

"Alice, wow," I said in awe.

I'd never seen such a beautiful car in my life.

"I know, right! It just arrived, like… two days ago," she babbled.


Like she could read my mind, she went on.

"My dad made sure it got shipped from Italie. That's for cars like what Switzerland is for chocolat." She said matter-of-factly.

"It's the newest Maserati, Gran Turismo." Her eyes lit up, like she truly was in love with this piece of fortune.

"Well, I must say that your taste in cars is as good as your taste in clothes," I said to her, and then she looked at me like I just told her I'm Stella McCartney's daughter.

"Oh my God! Isabella, I so totally love you," she almost yelled, and I laughed.

"Well, I hope you won't feel embarrassed following my car around," I said, still laughing.

"Don't sweat it, Isabella. I'm perfectly capable of complementing other people's cars. Even tough they aren't like mine. And I actually like you car, it suits you perfectly," she told me before she slid into her Maserati with so much grace it looked although she was dancing.

The engines of our cars came to life, and I listened to the soft purring sound coming from Alice's car.

My radio automatically settled for the rock station and I hummed along with Good Charlotte.

My house wasn't far away from the school. It was only about ten minutes until I reached the gravel driveway.

I parked my ride right in front of the garage, and stepped out.

I saw that Alice stopped her Maserati along the sidewalk.

"Are you waiting in the car?" I asked in her direction.

She nodded and scrolled down her windows.

I made sure Alice didn't have to wait in the car too long.

While I ignored the vague rumbling in my stomach that I always had when I came from school and hurried up the stairs to my room.

I grabbed my purse that was laying under my desk, and put some money from my weekend job in my wallet.

Good to go, I thought.

When I was on my way outside, I wrote a quick note to my dad that I wasn't going to eat at home, and going out with some of my friends at school.

I made sure that I wrote 'Cullens', in that note somewhere, since my father keeps saying how amazing Mr. Cullen himself is.

Well, that was settled, I thought, as I fasted the piece of paper onto our fridge.

Good enough.

In a hurry, I walked outside again. And I was so nervous about sitting in Alice's car.

What if I broke something?

I got outside again, making sure I locked the door and pushing against it afterwards, just be be sure.

Alice had rolled down the dark window from the passenger's side of the car and some music I didn't immediately recognised flowed through it.

It sounded delicate, and it suited Alice completely.

"Come on in," Alice said and motioned for me go take a seat.

Very careful and making sure my short stompy nails wouldn't make contact with the paint, I reached for the doorhandle and opened the door.

The interior blew me away.

I lifted my foot, placing it gently onto the soft carpet on the ground of the car, hoping I wouldn't have any dirt on my shoes to drop on that probably expensive carpet.

Again, very careful, I closed my door and made sure it made a soft click instead of just pulling it hard.

"Wow, Isabella, I appreciate the carefulness, but it's not going to break or anything," Alice laughed.

I felt a light blush creep up my cheeks and damned my reaction to embarrassement, severe anger, well… my reaction to a lot of things.

I was still intreaged by the music that played in Alice her car. It sounded magical and it was beautiful, even if I was a bit of a 'Foo Fighters' and 'Nirvana' kind of girl.

Alice noticed me staring at the radio, a smile displayed on her face.

I'm sure the title showed on the screen of her radio, but I rather let Alice explain it to me.

She leanded her head against her dark grey leather headrest, and closed her eyes while she absorbed the music.

"It's Epona," she said softly while I clicked in my seat-belt. Even that felt so soft and silky.

"Epona?" I asked her. Alice her eyes fluttered open in surprise, sitting straight up again.

"Isabella, are you serious? It's one of my Enya favourites", she said and turned the key that made the engine rawr like a tiger.

Enya… Right, I read about her.

Celtic girl? She had songs in more than ten languages right?

"So, Enya… I heard about her, ever seen her live?" I asked and Alice headed back up the road.

"Of course, I made Edward drive me to Chicago for a concert last year. She was beyond my highest expectations," Her smile turned sad as she spoke the name Edward.

"Boyfriend?" I asked automatically, but was probably wrong when shock was plastered on her doll face.

"Ew! Ew! Ew! God no! He's my brother, can't even think about it… It just ew, Isabella! I'm shocked," She laughed.

"Oh, my God. Sorry," I blurted out as the melodious laughter from Alice filled the space.

"Don't worry about it, you couldn't have known," she playfully nudged my shoulder and I laughed along with her.

"I didn't know you had other sibling besides the ones at school." I told Alice as we headed up the freeway to Port Angeles.

She nodded absently, and then opened and closed her mouth several times. Like she didn't knew what to say.

"Yeah, he's the oldest of us… He just turned twenty-one two months ago." I nodded, noticing how she began to smile again.

"So, does he work or something like that?" I asked, stuffing my hands in the pockets of my jacket.

"College. He's attending university in Denali back in Alaska, Esme had a hard time letting him go so far away." She shrugged and I saw we weren't very far from Port Angeles now.

"Do you see him a lot then? Must be hard, I think." Alice turned down her music system, so it would be easier for us to talk.

"Not really… On Christmas or special occasions only, but he has a girlfriend there so he won't be completely uncivilized when he graduates," she laughed and then continued.

"Everyone knew they were going to end up together as a couple. Our family has been friends with Tanya's." She smiled again, full happy mode. "It's really kind of funny, their last name is Denali, and they also live there. I guess their ancestors must have been some kind of real important people," I listened, genuinly interested.

"So, tonight seems to be a pretty special occasion, isn't it?" I asked Alice. Or would they really have parties like that on a regular basis?

"Hmm… It could be, since Rose is revealing her tattoo and all. But it's really not such a huge deal. And he has to study this weekend for some test he needs to catch upon, he's been having the flu last week so he missed some important lectures." She shrugged.

I nodded.

"Too bad, he's normally the one that makes jokes and stuff from the start," she laughed.

Alice clearly missed her brother, and I'm sure she wished he'd have time to be at her dinner party tonight.

"So, will there be a lot of people tonight?" I asked Alice as I already spotted the sign to the mall.

"Ah…" she was thinking, counting in her head probably.

"I don't know it to the exact number… I guess around twenty people," We had to stop at the traffic lights.

I looked to my right and noticed that we were sitting very close to the ground in Alice her Porsche.

Next to us, there was a red pick-up truck and I could barely see through the window of that truck.

"And, do you like, have to beg to hold parties like this? I mean, Charlie wouldn't even allow more than five people at once for a sleepover or something like that", I was asking a lot of questions today.

I guess I was a little insecure about tonight. I had totally no idea what to ecxpect. At all.

Would the invited people would be like the Cullens? Or would they be less… dark?

Alice tapped her fingers impatiently on her steering wheel, while we waited for the light to turn green.

There were a lot of people on the road, must be because it was Friday and a lot of people finished work early.

"So, the essay on Piaf's music, do you think it's gonna be hard?" I asked out of lack of inspiration. But since Alice had been nice enough to be genuinely happy to take me on a shopping trip, I figured talking would be good as a 'thank you' for Alice.

"I think not that hard… We're lucky to have the internet to help us these days." She joked.

Well, I guess I ran out of topics again…