"Hey, Toshiro?"

Toshiro looked up from the book he had been reading, his finger marking the last word he read. "Yeah Kurosaki?"

"I have a question for you." Ichigo paused, but when Toshiro made no motive to speak, he continued to talk. "What are we?"

"Excuse me?" Toshiro couldn't deny that he was extremely baffled by the question.

It had been nearly a month since the Grimmjow incident. The two had silently agreed that it was best if they didn't talk about the incident. The pair had technically been single when the event occurred, so Toshiro's jealousy could not be thoroughly justified. In the end, they decided that it was best if the simply saw the incident as a speed bump in their slowly developing relationship.

Within the past month things for Toshiro and Ichigo happened to sail along with as much normalcy as the pair could get. They'd wake up in either Toshiro or Ichigo's bed, depending on how tired they were coming from the living room. They'd have breakfast, separate for their own daily events, before having dinner at home and watching some TV while they studied. Toshiro was surprised, to say the least, at how quickly everything reverted back to normal between the two, granted now they had more feelings for one another and that they could hold hands or kiss freely without the motive of sex behind every action.

The two, for some reason, still hadn't had sex, despite the numerous times they had shared the bed before. Like their agreement over the Grimmjow incident, Toshiro and Ichigo simply believed it was better to take things slow. It was more for Toshiro's sake. Ichigo was allowing him to fully explore his feelings, hopefully thinking that Toshiro's feelings were more than a passing phase and that they were as true as his.

Ichigo and Toshiro were currently lying in the park, believing that they needed a change of scenery from their usual view out of their apartment. Ichigo was lying with his head on Toshiro's thighs, as Toshiro leaned against the makeshift chair formed by their bags. Ichigo was watching the clouds pass, enjoying the quiet bliss that had suddenly hit him. What exactly was his and Toshiro's relationship? The question had been bugging him when he realized a few days prior that he and Toshiro still didn't have an official title for where they are.

"What are we?"

Toshiro furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "I don't understand your question. What do you mean 'what are we?' Do you mean in the physical sense, like we are both males? Or do you mea-"

"No, no, no. I mean, what are we in this relationship?" Ichigo waved his hand in the air around them.

"We are together." Toshiro looked deadpanned. He figured Ichigo would have figured this out by their behavior for the past month. He himself couldn't help but feel confused now, too.

"Like boyfriends?" Toshiro noted the hopeful gleam in Ichigo's eyes.

Toshiro shrugged. "I guess if you want to call it that."

"Do you want call it that?"

"It doesn't matter to me."

Ichigo sat up, feeling frustration building inside of him. "What do you mean it doesn't matter?"

Toshiro sighed, closing his book, "I just don't see why we have to put a label on what we are."

Ichigo scowled. "I don't understand."

"It's just that," Toshiro sat further up against the bags, "We like each other, right? So why do we have to label it? We already know that we're happy with each other and that we want to be with one another. A title won't change our feelings for the other."

"Then why can't we be boyfriends?"

Toshiro felt himself frown. "Why do you keep pushing the subject?

"Because, what?"
"Because I want to know for sure that you won't leave!" Ichigo flushed slightly.

"And you think simply because we validate our relationship with a title I won't leave you?" Ichigo's eyebrows went up in shock. Toshiro sat up straight, grasping Ichigo's hand and pulling it into his lap. "Kurosaki, I'm not saying that I'm going to leave you. I'm just trying to say that things don't always work out just because of a title. It's like how you can be an employee then get striped of the title if you're fired. A title doesn't change anything."

"But being someone's boyfriend does change the relationship."

"It's a claim." Toshiro pulled his hand out of Ichigo's grasp, letting the latter's hand rest on his thigh as he crossed his own arms. "It's a sense of ownership. Is that what you were trying to get at, Kurosaki?"

Ichigo took the time to scowl. "No, well, not really." Ichigo sighed when Toshiro raised a white eyebrow at him. "It's, it's just that I don't want anyone stealing you." Ichigo mumbled the last words as he looked down into his lap, his face the color of his namesake.

Toshiro smirked at the confession. "Kurosaki, look at me." Ichigo shook his head. "Kurosaki, please, look at me." Ichigo shook his head again, extremely embarrassed at what he just said. "Ichigo, will you please look at me?" Ichigo's face turned redder, if that was possible as he slowly looked up and stared at the teal orbs offered to him. "The likeliness of someone stealing me is very slim. I'm happy where I am. I'm happy with you. I know I don't know how to express it very well, but I'm really happy. I lo-" Ichigo and Toshiro's eyes both went wide.

"You?" Ichigo leaned forward, trying to get Toshiro to finish his statement.

Toshiro turned his head and looked away, trying to hide the small flush that was quickly making its way to his cheeks. "I like you, a lot. Okay? Just remember that."

Ichigo leaned forward and kissed Toshiro's heated cheek. "I like you, a lot, too."

Toshiro closed his eyes and sighed. He turned to face Ichigo, feeling content that the heat in his cheeks had calmed down. "So are you going to drop the topic?"

Ichigo sighed and resumed his original position of lying on Toshiro's thighs. "I guess so. I mean, I guess I understand where you're coming from."

"Good." Toshiro started to open his book again.

"It's just that…"

Toshiro closed his book again and rolled his eyes. "What is it Kurosaki?"

"What would you tell someone if they asked who I was?"

"I'd tell them you're my roommate."

Ichigo noted Toshiro's serious expression. "And that's it?"

"Well, if they asked if we were together, then I'd tell them yes." Toshiro looked Ichigo straight in the eye, as if he wanted to prove that he was serious of his decision of not becoming 'boyfriends.'

"Oh, okay." Ichigo tore his eyes and stared at the clouds that were passing above.

Unconsciously, Toshiro lifted a hand to push back Ichigo's bangs. He let his hand run down the top of Ichigo's head, playing with the bright orange locks with his fingers. "Everything's going to be okay, Ichigo."

Ichigo gave Toshiro a small smile. "Yeah, you're right."

"Good." Toshiro continued to stare at Ichigo, the pools of brown drawing him in over and over again. He wasn't sure why the next words were coming out o his mouth, but Toshiro didn't doubt the feeling that was going on within him. "Do you want to go on a date?"

Toshiro noticed how wide Ichigo's eyes had gotten, and felt the heat of blush quickly rushing to his cheeks. "A-a-a d-date?" Toshiro nodded slightly, feeling even more embarrassed than before. "Like, a re-real date?" Toshiro didn't say anything. "As in..us…going out, in public."

"Kurosaki, do you want to go or not?"

"I do, I want to go."

Toshiro nodded slightly. "Okay, well then get up."

"Now? We're going now?"

"Did you not want to go now?" Toshrio stared down at Ichigo with confusion. Geeze, being in a relationship is confusing.

"Oh we can…it's just thought you meant at another time." Ichigo rolled onto his side, feeling embarrassed that he had actually thought of Toshiro picking him up on a Friday night and having a date night like a couple of high school kids.

"Are you sure? I mean, we can go at a little date if you want."

Toshiro felt Ichigo shake his head as he began to stand up. Toshiro just blinked as Ichigo flashed him a smile and tugged at the edge of the blanket to signal for Toshiro to stand up as well. After doing what he was prompted, Toshiro helped Ichigo fold the blanket and pack up their belongings. The two were quiet as they walked towards the car, enjoying one another's presence. Once at the car, Ichigo held the passenger door open for Toshiro, which made him scowl slightly. Ichigo got into the driver's side of the car and turned to Toshiro smiling.

"So, where are we going for our date?"

"Want to go to a movie?"

Ichigo nodded as he started the car and set it in gear. Like numerous times before, the two fell into an easy silence. Ichigo hesitantly brought his hand over so that he could grasp Toshiro's. Toshiro couldn't help the small smile that made its way onto his lips. With their fingers interlaced, everything just felt, right to him. The ride to the theater had be quick and the pair had found themselves standing in front of the movies times contemplating on which movie to see. They came to the agreement of watching an action film. That's when the problem occurred. Toshiro and Ichigo had both gone up to the window to pay for the ticket.

"Kurosaki, what do you think you're doing?"

Ichigo narrowed his eyes. "I'm paying for the tickets."

"I can see that. Why, exactly do you think that you should be paying?"

"Because I'm supposed to."

"Supposed to?" Toshiro eyed the wallet, willing that the taller male would put it away to stop the embarrassment. "What do you mean you're supposed to pay?"

"Toshiro, let me pay." Ichigo noticed that Toshiro still hadn't out his wallet away. His eyes flickered to the cashier, who looked like he had seen a scene like this one too many times.

"Why, Kurosaki? I'm very curious to why you think you're supposed to pay for me."

"Can we not have this conversation?" Ichigo scowled as his wallet. This is not how the date is supposed to start.

Before Ichigo could put his money down Toshiro slammed a few bills on the counter, effectively paying for both of them. "I do not need to be coddled, Kurosaki."

Ichigo scowled as he picked up the two tickets. He walked ahead of Toshiro slightly, grabbing the handle and holding it open for the other male. Despite the attempt of an innocent gesture, with the previous conversation, the action only made Toshiro frown. Ichigo noticed this and sighed, falling into step behind Toshiro. The two walked toward the concession stand in silence, eyeing the various snacks on display. Like the movie choice, they had quickly come to a decision, but instead of having yet another small argument, Ichigo paid. When Toshiro eyed Ichigo, Ichigo merely shrugged.

"You paid for the movie, I paid for snacks. We're even."

"My, my, my look what we have here."

Ichigo and Toshiro's head both snapped in the direction of the familiar voice. Leaning against the wall, flanked by his usual posse, plus Shinji, was Grimmjow. His teal eyes raked over the couple, a sinister grin easily placed against his lips. Ichigo scowled, this was not how the date was supposed to go. Toshiro tensed next to Ichigo, his mind instantly reeling back to the last encounter that he had with the blue haired male. Grimmjow pushed off the wall and took lazy strides towards the couple, his eyes narrowing with each step.

"Is the happy little couple out on a date?" Grimmjow's voice was seething with vengeance, which made Ichigo want nothing more than to leave.

"Leave us alone Grimmjow."

"Don't talk to me, berry." Grimmjow pointed a finger at Ichigo. He was clearly still angry to wake up alone after having sex with the other man. Grimmjow turned back to Toshiro, his lip twitching into a shit eating grin. "So snowflake, you man up yet?"

"Shut up, Grimm."

"I'll take that as a 'no.' I see, you're still the receiving end then, huh. Still this berry's little bitch? Is that what you are, snowflake? His bitch?"

Before either Toshiro or Grimmjow could react a fist connected with Grimmjow's jaw. Surprised, Grimmjow stumbled, only to lock eyes with Ichigo, the one who had thrown the punch.

"You little fuck."

Grimmjow went to punch Ichigo, only to be stopped when Ichigo caught the other male's fist, living his stomach open for a jab. Grimmjow reeled back again, only to have his arm stopped by one of his friends this time. Grimmjow threw a look over his shoulder as a tired looking male simply shook his head. He released Grimmjow's arm, who stood there rubbing his jaw while staring daggers at Ichigo. Grimmjow smirked when he saw a small white haired male walk away from him.

Ichigo didn't notice until he looked next to him, noticing instantly that his roommate was no longer by his side. He looked behind him and saw Toshiro forcefully pushing the door open and walking outside. Ichigo threw one last look at Grimmjow before turning on the ball of his foot to chase after Toshiro. Toshiro had made it to the car by the time that Ichigo had caught up with him, seething silently when he had realized that Ichigo had the keys. When he caught sight of Ichigo the anger within him continued to build up. Ichigo stopped his trot and stood in front of Toshiro, his eyes narrowed and eyebrows furrowed in confusion to why Toshrio had walked off.

"Why'd you leave?"

"What the hell was that, Kurosaki?" Toshiro pushed off the car that he had been leaning on so that he could stand at full height.

"What?" Ichigo's expression hardened. "Are you mad that I punched Grimmjow?'

"Of course I'm mad that you punched him! Why did you punch him?"

"There's nothing to be mad about! He was bad mouthing you and I stopped it!" Ichigo couldn't figure out why Toshiro had been so offended by the act.

"No, you didn't stop it, Kurosaki. You just made things worse." Toshiro scratched one of his eyebrows, scowling all the while.

"How did I make anything worse? I was sticking up for you. I was protecting you."

"You didn't need to do that! I could handle him on my own."

"Yeah, and then have you come home beat up like last time?"

"I told you that I don't need to coddle me. I've been able to take care of myself before I met you; nothing's going to stop me now."

Ichigo sighed as he rubbed his temples. This was an awesome first day. Just, awesome. "Toshiro, I don't see why you're so mad. I'm your boyfriend, I'm supposed to help you when you need it!"

"I told you that we aren't boyfriends." Toshiro took a step towards Ichigo. "Why do you feel the need to protect me? Because you're the man in the relationship?" Everything that Grimmjow had said came into Toshiro's mind, instantly coming up like word vomit. "Because you do the fucking that I need you to protect me? Do you think that I need you? Do you think of me as a woman Ichigo? Is that what it is?"


"I'm not a woman. I can protect myself, I don't need you looking after me."

Toshiro felt foolish. He grabbed the keys from Ichigo's hand and walked to the driver's side of the car and got in. Ichigo stared blankly at Toshiro's still figure. Toshiro looked over his shoulder glaring at Ichigo. Not knowing what else to do, Ichigo slowly walked towards the passenger side of the car, entering and sitting silently next to the seething older male. The car ride home was silent, save for the breathing between the two. As soon as the car was in park, Toshiro threw his door open and started walking towards the apartment, wanting nothing more than to be in the sanctuary of his own room.

Ichigo flinched slightly when he heard Toshiro's door slam shut. He took a few deep breaths as he ran his hand through his hair. A woman, Toshiro felt like he was the woman in the relationship, when Ichigo felt like he was the one with the emotional stability of a teenage girl. Sighing, he walked towards the door at the end of the hall. He tapped his knuckles against the surface. When no noise of acknowledgement came, Ichigo reached for the door knob, finding the door unlocked.

"Toshiro?" Ichigo pushed the door opened, sticking his head in. He found Toshiro sitting at the edge of his bed, his head in his palms as he stared at the floor. Toshiro's mind was going crazy at the fact that he had just blown up at Ichigo.

"Go away, Kurosaki. I-I-I don't want to talk to you right now."

"Toshiro, just listen to me." Ichigo took a few steps into the room. "I don't see you as a woman. That's not why I punched Grimm. I felt like I had to man up."

Toshiro looked up at Ichigo with slightly disbelief. "Why would you have to do that?"

"Well, because Renji and Shinji called me a woman for bringing you lunch, and what not." Ichigo rubbed the back of his neck.

"You're not a woman for cooking for me." Toshiro rubbed his temples. He couldn't believe he was having this conversation. "Look, I'm sorry for getting mad at you today, okay?"

Ichigo inched his way closer to Toshiro until he was a few steps away from the other male. He stuck out his hand, which Toshiro grabbed. He stood up so that he was in front of Ichigo. Ichigo's arms instantly found their way around to smaller male's waist, holding him flush against his body. Ichigo looked down at Toshiro's wide teal eyes, getting lost for a second in the endless pools.

"Why did you say you're not a woman?"

Toshiro's eyes widened at the question before he looked away from Ichigo's intense gaze and into the latter's chest. Frowning, he took a deep breath. "The reason why I got into a fight Grimm was because he insinuated that I couldn't," Toshiro cleared his throat, "he said that I couldn't pleasure you the way that he had. He said that I can't tame you because I'm the one who receives it."

"You shouldn't listen to Grimm. You, you give me more pleasure than he ever did. I'm not something that needs to be tame. I enjoy my sex with you, Toshiro. Probably, much more than you realize."

Ichigo smiled softly when he noticed the faint blush that had been painted across the bridge of Toshiro's nose. Ichigo placed one of his fingers underneath Toshiro's chin, lifting his head so that he could see his eyes again. He leaned down slowly so that their lips connected. Toshiro's arms wrapped around Ichigo's neck, one of his hands tangling its fingers in the hair at the base of his neck. Ichigo's tongue licked the seam of Toshiro's lips, parting them slowly. The wet muscle managed to coax Toshiro's out to play, lazily fighting for dominance.

One of Ichigo's hands crept up the back of Toshiro's shirt, the warmth of his hand instantly heating up the cool of Toshiro's skin. He rubbed small circles, his fingers tickling the other slightly. Ichigo's either hand worked Toshiro's shirt, lifting it slowly, exposing more skin with every second. His hand made its way to Toshiro's chest, his nimble fingers play with the pink buds there. Toshiro let out a small moan into Ichigo's mouth at the contact. Ichigo pulled back from Toshiro's captivating mouth to pull the other man's shirt above his head. Ichigo stared at lithe body in front of him, his want for the other male intensifying.

Ichigo led Toshiro to the bed, sitting down and pulling the smaller male onto his lap. Toshiro made quick work of Ichigo's shirt, tossing it to the floor without a second thought. Their lips reconnected and the fight for dominance had returned. Toshiro leaned against Ichigo, forcing the other male to lie on his back. Ichigo allowed the action as his hands slid down Toshiro's nude top. He reached the tops the jeans, and continued to let his hands venture south. His hands found the soft mounds and groped them through the fabric, causing Toshiro to buck into Ichigo's abdomen. Toshiro's hands mindlessly went to Ichigo's belt buckle, removing the offending article of clothing in the blink of an eye.


The two lay on the bed silently. Toshiro curled himself into the side of Ichigo's body, feeling the warmth that was emitting from his skin. Toshiro turned his head and placed a kiss against the flesh. He knew it then: he loved Ichigo. The two had moved on from just fuck buddies, from roommates, from boyfriends, from whatever. The two were lovers. Toshiro loved Ichigo. He sighed as he placed his cheek against the skin, letting the epiphany wash over him.

"Ichigo…" Toshiro was quiet for a second, trying to listen for the soft snores that would signal that Toshiro was sleeping. When he didn't hear any, he looked up and found brown eyes staring at him quizzically. "I…I love you."

"Really?" Ichigo felt his eyes widen in a comical fashion. "You lo-love me?"

Toshiro scowled, embarrassment washing over him like a tidal wave. He turned away from Ichigo so that he was staring at the wall. "Don't make me say it again."

Ichigo smiled as he kissed the top of Toshiro's head. "Why not?"

"Because it's embarrassing."

Toshiro could feel the vibrations of Ichigo's laugh, something he found extremely comforting. "It's embarrassing to love me?"

"No!" Toshiro shook his head, his soft hair tickling Ichigo's afterglow sensitive skin. "It's just something I don't say often. I just wanted you to know. So that you know, you don't go running to other guys again."

Ichigo laughed again. Hi grabbed Toshiro's cheek, his arm pulling the smaller male up so that their faces were next to each other's. Ichigo smiled. "You don't have to worry about that." He placed a kiss against Toshiro's full lips. "I'm yours."

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