Ichigo sat still when he heard the key slide in to the lock followed by the sound of the door knob turning. His eyes quickly glanced at the clock; it was already 6 in the evening. Toshiro left nearly six hours ago, and was just now returning. Ichigo couldn't stop himself from feeling concern, although he knew he had no reason to be. He looked back at the door, just as it opened and a tired looking Toshiro walked in. Toshiro tried to keep his head ducked, so that Ichigo couldn't see the abuse that had taken place on his face.

"Toshiro?" Ichigo's voice was soft, his body reacting to the guarded stance that Toshiro was currently displaying.

"Hey, Kurosaki." Toshiro made his way to his bedroom, still not looking at the carrot-top who was sitting on the living room couch. He would have to explain to the kid sooner or later. He couldn't really pass off a black eye so easily.

"Hey, you okay?" Ichigo got up from his spot, quickly following the retreating figure.

"Yeah, I-I'm fine." Toshiro tried to speed up his steps so that Ichigo wouldn't be able to follow him into his room. He wasn't fast enough as long lean fingers wrapped around his bicep, effectively stopping him in his place.

"No. Something's wrong." Ichigo frowned as he turned Toshiro around. The latter kept his eyes trained on the floor, trying to shadow his face from the sparse lighting in the hallway. Ichigo placed a hesitant finger underneath Toshiro's chin, lifting his head so that he could full look at his roommate. Ichigo's eyes went wide in shock before narrowing in rage. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Nothing." Toshiro tried to pull his arm out of Ichigo's grip, which only made him squeeze harder.

"This isn't nothing, Toshiro. This is something." Ichigo shook his head. "You, you got in a fight?"
"It's not like I went out looking for a fight, okay?"

Ichigo pulled Toshiro to the bathroom, lifting the smaller male so that he was sitting on the counter and was almost eye level with him. He looked at the wounds in a better light, noticing the cut that was on the corner of Toshiro's mouth, the gash on his cheek from what looked like a ring hit the skin. The skin around Toshiro's eye was darkening slightly. Ichigo lifted a hesitant hand and let his fingers lightly brush against the purple skin, causing a hiss to come out of the Toshiro. They locked eyes, a concern and rage mixed in chocolate ones as they stared at calm teal orbs.

"What happened?" Toshiro opened his mouth to say something, but Ichigo cut him off. "And don't lie to me."

"I ran into Grimmjow." Toshiro snarled slightly at the name.

"Grimmjow? He did this to you?" Ichigo's heart dropped into his stomach.

"Well, it's not like I let him get away with it." Toshiro crossed his arms over his chest and scowled. He felt like a child.

"Why did you get in a fight with Grimmjow?"

"Because of you, baka."

"Me?" Ichigo's widened slightly. "Why me?"

Toshiro rolled his eyes. "You really are an idiot, you know that. Why else would we get into a fight? He was being all hauty saying that he could tame you and I couldn't. And that you were his and, and…"

A smile broke out on Ichigo's face. "And you got jealous."

Toshiro's eyes narrowed. "I was not jealous."

"Oh, of course you weren't." Ichigo took a step forward, wrapping his arms loosely around Toshiro's waist. "That's why you got into a fight with another man over me, ne? Because, you weren't jealous."

"Don't let it get to you're head, ba-"

Toshiro didn't get to finish his insult, when he felt a pair of soft lips press against his. He froze at initial contact, but found himself loosening up. His own arms wrapped around Ichigo's neck and pulled him closer, pressing their bodies against one another, feeling the warmth that radiated off their bodies and mingled in the air. One of Ichigo's hands rubbed soothingly against the small of Toshiro's back as his tongue ran across the seam of Toshiro's lips. Toshiro willingly opened his mouth and let the wet appendage invade his mouth.

Ichigo massaged his tongue against his roommate's their muscles colliding as they wound around one another. Ichigo pulled his tongue away, causing a small groan to emit from the smaller male. He used his now free tongue to familiarize with the mouth that he had been missing for the past two weeks. It was the first kissed the shared after their argument, and Ichigo wanted to show how much he appreciated having Toshiro back in his life. Despite Toshiro's persistence to deepen the kiss, Ichigo kept holding back. Slowly, he caressed his roommate's tongue with his own, as their lips molded against one another. When air became an issue, Ichigo slowly began to pull back, bringing a determined Toshiro along with him. Ichigo smirked before he fully detached himself.

"I think it's cute that you were jealous." Ichigo watched as deep flush became apparent on Toshiro's face.

"I'm not cute." Toshiro growled the last word.

"On the contrary, I think you are." Ichigo leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on Toshiro's lips. "You being jealous of another man is very cute." He kissed him again. "But, I don't plan on leaving anytime soon."

Toshiro wouldn't say it out loud, but hearing those words made him extremely happy and relieved on the inside. The simply reassurance was enough to put him at ease for the time being. When Grimmjow kept saying that Ichigo was going to leave him for someone who can tame him, a nagging feeling formed inside of Toshiro. Was he jealous? Was he angry because he was easily put on the receiving end? Was he frustrated at the fact that it was possible that he wasn't able to satisfy Ichigo the same way that Grimmjow had? No, that's not right. Toshiro pushed the wicked thoughts to the back of his mind. That was not important at the moment.

What was important was that he was being held by Ichigo. He was the one who was seeing the soft side of Ichigo. He was the one Ichigo promised not to leave. Toshiro felt himself sigh softly as he leaned forward against Ichigo's chest. He and Ichigo were both shocked at the action, something very out of character for the usual Toshiro. Neither decided to dwell on the thought too long, instead welcoming the change in character. Ichigo wrapped his arms tighter around the lithe body, leaning forward to press his lips against the crown of Toshiro's head. Ichigo's face blushed suddenly when his stomach growled.

Toshiro pulled back, staring up at the redden face of his roommate. He smirked. "I'm guessing you weren't planning to eat until I came home." Ichigo looked away, hiding his blush under his hand as he nodded slowly. Toshiro shook his head. "Want to go get something to eat?"

Ichigo scrunched his nose. "I don't think it would be a good idea to leave the house looking so beat up. Someone might accuse me of domestic violence."

Toshiro rolled his eyes. "I can cook something, if you want."

"You'll cook for me?" Toshiro felt himself blush slightly at Ichigo's excitement. "You never cook."

Toshiro scowled, he hated the feeling of the blood heating his cheeks. "Would you rather starve?"

Ichigo smirked. "No, of course not."

Toshiro placed his small hand against Ichigo's chest to push him to the side. He hopped off the counter softly and began to make his way down the hallway and to the kitchen. He could hear the sound of soft footsteps behind him as Ichigo followed him into the kitchen. Ichigo took a seat on one of the barstools, leaning his forearms against the counter as Tosrhio began to take out various pots and pans. Toshiro paused and turned to face his roommate, who in return was watching him with a bemused smile.

"Is there anything specific that you want to eat?" Toshiro was holding a frying pan in his hand, which made the statement seem a little more menacing then it, was meant to be.

Ichigo thought about the question briefly before smiling. "Omurice."

Toshiro looked at Ichigo deadpanned. "I'm cooking for you for the first time and you want me to make you 'omurice' of all things?"

Ichigo scowled. He didn't see why his request was so ridiculous in his roommate's eyes. "Yes. I want omurice."

Toshiro through him one last glance before he set the frying pan on the stove. Ichigo watched as Toshiro moved around effortlessly in the kitchen. He pulled out the necessary ingredients from their places and set them on the counter in front of Ichigo. Ichigo watched as Toshiro's slim fingers cracked open eggs, wrapped around the knife as he sliced the onion and meat. Toshiro felt his cheeks heat up under Ichigo's intense gaze. He felt oddly pleased to be in the kitchen cooking for Ichigo.

When the food was ready, Toshiro placed a plate in front of Ichigo, who was still seated at the counter. Ichigo stared down at the plate with a small smile on his lips. He picked up his fork, preparing to eat when he noticed something. He smirked and looked up, catching Toshiro's gaze as he pushed the plate away from him. Toshiro's eyes narrowed at the movement.

"Is there something wrong, Kurosaki?"

Ichigo's smirk grew as he watched Toshiro's discomfort. "You need to write something on it."

"What?" Toshiro's eyes widened slightly, before narrowing back into the slits.

"You're supposed to write something on it in ketchup. Ya know, like a message or something. Like 'I love you' with a heart or something." Ichigo tried to wave off the statement in a nonchalant manner, but his heart was beating in hard in his chest. You didn't say those three words to him: it was just an example. Regardless of how feminine the request made him sound, Ichigo was still extremely curious to what Toshiro would write.

Toshiro glared as he walked to the cupboard to pull out a bottle of ketchup. He hunched over the plate as he carefully wrote out the message. Looking away, he pushed the plate back towards Ichigo. Eagerly, the latter pulled the plate towards him to read what had been written. He knew that Toshiro wouldn't write the three words to him, that idea was way too far fetched for either other of them. Despite this, the one word that had been written made Ichigo blush as hard as he would have granted the three words had been written. With a small smile Ichigo dug into the edges of the meal, not wanting to mess up the message. Mine.

Still embarrassed, Toshiro turned away to go to the refrigerator. Although Ichigo had seem him blush way too many times, Toshiro felt extremely self-conscious after writing on the omelet. Instead, he stood in the cool of the refrigerator, wishing that the chill would calm down his inflamed cheeks. He pulled out a bottle of water when he felt like he had clamed down from his embarrassment and turned to Ichigo who was half finished with his food. Ichigo looked up as Toshiro turned around, a large grin plastered on his face.

"This is really good." He took another bite.

"It's omurice, anyone can make it." Toshiro felt his heart tighten at the compliment. Geeze, when would the embarrassment stop.

"No, this is good." He pointed down at the food with his fork. "Like, the spices and stuff are different. I don't how to explain it."

"Well," Toshiro took a swig from his water bottle. "Thanks."

Ichigo shook his head. "No, thank you."

Toshiro pursed his lips as he nodded, continuing to watch the man eat. When Ichigo was done, he pushed the plate away and patted his belly, feeling extremely satisfied from the small meal. Toshiro shook his head and rolled his eyes as he pulled the plate towards him and turned to place it in the sink. He started the water and began to rinse the dishes that were in the sink. He almost dropped the plate he was soaping when he felt a hard body press against his back, trapping him against the counter. When he hands trailed down his arms and to his hands, Toshiro found himself stammering.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing?"

Ichigo smirked and ducked his head, so that his mouth was hovering next to Toshiro's ear. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm helping you with the dishes. It's the least I could after having you cook for me."

Toshiro shudder slightly at the warm breath cascading against his skin. "We-well, you can help me dry if you wa-want to help."

Ichigo smiled full this time. "But I like where I am right now."


Ichigo heard Toshiro growl his name and laughed. He stepped away from the smaller male and stood next to him to take the wet plates from his hand. He picked up the clean towel to dry the utensils before placing them on the rack. The two were done in a matter of minutes. Toshiro rinsed down the sink, Ichigo still standing dutifully next to him. Ichigo handed him a dry towel to wipe his hands, and placed it on the counter while grabbing Toshiro's now free hand. Both of them tried to hide their blush as Ichigo led them to the living room. Silently, they sat down on the couch, turning on the TV to watch whatever movie was currently playing.

Toshiro hadn't said anything, his mind wandering away from the movie as he thought about the events that had happened earlier in the day. He was happy where he currently was, physically: leaning into Ichigo's side as a strong arm wrapped around his shoulders. But, Toshiro was also happy where he was emotionally: in a complicated somewhat relationship with his roommate. He knew if someone were to ask his relationship with the young man he would no longer be able to respond.

If it had been two weeks previous, he would have told them he was fucking the man, well, depending on how close he was to the person asking. But now, if someone were to ask him today what they were, he wouldn't know how to answer. Were they roommates? Sure, but it went deeper than that. Were they lovers? Possibly, but Toshiro didn't feel quite right using that term just yet. Were they boyfriends? Toshiro's heart tightened at the word. Are we boyfriends?

Ichigo noticed the small flinch that went through Toshiro's body. He looked down at the older male, his face only getting a view of white hair. Subconsciously, his arm tightened around the man, holding him in a warm grip. He was trying hard not to think about the older male, or at least more than he already did. As happy as Ichigo was, he was just as confused about his current situation with the male. His feelings were now stronger than ever, and he had a constant nag in the back of his mind that his feelings would forever surpass whatever feelings Toshiro had held for him. It darkened his expression slightly. Loving someone more than they ever loved was bound to hurt.

Despite knowing this, Ichigo was ready for whatever relationship whirlwind he was about to be thrown into. Right now, at this very moment, all Ichigo cared for was the fact that he had Toshiro in his arms after a two week long absence. He leaned down and pressed his lips against Toshiro's head, a notion that he had found himself doing a lot lately. He knew he wouldn't be able to voice his true feelings out loud of a while and figured that this small subtle gesture was the one way he could get everything that was clawing at his mind, out. Ichigo sighed when he felt Toshiro's small body finally relax into his own. Unbeknown to both, neither was watching the movie, both pulling back into their own world as they thought about their current lifestyle.

When the credits had finally rolled, the two would not have been able to make a comment on the movie, since neither had watched it. Luckily for them, both were too tired after their rather long day to make conversation of what was playing. Silently, Toshiro stood up and stretched, his body tired from the comfortable position he was pulling out of. Ichigo stood next to him, his arms going above his head to pop the joins in his spine. With a small shudder, he fell into step behind Toshiro. He watched as Toshiro walked passed his bedroom and let out a small sigh. Ichigo was turning his bedroom door knob when he felt slim fingers wrap around his free hand.

With a surprised look, Ichigo faced Toshiro, only to find him looking at their joint hands. Toshiro looked up slowly, his gaze locking into the brown eyes of his roommate. He tugged on Ichigo's hand softly, signaling that he wanted the younger male to follow him. Ichigo allowed his hand to fall from his door knob as his feet mindlessly followed the older male to the room that their long day had began in. Quiety, Toshiro pushed his door open with his free hand, his grip on Ichigo's tightening a little.

Ichigo felt Toshiro's hand fall away from his own as Toshiro walked away towards his dresser to change. Ichigo nodded his head slightly. He should have known that Toshiro wouldn't want to sleep with him in that way, especially since he had slept with Grimmjow just the night before. Silently, Ichigo pulled his shirt over his head as he walked towards Toshiro's familiar bed. He pulled the covers back and slid onto the mattress. Once he was comfortable, he looked up and found Toshiro with his pajama pants already on, his limb fingers working the buttons of his button down.

Once he was shirtless, Toshiro caught Ichigo's eyes. He blushed slightly as he walked towards the foot of the bed, placing his knee against the mattress as he crawled towards the head of the mattress. When he had finally reached Ichigo's side, Toshiro swiftly pulled the covers away and sat next to Ichigo. Neither one of them spoke as they slid down into a comfortable position. Despite sleeping with one another numerous times before, Toshiro couldn't help but feel extremely nervous. Usually when the two slept together, Toshiro slept with his back towards the other male, but today he was feeling bold.

Ichigo had already wrapped his arms around the smaller male, his body pressed against his back, relishing in the warmth that he had missed these past two weeks. He was thoroughly surprised when he felt Toshiro turn in his arms. He looked down in shock when he saw Toshrio facing him. The two looked at each other silently, letting the setting sink into them. Toshiro placed one of his hands on Ichigo's sternum, feeling the steady heartbeat beneath the patch of warm skin. Without thinking, Toshiro turned his head and to catch Ichigo's lips in a small kiss. He pulled back and sucked his own bottom lip into his mouth as he stared up at Ichigo with wide eyes. The heart that was beating underneath his hand had begun to speed him. Toshiro smirked inwardly.

"Night." Toshiro leaned into the expanse chest in front of him, letting his ear rest against the sound of the steady beat.

Ichigo pulled out of his shocked appearance and relaxed a bit. He smiled softly as a hand came up to stroke Toshiro's white tendrils. "Night."

"You're glowing."

Toshiro looked up from his computer screen, simultaneously pressing his glass further up his nose as he stared up at his red-headed co-worker. "What are you talking about, Matsumoto?"

She leaned against his desk, crossing her arms underneath her extremely busty chest. "You're, like, glowing."

Toshiro scowled. "Did you have something to drink already, Matsumoto? It's only ten in the morning."

"No, she's right." Toshiro groaned and leaned back into his chair as Shuuhei came to stand next to the busty woman. "There is something different about you. I'm assuming things went well with Ichigo?"

"Wait," Rangiku looked back and forth between the two males, "You're talking to him again?"

"They had reconciliation over the weekend. Toshiro also got in a fight with Grimmjow over said male." Shuuhei looked at his nails, with his ever present nonchalant manner.

"Thank you for explaining that." Toshiro grumbled sarcastically as he tried to look at the work on the computer screen in front of him.

"So have you slept together yet?"

"Matsumoto!" Toshiro glared at the woman who simply shrugged.

"I'm just asking."

"Not that it's any of your concern, but no, we have not slept together."

Toshiro was being truthful in what he had told the pair. The weekend had passed in a daze to Toshiro. When he woke up the day before in Ichigo's arms, everything just felt right. The two spent the day going to the grocery store, renting a movie, and just being around one another. They had easily fallen into a system of normality, like their relationship had never changed. Last night, like the night before, the two simply crawled into bed, holding one another as sleep easily claimed them. He hated how sappy it all sounded, but it was what it was.

"You haven't slept with him yet? Why the hell not?" Rangiku actually seemed enraged at the thought. "If I were you, I would have pounced on him the moment I saw him."

"Ichigo slept with Grimm." Hisagi began to push himself off his leaning position.

"Oh!" Rangiku brought a hand to her mouth in a shocked expression.

Toshiro rolled his eyes. "Hisagi, is it really necessary to tell her every single detail."

"It's a formality." Shuuhei shrugged as he walked away from the two and back to his desk.

"Are you not sleeping with him because he slept with Grimmjow?"

Toshiro glared at Rangiku, wishing that she had too gone back to her work. He sighed when he knew all too well that she wouldn't leave without the details. "No, that's not the reason why I'm not sleeping with him."

"Are you sure?"

"Matsumoto, we've only admitted our feelings to each other two days ago."

"Yeah, but you've slept with him plenty of times before. So, what's stopping you now?"

Toshiro mulled over the thought. Why hadn't he slept with Ichigo yet? Even when the two had been separated for two weeks, the fact that he wasn't having sex with the orange haired youth wasn't the biggest problem to him. But was Rangiku right? The reason why the two hadn't slept together was because of Grimmjow? Toshiro's mind instantly went back to what Grimmjow had said about taming the younger man. He furrowed his eyebrow at the thought. No, that doesn't matter to me.

"There's no reason for not sleeping with him." Toshiro shrugged his shoulders rather mechanically. "I, I don't want to rush things."

"I'm sure you don't." Matsumoto threw him one final knowing glance before walking away. Halfway to her desk, she turned around and smiled. "Oh, just to let you know, he's waiting for you in the lobby."

Toshiro snapped in the direction of the hallway where sure enough a certain orange haired boy was standing, his eyes scanning the room. Their eyes locked and Toshiro noticed the smile that was slowly making its wait onto his roommate's face. Smirking, Toshiro got up from his desk to walk towards the waiting male. As he walked closer he noticed that Renji and Shinji were also standing with Ichigo. His eyes narrowed slightly. He was somewhat hoping that he'd be alone with Ichigo, even if it was for just a little while.

"Hey." Ichigo spoke first, taking a small step towards the approaching male.

"Hello, Kurosaki. Abari, Hirako. Hello." He nodded to Ichigo's two friends who nodded in return. "What are you doing here? Did you want to see Shuuhei?" Toshiro looked at Renji as he stepped into the hallway, hoping he was out of hearing distance from his nosey co-workers.

"No, actually, you forgot your lunch." Ichigo blushed slightly. "I came to drop it off."

Toshiro couldn't fight the heat that was quickly pooling in his cheeks. "You didn't have to do that. Don't you have class?"

"I have class at 12:30, I decided to drop by really quick." He held out the wrapped bento. "Is that a problem?"

Toshiro reached for the parcel slowly, his fingers brushing softly against Ichigo's. "No, it's not. But, I could have just bought lunch."

Ichigo furrowed his eyebrows. "You were the one who asked me to pack it for you last night."

"Well, if I forgot it, I have the money to buy some food when the time came."

"Well then maybe you don't need the lunch." Ichigo made way to pull back the parcel, only to have Toshiro's small hand wrap around his wrist.

"Kurosaki, you know that's not what I meant."

Ichigo pursed his lips. "Fine, I know. Here." He handed the food to Toshiro.

"Thank you. I'll see you at home?"

Ichigo nodded. He knew Toshiro would scold him for his next action, but he leaned forward and placed a small kiss on Toshiro's lips, regardless. He smirked in triumph when he saw Toshiro's shocked expression. "Bye."

"Bye." Toshiro stepped backwards slowly before turning around fully to walk back to his desk.

Ichigo watched the retreating figure before turning to his friends, both wearing a amused facial expression. "What?"

"Nothin'." Renji smirked. "It's just funny seeing you play happy homemaker."

"Shut up Renji, I was just bringing him his lunch."

Shinji patted Ichigo's head as they walked back to the car. "Like the good little house wife that you are."

"Can it guys, that's not funny." Ichigo scowled.

"Oh, but it is!" Shinji threw his arms around Ichigo's shoulders. "I wished Nnoi would bring me my lunch if I ever forgot it."

"I was just being nice." Ichigo opened the car, seriously considering leaving his friends on the curb.

"No, you were being a housewife." Renji punched Ichigo's shoulder. "Ya need ta man up, man."

Ichigo mulled over the thought. Man up?

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