The sun's rays made their way across his twitching face as he slowly stirred into consciousness from his position on the couch. Squeezing his eyes shut he brought his fists to his eyes to try and wipe out the sleep. He blinked his eyes opened and noticed that he had fallen asleep on the couch, his legs feeling dead caused by the weight from the head that was still placed on his lap. He lifted his leg, trying to stir the dead weight that was currently dozing off to reawaken. Instead, he was only met with the body turn onto it's other side so that Toshiro could see Ichigo's face.

Toshiro stared down at the face that was currently nuzzling into the junction between his hip and leg. He stared at the calm looking face that was lying on him. He hadn't seen Ichigo much lately, as evident in the current sex life, and seeing him look so relaxed made something twitch inside him. Unknowingly, his hand reached up and ghosted over the soft orange trestles. He could feel them tickling his palm as he moved the hand from the top of the head towards Ichigo's face. With a finger he traced the bridge of Ichigo's nose, his fingers lightly brushing against his lips. This caused Ichigo to scrunch his nose and twitch slightly, showing signs of waking up. Toshiro quickly pulled his hand back and stared as the man on his lap began to stir to life.

He watched as the eyes squeezed shut before opening slowly. Toshiro felt a brief moment of panic as he watched his lover wake. Should he pretend to sleep? Should he look the other way? Confused, Toshiro chose to scowl at the boy. As his eyes opened, Toshiro noticed the soft glaze that was muddled in his eyes as he transitioned from the dream world to reality. Toshiro's heart twitched as he watched, was this what he had missed out on every time he left Ichigo in bed alone? The soft puffiness around his eyes? The innocent doe-like look? The ador- Toshiro stopped his thoughts right there. As consciousness quickly made it back to Ichigo, he noticed that who he was staring up at. He caught the soft look in Toshiro's eyes before the turned back into his natural scowl.

"T-T-T-T-Toshiro?" Ichigo looked up at him with a confused expression.

"Tch." Toshiro turned away so that he was facing the window. "It's Histugaya-senpai."

"What, what are you doing?" Ichigo continued to look up, not realizing his position.

"What?" Toshiro looked down at Ichigo incredulously. "What am I doing? We fell a sleep, you idiot. Now get up, I have to get to work." Toshiro glanced at the clock built into the TV box. It read 8 meaning he had work in a few hours.

"Toshiro, it's Saturday, you don't have work." Toshiro looked down at the man confused. "Have you been working so much that you haven't realized what day of the week it is?"

Ichigo brought his hand up to lightly caress Toshiro's cheek. He leaned into the touch for a second before snapping. He pushed Ichigo off his lap so that the poor boy fell to the carpet with a thud. Toshiro proceeded to stand and push himself around the long body that was occupying most of the floor. Ichigo rubbed his head from his position before pushing himself to a sitting position. He watched the small lithe body walk around the kitchen admiring the view. Ichigo's heart fluttered when he remembered how he had actually woken up in the presence of his crush. He could feel the heat rush to his cheeks, scowling he tapped his hands against his face in effort to calm down. He couldn't let Toshiro know his feelings. It would…it would just ruin everything.

The two worked in silence, like most of the time, for the rest of the day. They moved from around the living room to their separate rooms to back to the kitchen, trying to finish the homework that had piled around them since tests were approaching. The couple both jumped out of their skin as a loud burst of music had filled the silent room. Heart racing, Ichigo reached out for his phone, blushing in embarrassment when he noticed the scowl that had formed on Toshiro's already stressed face. Without even bothering to look at the caller I.D. he brought the phone to his ear.

"Yes?" He nearly barked into the phone, feeling bad for who ever was on the other line. That was until he heard an equally angered voce in return, instantly knowing who was on the line. "What do you want?" Muffled yelling. "Now?" Ichigo sighed as he ran his hand over his face. "I'll meet you at the restaurant in a little bit." Talking. "No, you don't have to pick me up, I'll meet you there." More talking. "GRIMMJOW, DAMMNIT I SAID I'LL MEET YOU THERE." More talking. "If you were outside why didn't you just say something?" Silence. "I'll be down there in a second, hold on."

Toshiro leaned back in his chair as he watched the young boy in front of him sigh as he closed not only his phone but his textbook as well. He listened to the one-sided conversation with amusement. Who was Grimmjow? No, amusement wasn't the feeling that was seething in him at the moment, it was something else, but Toshiro couldn't figure out what it was. He cleared his throat causing the orange-haired boy to look up.

"So." He cleared his throat again, curious to why his throat felt so dry. "Who was that?"

Ichigo's eyebrows knitted. "No one." He stood up and scooped his books into his arms. "I have to go. I have…" It was Ichigo's turn to clear this throat. "I have a meeting with someone." Toshiro watched as Ichigo disappeared for a bit in his room, there was a brief rustling sound before Ichigo came back into the kitchen as he pulled on his jacket. "I'll leave the car for you here, in case you need it."

Toshiro, still baffled by the whole situation, caught the slight blush that had crept up on Ichigo's cheeks. Ichigo left the room without another word leaving Toshiro to sit in silence, his mind trying to process what he had just witnessed. All the while, there was something building in him. It was an indescribable feeling that made Toshiro wiggle in his seat slightly. Instead of further probing his thoughts, he pushed it to the back of his mind and looked down at the work in front of him.

While Toshiro battled it out against the books, Ichigo was battling out an entirely different situation. From his seat in the car he glanced over at the teal-haired man next to him. Grimmjow was the complete opposite of Toshiro. While Toshiro was small and lithe, Grimmjow was tall and sturdy. Toshiro was quite and icy, Grimmjow was loud and mean. This was Ichigo's plan: try and go out with someone who was completely different then the person he was currently in love with in attempts to get over said person. Ichigo let out a sigh as realized how stupid that plan sounded. Hell, he had been in love with Toshiro longer than they had been lovers. Plus, he was using Grimmjow. Ichigo looked over at the man again. It doesn't look like he's easily hurt though, Ichigo merely thought to himself.

"Why do ya' keep staring at me, berry?" A snarky grin made it's way onto Grimmjow's face. "Like me tha' much?" He flicked an eyebrow at Ichigo before turning back at the road.

"Tch. Who'd like a teal-haired freak like you," Ichigo mumbled turning his gaze back to the road as well.

"You are in no position ta talk with a head full a hair like yours, ya' know."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. So, where are we going anyways?"

"I don't know?"

Ichigo turned back to Grimmjow with a flabbergasted look. Grimmjow was the one who wanted Ichigo to go on a date with him first. And after several attempts Ichigo had only answered him recently when his plan to get over Toshiro finally formulated in his mind. And now, he was finally on the date and Grimmjow had nothing planned? Ichigo shook his head, utterly confused on why he had agreed in the first place. Ichigo was thinking of plummeting himself out of the car and running back home when he noticed the car stop. Grimmjow had pulled into the parking lot of a simple restaurant that seemed to be in a very secluded location. Ichigo didn't notice that his door opened and that Grimmjow was holding for him.

"Are ya' gonna get out of the car or sit there lookin' like an idiot?"

Ichigo hesitantly got out of the car and fell into step next to the larger man. The two walked the short distance from the almost empty parking lot to the restaurant before them. Ichigo tried to read the name of the restaurant but it looked like it was written in a different language. Once the two were welcomed by the cool of the air-condition area, a rather busty girl with deep sea-green hair greeted them with a large smile on her face.

"Grimmy!" Ichigo shot a look to Grimmjow who's lips curled into a snarl.

"Nel, how many fuckin' times do I have to tell ya not to call me that?" His eyes narrowed as the girl approached him and his date, her eyes landed on the red head next to him.

"Oh, why hello there." The smile on her face spread into a larger one as she eyed her brother with a knowing look. "I'm Nel, Grimmjow's step sister." She motioned for Grimmjow and Ichigo to follow her to their table. "I'll be your server today, so don't be hesitant to ask. Not that you would, Grimmy." She earned a small growl from Grimmjow with that.

"You're step sister?" Ichigo looked at Grimmjow, not even bothering to mask his confusion.

Grimmjow cleared his throat as he sipped on the pre-provided water. "We kind of…uhm…" Grimmjow stopped trying to figure out how he wanted to say the next sentence. "Own the place."

"Own the place?" Ichigo could feel his eyes take the shapes of saucers. "You own a restaurant?"

"Chain of restaurants." He shifted in his seats as he noted the look on the boy's face. "My parents do actually. We just manage this branch."

Ichigo looked around for the first time, taking in the Western feel that was emitted from every pore of the restaurant. A chain of restaurants. His family owns a chains of restaurants? Ichigo couldn't help but shake his head at the thought. True, he didn't really know Grimmjow aside from some what mutual friends, but this was definitely one of the last things he expected. Suddenly, Ichigo had the biggest urge to get to know the teal man who was seated across from him.

Toshiro stared at the TV in front of him. He looked at the clock that was placed on the opposite wall. It's already 10:50 and he's still not home? Toshiro was furious but he couldn't explain why. Ichigo had gone out with other people before. He had his friends over all the time. It was the blush. That's what set off Toshiro's utmost curiosity. Why the hell had he been blushing? Who the hell was Grimmjow? Why the hell hadn't heard of him before? Where the hell is that stupid bo- Toshiro's internal question was cut off when he heard something approaching the apartment. He muted the TV as he heard muffled voices come from the other side of the wall.

"I'll see ya' around then." Toshiro strained his ear, concentrating as hard as he could to hear the conversation.

"Yeah. Thanks for the food." There was a silence that caused Toshiro's heart to bump in his throat.

"See ya' around 'berry." He heard footsteps go off into the distance as well as the lock turning.

Toshiro quickly unmated the TV and tried to look engrossed as he possibly could at the movie in front of him. He looked up a little after the door opened and Ichigo had stepped into the house. Toshiro and Ichigo looked at one another with surprised looks, though Toshiro looked the most surprised. Painting Ichigo's cheeks was the damn blush again. Toshiro's chest swelled as the thought back to the silence that he had heard through the door.

"Toshiro!" Ichigo smiled as he walked over to the couch and sat down on the opposite end. Toshiro looked at Ichigo suspiciously, thinking that the boy would sit down next to him like he usually did.

"How was your…meeting, Kurosaki?" Toshiro raked his gaze so that he was staring at Ichigo's brown eyes. He noted the blush creeping up onto Ichigo's cheeks.

"It was…' Ichigo couldn't find the right adjective.

The hesitancy made the knot that was forming in Toshiro's stomach tighten, just like how his grip was tightening around the remote control. "Who's Grimmjow?"

"What?" Ichigo's eyes went wide.

"Grimmjow?" Toshiro snarled between his teeth at the fact that he had to repeat the name. "You said you had to go see someone named Grimmjow. How come I've never met him before?" Toshiro didn't mean to sound protective, and yet that's how his voice was coming out.

"Oh, well, that's because he doesn't go to Seireitei."

"He doesn't go to our school? Where does he go?" Toshiro turned his torso so that he was facing the orange-haired boy.

"He goes to Las Noches. We met through mutual friends at a party." Ichigo tried to hide the heat that was rising to his cheeks.

"Las Noches? As in our rival school?" Toshiro almost growled. He knew people from Las Noches, none of which he liked.

"Toshiro, you've never been the school spirited type, so why start now?" Ichigo looked at Toshiro with a knowing look, trying to decipher that weird glint in his lover's eye. What was it? Was it jealousy? "Why do you seem so disturbed over my choice of friends?"

"Because people from Las Noches aren't worth your time." Toshiro huffed as he turned away, feeling slightly foolish at his confusion over his emotions.

"Since when do you care who is worth my time? Because to me it's none of your concern. As you so clearly stated a couple days ago, 'we have no relationship.' My business really isn't any of your concern." Ichigo didn't know where this sudden anger had come from, but he found him storming away from the smaller man who was still settled in his seat on the couch.

Toshiro sat on the couch baffled. His stomach was full of knots and his heart was pounding so hard he could hear the blood rushing in his veins. Why? Why was he so mad at the fact that Ichigo had gone out with another guy? Sure, Ichigo had called it a meeting, but from the way the boy looked he knew it was so much more than that. But why was he so angered? He was allowed to date whoever he wanted, he never did, but Ichigo had the option. So why am I sitting on the couch fuming? Toshiro couldn't take it anymore and walked towards Ichigo's room, not even bothering to knock as he threw the door open. Ichigo jumped from his place on the bed, where he was opening a book to read in attempt to block his thoughts.

"Who is he?" Toshiro was fuming, but he kept his calm demeanor, his face etching into a typical scowl.

"Why do you care?" Ichigo placed a similar scowl as Toshiro stepped out of the doorway and into the room.

"It doesn't matter. Tell me who the hell he is." Toshiro watched as Ichigo got off the bed and walked over to him, using his height to tower over the smaller male.

"Why do you care?"

"Kurosaki, answer the damn question." Toshiro was losing his patience quickly. His body was swelling with emotions that he just couldn't understand.

"Answer mine first." Ichigo wrapped his arms around Toshiro's neck as he leaned down so he was eye level with him. "Why do you care?"

Toshiro didn't say anything. Or, it was more like he couldn't say anything. He stood there, staring at the brown eyes that were looming into his and was at a loss of words. Why did he care? Because his sex partner was seeing someone else? No, that wasn't it, it couldn't be that simple. But was it? Was that what he was bugging him? Toshiro grunt as he placed his hands on Ichigo's chest and stormed out of the room and into his. He slammed the door shut and locked it, making sure that Ichigo had no chance to get in and disrupt him with his thoughts. There was no way he could actually like the stupid orange-haired kid from across the hall. There was no way. He was good sex and a great way to relieve stress. There was no way he liked that idiot.

No way.

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