Alvin and the Chipmunks

The Threequel

Alvin and the Chipmunks 3: Livin life on the wild Side

Chapter one

Take a bow

Two years have come and gone since their last encounter with the devil himself, Ian Hawke, and things have never been better for the six pocket-sized rockstars. They were only days away from a flight to the always perfect, always cleanly Beverly Hills for their next huge hit tour, and are just leaping out of their skins after they overheard Dave arranging for them to leave without a parent or guardian. He reminded them that they were old enough to travel alone.

But when the groups suddenly come across a disaster that had their old arch enemy easily fitting the picture, their flight takes an abrupt crash landing, leaving the six stranded in the middle of a woodland forest, absolutely crawling with wild chipmunks!

Join the chipmunks and the chipettes in their adventure back to civilization, with ragged edges they need to smooth over among brothers, sisters, friends...lovers, perhaps? ENJOY!

9:30pm, at The Staples Centre, (The munks and ettes are currently in the middle of a concert)

A flicker of coloured stage lights swept across the starry sky, as a jet black helicopter hovered high above the large, concert building, absolutely jam-packed with buzz and excitement, and the echoing sound of screaming citizens filling the air, almost humming out the pounding music ricocheting off the walls and tearing out of the roof of the Staples Centre.

A pilot and his recruit overlooked the exhilarating scene below them and their aircraft, as they continued to circle the opening of the building at a safe, but rather close distance, craving to hear more from their favourite pocket-sized rockstars. That's right, you guessed it: The famous, the most adorable group of six talented chipmunks, please welcome back...Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and their three gorgeous little female counterparts...Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor!

The pilot jerked the lever of the helicopter, rotating the aircraft to a slow three hundred and sixty degrees, before turning his head towards his recruit, opening his mouth to communicate through the speaker attached to his helmet. "Some concert, eh, Wiremu?" He asked the recruit.

"Affirmative, Captain, Chandler. Absolutely mind blowing." Wiremu replied, leaning slightly across his black leather seat to try and get a better view of the concert he was so mesmerized by. Captain Chandler let a fuzzy chuckle seep past his speaker, before proceeding on fully preoccupying himself to steering the helicopter. "Indeed, Wiremu. Indeed it is." He said.

Meanwhile, down below the aircraft, the chipmunks and the chipettes were busy firing up the stage, bounding across the delicately polished floorboards before the screaming crowd, as they belted out their fifteenth song of this magical night. Simon and Theodore had the counterparts up in the air above them, supporting their weight with the palms of their paws, as the two eldest continued their part of the song.

Brittany, dressed in waistline shorts and a tucked in sequin tank top, swept across the front of the stage just ahead of Alvin, the both of them grinning wildly towards the audience, as their gestures were easily returned with an excitable, high pitched eruption of squeals. The auburn haired chipette swayed her hips to the art of David Guetta, as her compelling vocals passed across the room and back.

All the things I know right now,

If I only knew back then,

There's no gettin over,

no gettin over,

There's just no getting over you,

She sung, before Alvin joined in the duet and boldly stepped forward, now thrusting his fist in the air and he bounded up and down in the spotlight.

Wish I could spin my world into reverse,

Just to have you back again,

There's no gettin over,

There's no getting over,

There's just no getting over you!

Both of the eldest's siblings dropped their counterparts, (with care of course) and all six of them began to belt out the chorus, stirring the crowd into a frenzy.

Imma party,

And party, and party,

and pa and pa and party,

and party, and party, and party,

Imma party,

And party, and party,

and pa and pa and party,

and party, and party, and party,

Everybody knew at the next verse belonged to Brittany, and the others stepped backwards to let her vocals work the magic to the stage. She gently flailed her arms about, sweeping across her delicate face as she began to sing her solo.

People in the place,

If you ever felt love,

Then you know, yeah you know what I'm talkin about!

There's no gettin overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

She held the last word the tip of her tongue, feeling the breath from her lungs slowly beginning to drain from her body. By that time, Alvin had taken an approach to her and lifted her lightweight into the air, smiling proudly to himself as he watched the audience grow even wilder than moments before.

Ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhh,

Oh ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhh,

Oh uh ah oh whoa oh oh!

No! No! No! No! No!

At that last second, the red clad chipmunk then hauled his counterpart into the air, catching her bridal style, before she purposely eased herself from his grip, sliding down to the floor in a perfect split. Alvin mentally rolled his eyes towards the pink clad chipette, hooking his arms underneath hers and pulling her to her feet, as their siblings bounded forward, joining the song once more for the big finale.

Imma party,

And party, and party,

and pa and pa and party,

and party, and party, and party,

Imma party,

And party, and party,

and pa and pa and party,

and party, and party, and party,

Just no gettin over you!

They all ended with a pose representing their personality, smiles the length from ear to ear as their audience gave them all a round of applause. Seeing this melted warmth through the six chipmunk's hearts, and they turned around to pull the nearest person into a friendly hug. The chipettes blew kisses across the building, while the chipmunks waved as the large, silken red curtain closed off their view from the crowd, completely averting them from the chaos.

Jeanette and Eleanor burst into a fit of excited giggles, taking each other's paws and twirling across the backstage. Simon and Theodore both watched intently, before sharing the laughter as their counterparts pulled them into the victory dance. (Their victory dance to be precise)

"Man! What a rush!" Alvin exclaimed, using the back of his paw to swab the dripping sweat from his forehead. "Did you see the crowd out there? Spastic, huh?" He then turned to Brittany, who was busy dabbing at her waist. He eyed her curiously, "What are you doing? You're supposed to be celebrating like the rest of us!"

The pink clad chipette finally looked up at him, glaring as she pinched her emaciated side. "I could be," She began, rather unemotionally. Alvin lifted an eyebrow at her, not understanding what her problem was. She sighed exasperatedly, before raising the stomach of her tank top, revealing a vertical bleeding scrape along the bottom of her ribcage. "The zip on your jacket clipped me, Mr Oh-so-smooth-and-reliable." She snapped, letting her top fall.

Alvin shot her a disgusted glare, "Foul..." He pretended to gag, making Brittany's head snap back up at him again. She tightened the bridge of her nose into a tight frown and scowled, "Yeah, you should be ashamed of yourself, Seville. This body took me fifteen years to perfect, and what did you do? That's right, you spoilt it!" She couldn't bear to look back at him after that, so she picked herself up, dusted off and trudged over to her sisters, who had finally stopped playing around like preschool children.

Alvin folded his arms across his chest and grunted arrogantly, "Should I be on my knees and begging for Mercy, then?" He asked, rather smugly. Brittany didn't turn around, but she did reply, "You'd have to be, I could sue you for assaulting women." She said through gritted teeth, helping both Jeanette and Eleanor to their feet.

The bespectacled chipette leaned over towards Simon, making the nerve of his ear retaliate to her soft breath against his face. "What does it take for them to lay off one another?" She allowed her wonder to travel through Simon's earlobe. He simply shrugged his shoulders, "We'd have to move one of them Mars, was my very last solution, but that wouldn't work either. They're completely indissoluble."

Alvin gave a sarcastic sigh, "Ah, I forgot about that rule, which clearly doesn't exist!" He snapped towards the pink clad chipette, who still had her back to him. He let out an aggravated growl, "Here's the thing. One person hits the other, the other person hits back. It's the way of life, Brittany. Start living it!"

"Oh, is that so?" Brittany's sly remark dripped from her tongue like venom, as she finally twisted one leg in Alvin's direction, whirling her body around and her piercing blue eyes suddenly meeting the red clad chipmunk's hunter's hazel glare. She shot him a devious glower and began to circle him; never did their watchful eyes leave one another. The auburn haired chipette bulged her blue orbs towards Alvin, giving him an intimidating stare, as his glazed over her expression again and again.

The others watched intently towards the scene, each exchanging confused looks, as the two eldest chipmunks continued to dwell in their aggressive competition. "What the heck?" Eleanor finally asked, lifting a brow in perplexity, as her eyes persisted on closely following her sister's actions, from the twinkle in her eye, to the way her feathery auburn tail swayed belligerently in the air.

Finally, the awkward silence was suddenly broken, as Brittany paused, before taking an uncomfortably close step towards Alvin, who looked as though he was about to faint any living moment. Simon and Jeanette both turned to each other, shrugging their narrow shoulders in confusion, before looking back over at their eldest siblings.

Brittany's petite fists began to clench tightly into the palms of her paws, as she eyed the red clad chipmunk absorbedly. Her glossy, plump lips made their way towards Alvin's right ear, allowing her soft breath to echo past his earlobe into his eardrum. His spine stiffened instantaneously, as the fur against the back of his neck pricked upwards, particularly because of the rather uncomfortable closeness between him and his counterpart.

The pink clad chipette then blew a gentle, yet menacing whisper through Alvin's ear, "Does this mean I'm up for the shot?" She let out a daunting giggle, and before he knew it, her fist made firm contact with his right arm, not once, but twice!

Alvin suppressed a small yelp of pain from the impact, and he instantly reached up and wrapped the palm of his paw around his offended arm, before jerking a glare down towards the giggling chipette. "What the hell was that for?" He demanded heatedly, frantically rubbing along the length of his arm to ease the tenderness in his muscles. Brittany looked up at him and let out a satisfied sigh, "Hmm, I would have only hit you once, but you flinched. Touch luck, tough guy!" She mocked, giving the red clad chipmunk a false sympathetic smile, before whipping her body around and ambling over towards her sisters.

Simon rolled his eyes at Alvin, as his eldest brother grudgingly made his way towards him and Theodore, still rubbing his arm. The green clad chipmunk stepped forward and guided Alvin into a brotherly hug, before giving him a gentle pat on the back. "Don't worry, Alvin," He consoled, "In just a few more hours, we will be on a plane heading for Beverly Hills!"

Alvin looked down at his youngest brother, just managing a small smile, before glaring over towards Brittany. "Yeah," he sighed, "but you forgot the part where we have to put up with hothead over there." He then jerked a thumb over his shoulder, directly pointing towards Brittany, who instantly whirled around and glowered at him.

"Aye!" She snapped, firmly hoisting her paws onto her hips. She vigorously began to blow her fringe from out of her face as she struggled to cause a proper argument. By then she became fed up, and pinned the flap of auburn hair against her temple. Alvin chuckled and playfully rolled his eyes at her. "You're losing your touch, Brit." He teased.

"Shut up." Brittany retorted, finally managing to gain control of her hair. She gathered the last of her dignity and distended her chest confidently. Alvin simply rolled his eyes at her and turned away, finding another motivating object in the room for him to distract himself from Brittany's endless rambling. Right there in the far corner of the room, lay his favourite electric guitar he named, 'Black Beauty', just screaming for him to string his fingers across it.

He made his way towards the guitar; completely ignoring the threatening look Brittany shot upon him, and took the instrument in the support of his paws. The pink clad chipette glared at him, "Ahem! Um, excuse me?" She exclaimed through gritted teeth, balling her fists tightly.

Alvin strung his guitar into a gentle tune, spacing himself from the rest of the world. Brittany's patience was wearing dangerously thin, and the others had not been properly noticed yet. Finally, Eleanor spoke up, "C'mon guys," she began, tightening the green elastic band supporting her left ponytail. "Let's not fight. This is supposed to be a good thing. Like Theodore said, in a few hours we'll be on our flight to Beverly Hills. We've got the whole summer to live up now, so let's have all smiles, okay?"

Eleanor then smiled over towards Theodore, approaching him kindly and taking his paw. The green clad chipmunk blushed, "Y-yeah," He agreed, tripping over his own tongue. Eleanor let out a small giggle, "Exactly." She added, "Oh, I can only imagine the beauty of the city." She sighed dreamily, so caught up in the moment she accidently leaned too far against Theodore, almost knocking them over. "Whoops."

Jeanette smiled from ear to ear, "Oh, oh! And just envisage all the romantic films we could watch!" She cried happily, bouncing up and down on the spot. Simon watched his counterpart intently for a moment, before letting out a kind chuckle at her excitement. The bespectacled chipette turned and grinned at him, "What?" She giggled, earning a smile playful roll of his eyes.

By that time, Alvin had grown so deeply disgusted by the subject; he strung too heavily at his guitar and snapped one of the middle strings. He groaned as the piece of white material flew into the air and hit the floor silently. "Great. Just Great." He shoved his guitar back into the corner and glared at Jeanette. "Now look what you've done with my beautiful 'Black Beauty'!" He snapped, making the purple clad chipette jump in surprise. She timidly turned to face him, glasses almost sliding off the bridge of her nose as she did so. "D-did what? What did I-I do, Alvin?"

Simon shot his brother a warning look, "Alvin," he sighed aggregately, "leave her alone, for Pete's sake, its just a guitar."

Alvin stared at Simon as if his favourite Teddy bear suddenly bit him, "Simon Lucas Seville!" He exclaimed, sounding rather devastated. He snatched up his guitar and held it close to his chest, faking an offended cry. "This (sniff) guitar (sniff) means more (sniff) to me (sniff) than (sniff) cheeseballs (sniff). Its like (sniff) family to me, (sniff) Simon."

Brittany folded her arms across her chest and gawked at Alvin, disapprovingly shaking her head. "You desperately need a girlfriend, and I mean, desperately." She said, heaving out a disappointed sigh. The red clad lifted his face from being buried inside his guitar and glared at her, "Oh, and you think you'll fit the bill? I think not! You're too heartless." He accused.

"Why I outta-"

"Hey kids!" The sound of Dave's cheery voice prevented Brittany from running Alvin into a wall and embedding him there, much to her dismay. She was hoping to see his white flag in the air. The chipmunk's adoptive father appeared through the backstage doors, looking rather pleased with himself. "You will not believe who I saw tonight, guys." He said excitedly, approaching the two groups.

Simon tapped his chin thoughtfully, before looking back up at Dave with a curious smile. "For my speculation, I'm just gonna take a wild guess and say...Dr Rubin?"

Alvin gave his brother a playful nudge in the arm, "I think not, Si. Look at the infatuated expression on his face. You see it?" Simon lifted an eyebrow at him, "What?" Alvin dramatically slapped his forehead, instantaneously making Brittany giggle. The red clad chipmunk pricked his ears at her quite amused voice, before glancing over his shoulder to only notice the back of her head. He shrugged his shoulders and continued, tilting his head upwards to meet the eyes of his adoptive father. "Dave..." he began, "...You saw Claire again didn't you?"

Hearing the sound of Claire's name being said instantly caused a deep, rosy glow to spread across his face, giving the obvious. He did see her. Alvin rolled his eyes, "Figures."

"Who's Claire?" Brittany asked, rather inquisitive. She approached Alvin from behind and lightly tapped him on the shoulder, causing the red clad chipmunk to slightly cringe backwards, and accidently treading on her feet. "Ow," She let out a simple aggravated grunt, as Alvin jumped forwards, quickly whirling around to face her. She lifted an eyebrow at him, "Jeez, Alvin! Why so edgy? I just asked a simple question."

"Whoops." Alvin shot her and false shamefaced expression. He stepped an inch closer to her, "I guess I didn't see you there." He smirked, attempting to look as tall and muscular as he could, almost completely towering over the auburn haired chipette.

Brittany gave him a firm shove, "no shit Sherlock!" She shot back, blowing her fringe from out of her face and pushing past the red clad chipmunk. Dave shot her a scolding look, "Brittany, language please."

"Sorry, Dave." Brittany replied sheepishly, folding her paws over one another. Dave chuckled kindly, "C'mon, kids. You all have a big three months up in Beverly Hills tomorrow. You'll need your sleep." With that, he headed for the parking lot out the front of the Staples Centre, with the chipmunks and the chipettes following on suit.

They all let out a tired yawn, as they passed the rows of rubbish filled seats and popcorn covered carpet towards the front doors. "Yes, Dave." As the family drove off into the night in their flashy silver Audi R8, not even one of them suspected a Jett Records black minivan hidden beneath the shadows of a nearby tree, and the driver, spying on their every move they made behind a pair of binoculars.

Inside the black vehicle, a bald headed man, about in his late thirties, sat anxiously in the driver's seat, peering over the dashboard and flicking on the headlights. As soon as the Audi R8 rounded a corner and out of sight, the man cautiously pulled out of the sidewalk and followed the vehicle, remaining watchful that he doesn't attract apprehensive eyes. He cackled evilly, as he lightly drummed his fingers against the steering wheel. "Those rodents will never suspect a thing," he turned the wheel and rounded the corner nearest to the one the Audi R8 drove into, and smirked wickedly. "Once I'm through with them, they'll regret to ever mess with Ian Hawke!"

Well, this is the end of chapter one. Did you like it? Chapter two with be updated as soon as possible!