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Uhh Ohh


Well that wasn't what I had planned for me and Roza to do while I was in here, I was hoping for us to talk. We almost never get to talk to one another since she is having trouble with the ghosts, when she started having problems that's when I really noticed that I would never want someone like her ever again. I realized that I needed to take a chance and seize my love for her, I believe now that Roza and I are meant for each other. The time we had in the cabin I will never forget it, it was the first time that we ever had together. I will cherish it forever; she gave herself to me when she could've given it to someone else.

She chose me and our time together was a phenomenal experience that I will always remember. My dear Roza, she wants to talk to me, I wonder what is going on in that head of hers. The princess abruptly called Roza away from me; I wonder what was so important? I am also wondering why the princess needed Roza this late it is a couple hours past curfew, the princess usually is a rule follower. These were the thing flittering through my mind while I was doing my rounds around the campus; I am so jittery waiting for the time when I can see my Roza again.

I really need to call my family soon maybe I'll call them tomorrow, I'm not sure if I should tell them about Roza and me yet. This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do; I had to choose between Roza and my job. I have finally came up with a plan; if Rose guards the princess then I can guard Christian or someone at court that is close to Rose and the Princess. I'm going to have to get in contact with my friends at court so this can be dealt with, they'll probably be suspicious but they won't argue with me.

All these things were running through my head while I was walking to Rose's dorm room, I made sure to use the back entrance that they seem to have forgotten about since they don't have anyone watching it ever. When I got to her room I knocked, and there was no answer, I tried to turn the knob but the door was locked. So I used my key, I looked around her room but she wasn't there I guess she's still with the princess, I hope she gets here without getting caught. Then all of a sudden there was some noise coming from around here window close to her bed, when I got closer I saw her swing her body through her bedroom window. I just smiled and shook my head; she still hadn't noticed me yet since the lights were still off.

"Roza, Roza, Roza you need to start coming to…." I started but then I was kicked in the gut.

Roza kicked me since I surprised her, "Holly shit! What the HELL? Comrade?" she practically yelled at me.

By this time I finally got air into my lungs, "Shh, Roza you need to be quiet or someone will come up here. At least I know you've been learning and have good reflex's Rose."

"Shit Comrade, don't do stuff like that because I know for sure that my door was locked. What the hell anyways, why didn't you wait a few minutes until I got here?"She asked in an irritated voice.

"жаль, моя любовь" I said sincerely, I know she loves my Russian as well as it irritates her.

"Comrade, you know I can't speak Russian so you need to translate please" she told me while sort of pouting towards the end.

I just smiled "Well Roza I said 'sorry my love' if that makes you happy."

"You know it sounds better in Russian, and I'm sorry if I snapped at you it's just that you scared me."

"I know, Roza what did the princess want?" I asked because in all reality I was curious the princess almost never demands that rose dose anything.

"Well….. ummm…. You see the thing is she wanted to talk about….." she seemed very hesitant to tell me as well as nervous.

"Roza you can tell me, whatever it is we can get through it together no matter what."

"Alright, well Lissa wanted me to go over to her dorm room so she could talk to me and ask some questions." She said after sighing.

"That's it Roza, that's all you were nervous about?"

"No, well she wanted to know about our relationship between each other, and she wants details which is why I told her that I needed to talk to you first. She reluctantly agreed to that at least, she almost didn't let me leave her room. Dimitri, we need to talk about what's going to happen from here on out so I know what is allowed and if you're just going to start ignoring me again or what."

"No Roza, I can't stay away from you anymore, I have a plan I can become Christians Guardian or someone that is friends with you and the Princess. At least we would see each other more often, and I think this could work we could get time off together."

"I like that idea Comrade, I think that it could work to. By the way I love you."

"I love you to Roza"

Rose grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me towards her "Well Comrade now that it's settled how about something more exciting." She said with a purr to her voice. I swear this woman is going to be the death of me, for some reason I can't resist her anymore.

With that thought I put my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me, "Well Roza what do you propose we do?" I asked with a smile.

"Shut up Dimitri" she murmured against my neck.

She started to kiss up my neck across my jaw and slowly across my cheek. She just barely brushed her lips across mine, I just groaned and pulled her towards me by her hair. Soon she treaded her fingers into my hair, my hands slid down her body to her hips again, but it seemed like they got their own minds. They slowly slid up her shirt up to her bra I broke away from our kiss long enough to pull her shirt off of her body. Her hands traveled down to the hem of my shirt and her fingers traveled every dip and valley in my abdomen, while slowly moving upwards, she finally broke away from our kiss to pull my shirt off.

I undid her bra and slowly slid the straps down her arms; I just threw her bra across the room. "Mmm, Roza so beautiful" I moaned looking at her goddess like body. I slid my hands down her neck, in between the valley between her breasts her body arched. The entire time my lips were following the same path as my hands. My lips found her peak and sucked on it while my hand fondled her on the opposite side. She was moaning and pushing my head down locking me there, I swirled my tongue around her nipple. Her body started to move against mine, which in turn made me groan.

"Dimitri, pants please" she all but begged. I took pity on her and moved on kissing my way down her body until I was at her jeans. I unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled her jeans off her body, she surprised me by switching our positions. Her lips slowly trailing down my abs, my stomach muscles were twitching in anticipation of what was to come soon.

Rose slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and she slowly pulled my pants down my body. She slowly made her way back up to pull my boxers off, then she slowly slide her way up my body. Rose slowly brought her lips to mine in a very fiery and passionate kiss that I had to break for air. Rose slowly started to slide herself over me and we both moaned at the sensations that it brought. I couldn't hold back anymore and I flipped us once again, I captured her lips with mine and kissed her with so much passion one that I didn't know I had.

"Dimitri, Fuck me hard please" rose practically begged. I just nodded and moved within her with force, her only response was to moan and wrap her legs around me. Her nails were clawing at my back; Rose kept repeating "faster, harder Dimitri please." I think rose had enough and she rolled us yet again. I sat up so I could kiss her while she rode me with force. I was slowly slipping over the edge but was holding back trying to wait for her to cum first.

"Dimitri I'm about to cum, please cum with me" Rose moaned out that did it for me, she came right before I did she milked me until I had nothing left.

"Fuck Roza that was good" I smiled. She rolled off of me and I pulled her closer to my body. "Go to sleep my love you need to rest for the event for tomorrow."

"Ugg… don't remind me, tomorrow is going to be the worst day ever!" she groaned and whined.

"Just sleep, get your rest your still going to have practice Roza" I reminded her.

"Alright Comrade I'm going to sleep" she all but yawned out.

"Night my beautiful Roza" I kissed her forehead while she slowly slipped into unconsousness. I slowly followed her with a smile on my lips, and hoping for happy dreams for once.

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